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#01-274 Block 102 Towner Road Singapore 322102
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Xing Hua Family Restaurant is a small and simple family restaurant that is located under a residential building. It serves Heng Hua cuisine to its patrons.

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My favourite place for Pu Tien (Heng Hua) styled cuisine!

I was first introduced to this restaurant by my friends, and was quite happy that they did what they did. Firstly, although it is a standalone restaurant, the prices seem to be extremely cheap, given the quantity of food that they serve. At just $3, you get a huge bowl of Heng Hua-styled braised noodles (卤面), which I barely managed to finish. Quantity aside, the quality is also extremely great! And to be honest, I'd rather go to this restaurant for Pu Tien-styled cuisine rather than going to the restaurant "Pu Tien".

If a bowl of noodles ain't enough, try ordering some side dishes. The prices of these side dishes are also very reasonable, which can be compared to those of Zi Char stalls. My friends and I ordered a spicy 'lala', which was well-cooked and fresh.

For the drinks, sadly, the prices are a little higher than those sold at coffee shops. Since I was the 'old-school guy', I ordered myself some tea. I was rather amazed by how it was served - it was served with real tea leaves inside a glass, to which hot water was poured inside. This was rather fascinating to me because most restaurants serve their tea ready-made or with a teabag.

The downside, however, is the toilet. I suggest you visit the toilet before going to have your meal at this restaurant. Already small and cramped, the toilet is filled with empty pails (presumably used for cleaning the floor) and other miscellaneous items. Other than that, I don't see why dining at this restaurant is not a good choice.

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