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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 03, 2012    

It is located near Bugis MRT Station and it serves Halal chinese food such as Chicken Rice and Mee Pok.

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7am - 11pm
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Best halal Chinese coffee shop

It's so hard to find good halal Chinese food, unless you count the stalls at Banquet food court. Tong Seng has all the perks of good food, good location and authenticity. It's best to eat at the upper floor because it's airconditioned and less crowded, although the real coffee shop ambience can be better experienced in the open on the ground floor.

The mee pok is delicious, with just enough spicy chilli and meat to satisfy my hunger. The portions are enough for a girl, but I think any guy would have to order at least two bowls of food to fill them up. Best of all, the food is actually cheap! Well, cheaper than normal halal Chinese food at other places at least.

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Great service goes a long way

I do believe this is the only restaurant that I've been to that serves halal Chinese food. It's great! I have quite a few Muslim friends who haven't really tried Chinese food, and if you do too, this is a great place to take them.

This place is almost always packed with people. It just goes to show how good their food is! I'm a fan of their wanton mee because the spiciness of the dish is perfect! I'm not a big fan of spicy dishes, but this one does it just right. My friends come back here often for their sliced fish soup. I can't say I'm a huge fan, because I am partial to another restaurant for their fish soup. Although the one at Tong Seng isn't half bad.

I would also like to commend them for their service. I accidentally spilled my drink all over the table once and the uncle immediately ran up and wiped it off. After saying sorry he asked me if I needed another cup of ice. I politely declined out of embarrassment, yet he still gave me another one. It's the little things like this that make a diner's experience a memorable on.

The food is delivered quick and hot, just the way anyone likes it. Do come here to try out their food! It's worth it every penny.

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Fried Wanton Mee
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Halal Chinese Cuisine!

Located just opposite Bugis Junction is this coffee shop I often patronise with my boy. It is a Halal ‘kopitiam’ which serves food from the Chinese Cuisine.

When we go there, we are greeted with a wide array of food choices. I usually order the usual ‘mee pok’ or ‘lor mee’. The ‘mee pok’ is fine, not too dry or not too soggy. It was filled with meat chunks and mushroom. I personally love mushroom, so I love it when I find mushroom in my food. The ‘lor mee’ is the noodle with loads of gravy. It comes with the spoon filled with garlic too. Some people (like me) don’t really appreciate the taste of garlic, so they can opt it away.

I have tried other dishes like the laksa as well. If you are someone which does not fancy something too spicy, this is for you. The gravy has a coconut favour and taste authentic. There is optional scoop of chilli though if you are up for it. We also always order the side dish, “siew mai”. It is actually meat dumplings. It has a strong pepper taste though, much stronger than the ones selling outside.

In all, it is a place well worth your money and if you’re Muslim, just in the mood for some Chinese cuisine.

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Very nice Mee Pok!

This is an old time favorite place of mine since I was young. It was first introduced by my sister because that's where her favorite fish soup is. But that's not my favorite. I still appreciate the finest taste of it but my favorite here will be the Mee Pok. It is a minced beef noodle, either dry or soup.

It comes in a reasonable quantity and at a cheap price of $3.30. Mee Pok is actually a flat type of yellow noodle and in it, there will be minced beef with a few strips of mushroom and some garnishing. If you want it dry, they will separate the soup for you. The interesting part about Mee Pok is the sauces they used which is black sauce and their own sambal. Usually it will be at the base of the noodle so what you need to do is to mix them up together.

I really like the mixture sauce. It's more towards the sambal than the black sauce. The flat noodle has a sleek surface and as you have it inside your mouth together with the sauce, it is very very mouth watering. You will munch together with the minced beef and the juice will bring out the favor.

The best Mee Pok so far!

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Mee Pok
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