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Joshua Goh
Listing created by Joshua Goh on December 03, 2013    

Known fondly to many as "Bedok Corner", Bedok Food Centre is home to many local popular eats like Nasi Ayam Penyet, Cheng Thng, Hokkien Mee, Chicken Rice as well as Oyster Omelette.

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Excellent, affordable food

I often visit Bedok Corner with my family as I live around the area and it has become one of our favourite spots to eat good, cheap food.

The last time I visited, we ordered satay, "oluak" (fried egg with oysters) and Ayam Penyet ("Smashed" fried chicken with rice). All the food was excellent and very affordable. The Cheng Tng there is also worth a try.

Bedok Corner sells barbecued food in the afternoon such as barbecued squid, stingray, etc. This is unique to Bedok Corner as most hawker centres such as the East Coast Lagoon Food Centre only sell barbecued food in the evenings.

Bedok Corner is a cosy hawker centre with affordable and excellent food so it is really worth a visit!

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Ayam Penyet, Cheng Tng, Satay
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(Updated: December 05, 2013)

Cheap and good

My family sometimes walks to Bedok Corner to have dinner, and so I've tried much of the food there before.

They have a range of Malay and Chinese food and desserts. I absolutely love the goreng pisang and roti jala (Malay pancakes!) from one of the Malay food stalls there. It is cheap and good! The roti jala is made fresh and thus it's hot when you eat it, together with their savoury curry.

Bedok Corner is also where I had my first Cuttlefish Kang Kong, which consists of cuttlefish, kang kong, pineapples and beehoon in a spicy nutty sauce. I found it a little expensive (perhaps because of the cuttlefish) since it was not very filling. Flavour wise, it was great though!

Other dishes I would recommend would be the Bah Kut Teh and Cheng Tng.

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An old time favourite

I still remember Bedok Corner before it was renovated. An old, run down place near my church that plays host to many family lunches after service on Sundays. After the place was renovated, the new improved facility draws an even larger crowd on weekend alongside satisfying the cravings of hungry NS boys from the nearby guards camp.

Bedok Corner, as it is more commonly known, houses several local delights like Ayam Penyet, Hokkien Mee, Chicken Rice as well as Cheng Thng. These are the must tries should you ever decide to pay a visit to this secluded food centre located on a quiet corner along Bedok Road.

There are at least 4 visible Malay stalls selling Ayam Penyet. Personally I've only tried 2 of them and I must say it is difficult to differentiate between them. When in doubt, go for the stall with the shorter queue I guess. The Cheng Thng is also really popular with the neighbourhood crowd; there is usually a really long queue for it but being Singaporean, nobody really minds waiting for good food. So if you can't beat the queue, join them!

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Ayam Penyet, Cheng Thng
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Bedok Corner
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