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A cosy cafe located along the streets of Bussorah street serving Malay food with the exception of a few western cuisines.

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Having stumbled across this place while wandering around made me feel glad. While trekking through the vintage shops that sold overpriced goods catering to tourists, me and my friend decided that we needed some food to refuel our rapidly draining energy - what to do but to sit down on the nearest chair available?

It just so happened to be the few food places around other than the street side stalls that did not provide any shelter or seats. Just as well. When we looked at the menu, we were surprised by the reasonable prices for Malay food. We decided to go ahead with whatever we were comfortable with. I remember ordering a Mee Siam I think. Turns out, that the Mee Siam was not some shoddy made dish. Instead, it was fragrant even before it reached my table. Just the smell of it made me want to gobble the whole plate down.

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Food for the soul.

I chanced upon this place on a school excursion - it was raining and my teacher decided that we had better stop for lunch there.

The decor wasn't particularly inspiring, in fact, I thought it rather dreary and gloomy. However, being left without a choice, I had to sit down and grab something to eat.

The food there far made up for the ambiance though. I ordered the mee soto and immediately fell in love. Every bite was flavorful and absolutely tasty. The portion size was also generous, and it was very filling.

My peers were also very impressed with the food there, and they commented that they had been extremely satisfied with their own dishes.

The prices were also rather affordable, something I was very grateful for. Being a student, I often find myself having to conserve my (very limited) financial resources by not purchasing anything to eat outside and only eating when I get home. However, the meal did not burn a hole in my pocket and was very filling for me.

Ultimately, this is a place to visit if you love good food at low prices and you don't mind dreary dining settings.

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One of the better Malay food places around.

Kampong Glam Cafe defnitely sells one of the more tastier Malay food around. I absolutely cannot get enough of their nasi padang. Even when I head in there to order something else, like the Nasi Ayam Goreng, I somehow usually veer towards the nasi padang stall.

The varieties of dishes on display is quite impressive, with all sorts of colours and smells wafting around the stall. The portions are quite sizable and the food is always served hot, which is a bonus when compared to other nasi padang stalls.

I would definitely recommend the nasi padang to anyone, and I don't see myself straying from this stall, either!

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(Updated: September 23, 2012)

Good Malay Food

Kampong Glam is a bustling eatery that serves mainly Malay food with some western food as well. It is an affordable eatery with great home cooked food.

I would recommend their Kway Teow Goreng Seafood. It is cooked well, not too oily nor dry, and really tasty. Do be aware that it is spicy; so if you are not a fan of spicy food, do ask for a non-spicy version. Other dishes I would recommend are: Nasi Goreng Pattaya Seafood, Mee Siam, and their Chocolate Brownie. For drinks, do try their Teh Tarik and Syrup Limau (rose syrup with lime, a great refreshing drink).

The café gets crowded (even on weeknights) during supper time, so do go early to get a seat, or be prepared to wait a while.

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Food's alright, but I go for the ambience

I'll be honest, I don't go here for the food. I mean, it's alright and all and the portion is usually very generous for the price I pay, but it's more because of the ambience. Especially at night. Even though it's almost always crowded, there's this whole laidback feeling to the place which makes me enjoy chilling here with friends.

But if you are here for the food, then you should probably go for their nasi goreng. That's what I always get when I'm here. And my friends kept raving about their mee bandung, so I suppose that's a must-try too.

Service is usually very efficient, and friendly enough.

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(Updated: September 21, 2012)

Good malay food

Arab street now known for a place where teens and young adults hang out at night with friends enjoying Arab food while sipping sheesha. With all the trendy restaurants around, it is easy to spot a a cosy cafe called Kampong Glam Cafe. It is located along the streets of Bussorah street. Often packed on a Friday night with many of its customers comprising of young adults and teens just craving for a cheap and nice chill out place. The laid back ambiance of the cafe is also what drives these people there.

It serves mainly Malay food with the exception of a few western cuisines. Their signature dishes are the Gado-Gado, Mee Soto, Nasi Goreng Pattaya as well as Mee maggi Goreng Pattaya. For those with a sweet tooth, you should have a go at their deserts which are mainly malay deserts. If you are not into malay deserts, you may also try their brownie which is very good considering that they specialize mainly in malay food.

The prices are reasonably cheap and will definitely not cut a hole in your pocket. It is best that you drag your friends or family there and bask in the laid back atmosphere. After all, life this simple is meant to be enjoyed with your love ones.

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