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Located next to the Changi Jetty, the Changi Village Food Centre is home to many notable hawker stalls. As a result of its popularity, the Food Centre attracts not only passing cyclists and water sports enthusiasts, but Singaporeans from across the island.

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Ubin Last Stop Food Centre

Pulau Ubin is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life in Singapore. The greenery around the island also makes for some great picnic spots. And if you ever need to get take-away for your picnic on Pulau Ubin, this hawker center is the place to go. Just outside the Changi Point Ferry Terminal, most stalls open very early, and there is a wide selection of nasi lemak stalls, which are great for take-aways.

There is also a drink stall there that sells Aloe Vera Sugar Cane. As per its name, the uncle adds aloe vera cubes into the sugar cane juice that make a refreshing combination that I have never seen elsewhere. It’s a great drink for a hot afternoon.

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Crowded and hot but worth the visit!

I came here a few times for their barbecued stingray and it is the best stingray I have ever eaten in Singapore, I do not think even the one at Old Airport Road can beat theirs. It is an extremely dirty place but you can eat outside next to the sea at Changi Village, thus enjoying the awesome night breeze and the quiet ambience of the night.

It is an good place for cooling down after a day of cycling at Pulau Ubin, as I used to be a regular cyclist at Pulau Ubin, I would often head straight for this hawker center to get my fix of stingray afterwards. While it is often crowded inside, the good food found here makes it worthwhile to brave the crowdedness and the heat from cooking inside.

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Goreng pisang

There was a stall here that sold very good goreng pisang. Singaporeans getting more health conscious meant that there is less demand for such unhealthy food and therefore it is more difficult to find a stall selling goreng pisang in hawker centres and it is even more difficult to find such tasty goreng pisang.

There was also the famous Changi nasi lemak. Actually, there were two stalls selling nasi lemak here that had long queues. I did not know which was the original and which was the copy cat and different people had told me different stall as the original. For me, it was always the stall with the shortest queue. An angry man is an angry man and wanting an angry man to queue for a long time is testing the patience too much.

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A pearl in the wilderness

Changi Village is indeed literally a HDB village, located out of the way in the eastern part of Pasir Ris, it is a monumental challenge for one who lives quite a distance away to travel to the place. However, the fare offered by its hawker centre is first class. Take for instance, the carrot cake. It is of an extremely creamy nature, and the sauce used for its cooking is rich and aromatic. Moreover, the taste is neither sweet nor salty, and tastes exactly just right. Other dishes to be tried include prawn noodles (my they're hot and tasty) and its mixed rice (Try out some of the meat and vegetables, they're good).

After a meal, changi village is a perfect place to take a walk in. Walk out of the hawker centre and explore the large, serene place, untouched by the hustle and bustle of the main city. Moreover, the beach is of walking distance and is a great place to watch the sunset. Should you want to journey home afterwards, my advice would be to take bus 89 at the bus-stop down the road to pasir ris central (It stops directly opposite white sands shopping centre, where Pasir Ris MRT station and Pasir Ris bus interchange is located)

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Best carrot cake in Singapore found here

I am aware that this food village is famous for all things Nasi Lemak. But if there is one undiscovered gem admits its premises, it’s the chai tau kway (fried carrot cake) store here.

Friend with a generous serving of egg, an adequate amount of black sauce and the right quatity of fragrant chai por (preserved raddish), the ingredients combine perfectly with the carrot cake to produce an absolutely mouth watering treat.

Forget those mediocre versions found in food courts and even fancy restaurants, this is where to go to have authentic Singapore chai tau kway fried the traditional way.

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(Updated: January 06, 2013)

Great hawker fare.

Just the place to stop by if you're cycling long distances from East Coast Park, from which it might take you two or three hours to reach Changi Village. And what better way to replenish your dead cells and repair your worn muscles than to tuck in to the galore of greasy goodness at Changi Village. (I'm joking.)

There is just about every kind of hawker fare there, but I personally recommend getting the white carrot cake and hor fun. But be careful *which stall* you order from because, in the case of certain dishes, there may be more than one stall serving that same dish and one stall usually does it better than the others.

As far as I can tell, there is only stall that serves fried carrot cake and they do it very well. In fact, their white carrot cake might be the best I've eaten yet. And for 2.50 or 3.50, it's quite a sizeable portion too. What I like is that the carrot cake itself (or radish cake) comes in huge rectangular chunks, so you do actually get something to bite on. And I like the textural contrast between the soft cake and slightly firmer egg. Many hawker stalls that serve fried carrot cake have the bad habit of cutting up the radish cake too much, sometimes even reducing it to a near-mash. They mess about too much, as if playing with my food, over-stirring, over-flipping, blending cake with egg so tenaciously that the end-result is one messy heap. (They might as well have dumped omelette and radish cake into a juicer and juice the hell out of them.) And every forkful of that messy heap fails to get a bit of egg and a bit of cake because almost everything I scoop up with my fork falls off immediately save for a few miserable chunks of cake or swirls of egg. But the fried carrot cake at Changi Village isn't like that. Instead, you get generous, whole portions of omelette-like egg, and nestled in which are thick chunks of radish cake.

I also recommend getting hor fun with fried chicken chop. It's quite a weird combo but it works just well for me -- silky rice noodles swimming in a gooey, not-too-cloying broth, and fried, breaded chicken to boot. There are two stalls serving that though and, strangely enough they are located just next to each other. We actually ordered the same dish from both stalls but, in this case, we thought there wasn't really anything that set one apart from the other.

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Great Food and Fond Memories

I served National Service in a camp nearby Changi Village. Changi Village became the regular supper haunt for me and many of my campmates.

The variety of food there meant that you never got sick go the food. Not that you would considering the fantastic quality of the food there. From Nasi Lemak, to Laksa, to Hokkien Mee and a smorgasbord of desserts, you could really put on weight with regular visits there (which a number of my camp mates did).

The only downside would be the ambience. Typical of any hawker center, the place is not the cleanest. it Can be crowded and at times finding seats can be difficult.

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The soya bean pudding is to die for

I faithfully buy soya bean pudding by the tens whenever I go to the food center. The texture is rich and creamy and very milky. You can feel it sliding down your throat when you eat it and it is just pure amazing. It is surprising that I never got sick of eating the pudding despite eating it almost everyday for a few months now, This is just evidence to show you how a masterpiece is like. Because of its well loved products, numerous branches have been set up- one in the newly renovated causeway point. However, I can safely assure you that the taste and texture cannot be replicated. If you want a taste of good food, go down to the village to try for yourself

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Home to the best Nasi Lemak store?

I often have breakfast on weekend mornings with my parents at this food centre as it is near the Changi Beach.

My honest opinion is that most hawker centres in Singapore are the same, except probably for one or two stores that are supposedly famous which draws special attention to the hawker centre. One might then say that the speciality food store of this hawker centre is the Nasi Lemak store. The store draws large throngs of people which form a beeline just to purchase a packet of the famous Nasi Lemak which some say is the best in Singapore. Other food worth trying is the dim sum store.

Just a heads up, if you intend to travel all the way from Jurong just to visit the food centre, my advice to you is: don't bother.

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Taste of the old

To me, changi village is like a look to the past. The hawker centre has been untouched my the shadowing claws of progress, and the old hawker centre look makes me feel like looking at the singapore of the past when I go there, which sells cheap and good food.

I cannot go to changi village without eating the nasi lemak, which is value for money and extremely delicious. However, the pineapple drink is what always catches my eye, as it is rare to find stalls selling the flavourful yellow pineapple drink which is so pleasant to the tongue and thirst quenching.

However, when going to changi village, always dress simply and be ready to take a bath upon returning home as the hawker centre is notorious for leaving a distinct odour on you when you visit.

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