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Clarissa Wong
Listing created by Clarissa Wong on January 08, 2016    

RK Eating House is a coffeeshop that offers handmade prata and other Indian dishes. It is a popular supper haunt as it is open 24 hours.

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Open 24 hours
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< $10
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24/7 prata house

RK Eating House is located in Serangoon Gardens, just beside the roundabout bus stop. It’s hard to miss its brightly lit coffee shop.

RK is one of my favorite prata haunts to go to because of it’s crispy prata and super savory fried chicken beehoon goreng. Occasionally, my friends would order the famous Milo Tower ($12) to share. What sets apart RK from other prata houses are that their prata prices are slightly cheaper and they are pretty well known for their other dishes too. The beehoon goreng is my favorite dish aside from the prata, simply because it bursts with flavor with every bite you take.

Its convenient location and 24/7 opening hours is what keeps me going back for more whenever I’m craving for some Indian food.

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Great for late-night prata cravings.

Scrolling through Instagram, sometimes one will be met with the occasional “Milo Tower” shot which depicts a ginormous dispenser filled with Singaporeans’ favorite drink. For the most part, this often comes from RK Eating House.

Other than the famed Milo Tower ($12), RK also offers other options such as prata that is made on-the-spot, maggi goreng, and other indian foods. A hot favorite is their Plain Prata which is crispy on the outside and doughy on the inside, and for less than a dollar!!! Their Maggi Goreng and Paper Prata is also widely-loved.

While the food is good, the prices here are quite steep and the service staff are rather impatient. Nevertheless, it’s one of the few places which operate 24h, so if you are desperately craving a oily but delicious late-night snack, go ahead and drop by RK!

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