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Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre

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#02-13/14 Chinatown Complex Food Centre Block 335 Smith Street Singapore 050335
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Listing created by Iswariya on September 24, 2012    

Authentic and home to over 200 stalls.

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Reasonable prices, huge choices

I had just happened to be here today - and boy was I overwhelmed by the sheer number of stalls that were available for the picking. Not only were most of the stalls selling local delicacies that called out to me, there were stall boards that were furnished with pictures that made my mouth water.

In the end, I happened to chance upon this stall that was selling Frog Legs. I was tempted by the Frog Legs porridge but knew from experience that it would cost me more than what I was willing to pay. Fortunately, there was a saving grace in the set meal that they had: Dried chilli frog legs rice set, for a steal of $5! I was not only surprised by the generous portion of Frogs' legs, I was also surprised by the happy go luck character of the stall owner who even joked with me while I ordered.

While it has only been my second time here, I'm definitely going to come back here again soon. But for the record, the xiao long baos are not worth the money - in fact, you may be better off somewhere else - maybe leave the xiao long baos to the professional makers.

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I love coming here to enjoy the food that is offered here. I don't really come to Chinatown very often, but whenever I'm there, I make sure to buy a bite from this hawker centre.

My favourite stall is a stall at the end of the hawker centre that sells Dim Sum bites. The chives dumplings are the best, but their other food products are really good too. The place is often crowded with people working around the area, as this is a popular lunch venue. Authentic chinese food is served here, and some of the dishes found in this hawker centre might just be the best of their type on the island.

It's a good chance for Chinese like myself to engross myself in my heritage, and eat what my ancestors ate in the past.

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The Real Chinatown

If you want a more authentic experience of Chinatown since the 50s, this is the place.
Be warned though, it is a little less clean, smells less pleasant and there are no bright red trinkets to tempt your foreign wallet.

There are vendors that have been there for almost 50 years and they live and breathe around in the area. Their friends are the uncles and aunties selling food upstairs, of which you can find a good variety of anything Singapore. I have yet to taste the food there but judging by the feel of it, it feels like their food should be pretty good.

Although I have not been, I hear there's a wet market in the basement of the building. A large pungent smell would be the instant welcoming as you enter a wet market but it's quite a Singapore traditional way of life where we get our super fresh produce, seafood and meat here. But be there early! 8am would be a good time to visit.

Side note* If you've never been to a hawker centre, the drinks lady/uncle will often come to your table to take your order., in case you're wondering why they seem to be so aggressive at selling. They're not, it's just how they function. :)

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