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Blk 401 Hougang Avenue 8 Singapore 530401
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Listing created by bxbong on September 26, 2012    

A coffee shop directly opposite Punggol Park


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24/7 everyday... good!

KPT is just located beside my mum’s flat and we are really thankful for this. I think this is the only coffeeshop that I have seen without any doors or gates for closing, because they really operates 24/7 everyday! This is definitely too good to be true.

No more worries for late night supper or super early morning breakfast. Conveniently located opposite Punggol Park, prefer for morning exercise-goers for a cup of kopi after jogging, prefer for late night owls who needs some supper after some beers over at Punggol Park.

But there’s always pros and cons. With the KPT operating 24/7 everyday, can expect some people misbehaving after beers or even people who talks like they are the only group in the whole. So the noise level is one consideration for people living on top and direct opposite the KPT. And I would say their food standard for the stalls have dropped over the years. Still, it’s good to have KPT.

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(Updated: November 17, 2012)

One of the best Rojak

I've been visiting this coffeeshop since young as it's located just beside my Church in Hougang. Sometimes i will be here for supper too. Its famous for delightful local delicacies like Rojak, Popiah and of course the Fried Oyster Omelette. I personally love their Rojak, Carrot cake and Fried Oyster Omelette.

The Rojak's you tiao is so crispy (they put it into the toaster before serving), not too oily and the prawn paste is extremely good. Vegetables are crunchy, portion is big for its price. No doubt its one of the best Rojak in Hougang!

The Fried Oyster Omelette is a must-eat whenever i'm here even though i don't eat oysters. The auntie is funny and nice, she will always add another 000 (eg, $3000) when you ask her how much the food cost. Sometimes i will just order the plain Omelette (W/o oysters). I like dipping the eggs into the chili sauce, so yummy! Its abit oily though, can be a good choice of supper after having a drink opposite at Wild Oats.

Do try their carrot cake too, the portion is generous and its flavourful. One $3 order can actually be shared among 2-3 persons.

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(Updated: November 14, 2012)


I finally used thesmartlocal to good use for once. Mister X and I wanted to go to Hougang for dinner that night. I remembered seeing KPT Coffeeshop on thesmartlocal, hence I searched up on it and we decided to go there. Such a coincidence that both of us knows about this coffee shop but had forgotten about its existence. Well, thanks to thesmartlocal, KPT has resurfaced into our memories.

We tried the Fried Egg Omelet with oyster there. It has more egg than oysters in the dish, different from the regular Fried Oyster Egg. There was a shop selling wanton mee of which we ordered a bowl as well. The wanton mee was mixed well with its gravy and the noodles was not too soft nor too hard, just the right chewiness. The fried egg omelet was not really that favorable with us, probably because we are not used to this dish. Nonetheless, it was a filling and satisfying meal. I was also pleased to see posters around the coffee shop, reminding patrons to keep their volumes down after 11pm, which made the coffee shop seemed very considerate.

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(Updated: September 26, 2012)

Best Iced Milo I've Ever Had

Directly opposite Punggol Park is a coffee shop called KPT Coffee Shop, nicknamed as '401' (the block number) by those who visit the place often.

Over at KPT, one of the best things you can find is the Iced Milo at the drinks stall (there is only one so you can't possibly miss it)! I love it! It is sweet and thick but not to the extent that you would feel like hurling, and in comparison to that of Kopitiam's or Toast Box's Iced Milo, it does not taste as diluted, and in fact it only gets diluted when it hits the bottom and the ice has melted!

So far, I have not tried any other Iced Milo that could beat this. For just $1.50, I guarantee that you this is definitely worth the try, especially if you are a Milo fan, or if you just had a good jog at the park!

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