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Mr Teh Tarik Eating House

Mr Teh Tarik Eating House Hot

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456 Jurong West St 41 Singapore
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on November 30, 2012    

Selling a large array of flavorful teas and bevarages, they have many store locations around singapore to chill down with a cup after a long day under the blazing sun.

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commercialized prata

You know how when someone says something is "commercialized" and you get turned off by it almost immediately? In short, 'commercialized' stuff are not good. Although this brand is not super advertized or anything, but you get my idea. DO NOT trust a restaurant / independent shop selling prata. If you want the best prata, your best bet would be coffee shops or those little shops alongside Little India.

There is a Mr Teh Tarik opposite my place and I've only been there once. No matter how hungry I get... I would rather not eat than go there. Firstly, the pratas are all pre-cooked, Meaning that they don't toss and flip on the spot but rather they are already cooked, left there for I don't know how long and when an order comes, they just re-heat it. The tall stack of cooked pratas at the side could serve as a mighty evidence. Reheating cooked pratas is a prata crime!!!

The best pratas are served fluffy, hot and fresh. None of which you could get here. In short, it's overpriced, bad for your taste buds and pocket. Meh.. unless you like hard and overcooked prata then by al means come here. Otherwise, avoid it at all cost. The price isn't great either.

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Great pulled teas!

There are quite a few of these eating houses dotted around the little island of Singapore. It is basically a coffeeshop with in my opinion has the drinks stall as its pulling factor. Stepping into here, the main thing that one MUST have is their drinks from the drinks stall, there is a large variety of pulled teas and coffee with a variety of flavors and toppings for one to choose from.

For a reasonable price, you get one big cup of tea that is sufficiently sweet and creamy, not overly diluted, which is great.

I can't wait for my second cup!

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