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Mas Ayu Restaurant Nasi Padang

Mas Ayu Restaurant Nasi Padang Hot

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55 Upper East Coast Road Singapore 455215
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Listing created by nextdoorgirl on September 20, 2012    

A popular Nasi Padang store.

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8am- 1 am
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No competition where it is located

From the outside, Mas Ayu looks like a coffee shop. But honestly, no one cares. A coffee shop that is always patronised at any time of the day must be good or is doing something right. There are other coffee shops located nearby but this is about the only Halal joint in that area.

I used to work at Victoria School so Mas Ayu is just a 5 minute walk away. What I learnt rather quickly was, if you are going to arrive for lunch there after 1pm, find other alternatives as all the best bits would have been eaten up by hungry "wolves".

Standard lunch fare would be Nasi Campur...rice with dishes of your choice. I would usually zoom in on squid cooked in squid ink gravy. My colleagues and I would fight over it should there be very little left. The sambal sotong is also very nice with a sambal that is spicy but still allows you to enjoy the flavour of the dish without killing your tastebuds.

The dishes they serve is nothing out-of this world, no real specialty, zero hype. But what they do serve is honest, unpretentious food for honest people like me :P

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Upper East coast Nasi Padang? why not?

Whenever I go down Upper East Coast Road, I will end up at the Mas Ayu's Nasi Padang no matter what, although I know that there are somuch more lovely foods along this stretch of road. Mas Ayu stands its ground amongst the big boys along Upper East Coast, and I am happy to say that it is never empty.

Mas Ayu is rated very highly to me. The rendang here is out of its world, as well as all of its other dishes. This is one of the only Nasi Padang stalls you would see operating till late at night, and it is simply worth it. Using a more Indonesian concept, this restaurant sells solely Nasi Padang, and they're really good at it.

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Uper East Coast
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(Updated: September 21, 2012)

One of the best Nasi Padang stalls

When we talk about nasi padang which originates from Padang, a state in Indonesia, we always associate them with the variety of dishes available. There are the spicy meaty ones like the rendang and the vegetables one like the sayur lodeh. But one dish that never gets alot of recognition is the black squid dish also known in malay as the sotong hitam. The one at Mas Ayu restaurant is simply one of the best among many other Nasi Padang stalls i have frequent. The gravy is thick and the squid is fresh and tender. Have it with a plate of rice and it completes your meal.

There are also many other signature dishes that Mas Ayu restaurant offers typically like the Assam Pedas and also lemak ayam chili padi, both for those who love spicy food. The Nasi Padang is only served from morning till lunch time after which they will serve mostly thai seafood dishes. Do come early if you are going for their Nasi Padang because their dishes run out very fast. As they say, food waits for no one. Enjoy.

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