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628 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 Singapore 560628
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Felicia Yeow
Listing created by Felicia Yeow on December 13, 2012    

You might have heard about the fire that occurred a few years ago which burned down the market opposite Yio Chu Kang Community Centre. Well, it's back, and better than ever! Surrounded by HDBs, it has more than 50 food stalls and more than 150 market stalls, making it an ideal location for housewives to do their grocery shopping and families to sit down and enjoy a meal.

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You may see Pan Ling Ling here

My office used to be in Yio Chu Kang and I came to this hawker centre once in while. There was a car park right besides the hawker centre so it was quite convenient. There was a famous minced pork noodle stall there but it was not opened everyday. I could not remember exactly which day it would be closed.

If you are lucky, you may see Pan Ling Ling in this hawker centre, my friend that stayed around the area told me that Pan Ling Ling lived in a condo near by so once in a while, she would be spotted in this hawker centre. I also saw her once in this hawker centre but that time she was buying takeaways so I caught a glimpse of her.

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Good food ... if the stalls are open

I was one of those residents who watched in shock and horror as the market burnt, with loud explosions that could be heard blocks away. The temporary market was a huge pain but the revamped market and hawker centre definitely have their perks. What I appreciate most are the efforts taken to maintain hygiene, with regular scheduled market-wide cleanings.

This wet market is sufficient for my family's fresh produce needs. In terms of the impromptu meals at the hawker centre though, whether we get to eat what we have in mind sometimes depends on luck. The food is decent, pretty good in fact.
The minced pork noodles stall at the corner is supposed to be famous.
I love the Pontian wanton noodles and the congee stall beside it.
The roast pork / duck rice stall always has long queues (and the roast pork is worth the wait while the duck is decent too).
I also like the claypot rice.

However, I say "supposed to be" of the minced pork noodles stall because I've never actually tried it myself. It's always closed! I just know that whenever it IS open, there are massive queues, and I know people who travel down just to try it. I mean, seriously? Is business THAT good that they can just open or close whenever they feel like it? Ditto for my Pontian noodles. It's slightly more reliable but I had a bad run some time last month when thrice in a row or something, I was craving for the wanton noodles but the stall wasn't open. The roast pork / duck rice stall is most reliable.

Every time I visit this hawker centre now, especially for dinner, I marvel at the number of stalls open - the FEW number of stalls open. There's good food, but no guarantees you'll get it.

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Great food at affordable prices

My Chinese tuition lessons are in the Han Language Centre in Yio Chu Kang Community Centre, so I frequently walk over here to eat dinner with my family. There are so many food stalls, so many choices, that it just sends your head spinning. But here are some of the better ones that I frequent:

1. The western food stall. It's run by a young-looking lady in her mid-30s, and the food there rivals those sold at better-known restaurants such as the Manhatten Fish Market, though of course there aren't as many choices. But what it does offer is great. Try the fish and chips; the fish is crisp on the outside but soft and sweet on the inside. Squeeze some lemon juice over it and it's perfection. The mashed potato is real potato with hot, rich, and thick gravy - none of those powdery kind that other stalls may serve. It also comes with a generous portion of non-oily fries, and everything is served up by the lady with a friendly smile. Best of all? It's only $4.50!

2.The chicken rice stall (which sells more than just chicken rice). Though I can't remember the stall's name, it's obvious which one it is. Located just at the entrance, every Sunday afternoon when I go there, there is always a long queue. The char siew and roast pork taste especially good, but remember to ask for more, since they tend to give smaller portions.

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