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Listing created by a-pril on September 18, 2012    

Located in the heartlands of Yishun, the Chong Pang Market offers delicious food at affordable prices. The hawker is easily accessible by buses or car. The open space car park has pretty limited spaces though. Hence, it is pretty troublesome when it rains and you might have to wait for a quite a while for a car park during peak hours. 


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Good and cheap

I live nearby, and I think the food here is pretty damn fantastic, so I come here often (whenever the weather permits, because it can get pretty hot.)

Favourite stalls include the porridge stall (porridge with different kinds of pork including innards!), rojak stall, duck rice stall, otah stall, and of course laoban. And sugarcane drink!

There's also a very fancy dessert stall which serves a very wide variety of both cold and hot desserts. The cold desserts are very flashy (chocolate sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles, fruits, basically a gazillion permutations) and it's pretty popular, there's always a queue (think it moves quite fast though.)

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Seeking for airy apparels? Apparels that encourages wind flow. Apparels that are baggy with room for wind to seep through and combat any form of perspiration. Apparently, sweat is a vital component in Singapore thanks to the weather.

Chong Pang Market is the definitely a place that majority of the Singaporeans are unconsciously seeking. It’s the number 1 venue for anyone who’s into those type of apparels. It’s sold in practically every store there albeit with differing designs. It isn’t pricey either. Perfect combination for thrifty people who would like to remain ventilated.

I was also impressed with the quality and price of the contact lens that were sold there. I was strolling that vicinity when I was in college and caught sight of a spectacle store. There was a poster sprawled across their glass pane. It featured coloured contact lenses along with a supremely appealing price. I was instantly lured. It was a foreign brand hence I inspected the lens with my bare hands. I prodded it’s edges. I tilted it. There didn’t seem to be any flaws. Hence, I purchased it.

The quality was impressive. I actually preferred this brand to the renown Acuvue ones.

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Heartland Food Place

I know that I'm not one to travel to Yishun, but when my father drives, he will go all out to find the best food places. This hawker centre is one of his all time favourite places. While it may his favourite, I barely have an impression of this place, other than the fact that is it furnished with stalls all over that sell a myriad of food choices for me to choose.

This is just yet another local food place to me, although I must admit that most of the people that come here are dressed over casually. Having said that, this place strikes me as a place to go for the people living in the vicinity. No matter how good the food is, I'm definitely going to stick to the Toa Payoh market if I can afford it.

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Nice area with a homely feel

My grandmother brought me out on a long trip across Singapore (from the East!) to Chong Pang today. She said that she brought me to the area because she wanted to show me where she used to hang around when she was just a teenager.

As CNY is approaching, Chong Pang market is in the process of putting up its CNY decorations which were very attractive overall. They even had a sign showing information about 2014 for the different signs of the zodiac.

We eventually arrived at the hawker centre where we ordered duck rice and soya milk. The duck rice was pretty good and so was the soya milk. While the hawker centre isn't big, it seemed to have all the main Singaporean dishes like Nasi Lemak, rojak and more.

I think Chong Pang is an area with a very homely feel and I would definitely visit again although it is really quite far away from my home.

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Compact but you can find everything you need

Likened to a simple labyrinth, Chong Pang Market at first looks difficult to navigate, with its prize jewel (The hawker centre) nestled between rows of shophouses. However, it is actually quite a pleasant place, and in a short walk of 15-20min, you can actually find quite a number of shops selling items that you need in everyday life.

A typical outing to Chong Pang market involves firstly a meal (The hawker centre provides tasty and cheap fares, and the rojak store is a famous local specialty), topping up with a desert (The place is rife with beancurd stores). Next, i'll have a bubble tea from Orchado, whilst finding a friend that I know who works there and hanging by the counter to have a quick chat in between sips of bubble tea. Next I'll visit either CK department store or Giant Supermarket for grocery shopping to stock up my cupboard aka storeroom for the week ahead. Lastly, I'll tour the complex taking in everything casually. A few special mentions about the place would be the durian stores (always cheap and tasty durians marketed by rowdy hawkers), the small 7-Eleven cum Toto outlet with its long queues and the small shop run by a warm and friendly uncle selling guitars and amazingly, cheap soft drinks. There is also a section dedicated to foreigners, especially in telecoms and delicacies and hence you'll find a healthy mix of foreign workers and maids on a typical day with the locals in the crowds.

Overall, a cosy and rowdy place with a neighbourly feel!

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Good food!

Another place near to my army camp, i must have visited this place over 50 times! Whenever we want to give ourselves a treat, it will be the place we will go to. 2 stalls which i want to specially recommend would be a fish ball noodle stall at the side of the market, and the hokkien mee stall on the opposite side of the market.

Never will I find a fish ball noodles stall that is as cheap and as filling as that store. At a very economical price of 3 dollars, the portion is as large as a 4 dollar bowl elsewhere! The texture of the noodles is addictive, and the stall has actually won various TV food shows, with certificates placed on the shop window.

I once waited in the queue for more than 40 minutes for the hokkien mee, before getting a takeaway and bringing back to my camp to consume in the comforts of my bunk, and boy was it worth the wait. The hokkien mee has the right blend of soup and dryness of the noodles, something that words alone cannot describe the taste. It is comparable to the one sold at Chomp Chomp!

Of course, there are other stalls which are good, but these are the 2 stalls which left an imprint in my NS memories.

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(Updated: January 06, 2013)

Overrated hawker place.

I find that Chong Pang is quite overrated as one of the most cited hawker food destinations, and it isn't much better than the nameless coffee shops near my block. In fact, I can get better food at those coffee shops.

Their sliced fish soup is one of the worst I've had. The broth is (dubiously) murky and full of unknown sediments. Whenever my dad (unfortunately for me) gets me sliced fish soup from Chong Pang for lunch, I don't ever drink the broth, not even a sip, and neither do I touch any of the vegetables (even though I am known to polish off any serving of greens like a cow, leaving not a scrap of it) because the lettuce and whatnot have soaked up that repellent broth. It's repellent because, as far as I can tell, there's a crap-load of MSG in it, which perhaps explains why it's so murky, like a swamp. Even just confining myself to the fish slices, which means minimal consumption of that broth, I still get thirsty. A couple of times, I actually dipped the fish slices into warm water to 'clean' them and rid them of the MSG-laden broth entirely before putting them in my mouth. Oh, and those of you who're trying to lose weight eating nothing but fish slices and soup, choose the right coffee shop to buy from. Chong Pang certainly isn't one of them. Down their soup and you're going to get water retention and fatter.

The bak chor mee pok (minced meat noodles) at Chong Pang is not as bad as the fish soup but it's still below average for me. For some reason, no matter how much chilli I request, I still taste too much of the noodles. What I mean is this: the egg noodles typically used for noodle items at coffee shops like bak chor mee and wan ton mee have their own flavour and you'll realise this especially if your order of either bak chor mee or wan ton mee has too little flavouring (sauce or chilli or whatever). And this is precisely the case with the bak chor mee at Chong Pang. It's that slightly astringent taste of the egg noodle. I always request for lots and lots of chilli but it doesn't help. Worse, the noodles are very dry, so dry in fact that they stick to each other. You'll occasionally find yourself chewing on clumps of flour-like things (much like eating only the skin of Chinese dimsum) than slurping up strands.

Chong Pang's hawker food is mediocre at best. And given the attention it's received, it's overrated.

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Chong Pang Market is one of the few places where you can still get $2 bowl of noodles or other food items. The food is quite good as well, but the atmosphere may not be very comfortable. The area has acceptable ventilation, but I still felt quite suffocated when I sat with my friend in the center of the Market. However, we were willing to put up with it because there was a crowd and finding a table was not easy!

All in all, definitely a reasonable place to dine especially if you stay in that area because everything is so affordable and good!

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(Updated: October 05, 2012)

Fried Food paradise

Chong Pang Market is a place to find nice food at affordable price. Personally, I would recommend Satay and fried hokkien mee, this two dishes are the must try. I also recommend soya bean curd (traditional type) and soya bean with fried dough sticks, that’s my favourite for breakfast.

Now there’s a few stalls selling cold bean curd which comes with a container and looks like milk pudding. It cost about $1.50 per container, with different flavours available, such as strawberry and durian. But I still prefer the traditional type of bean curd.

Not to forget fried carrot cake and fried kway teow are not bad as well. However I'm not going to patronize one of the fried carrot cake stall because the cook is always talking, I did not know whether there is saliva fried inside.

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I do go to Chong pang quite often as I live near there. My mum will always go there on weekends to buy grocery and there are so many nice food available at the hawker center. I personally like the bean curd and soybean from the hawker center. It taste really nice and it is cheap.

There is also the Chong Pang Community Centre, where you can choose to sign up for enrichment classes there. You can also book the badminton court there for around $5 to $6 an hour. The court is seldom occupied, so you can actually have the whole place to yourself. There are also salons and manicure shops, which is slightly cheaper than those in shopping malls.

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