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Makansutra was started by KF Seetoh, a Singapore food critic determined to showcase some of Singapore's finest hawkers at one location under one name - Makansutra!

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Too blend for it's price

Local food in town area would be the ones that represent our country, cause it's Singapore's local delights.

Before I headed there, I knew that it would be pricey, but I thought that since it's in town, it should be good enough to represent our food to tourist. Usually when I eat, the bill isn't the issue, it's the quality of the food. I wouldn't mind paying for good food, but when I tasted the food, it was cold, blend and bad.

Definitely not a place that I would recommend anyone to go because of it's price and food. I rather travel down to Chomp Chomp food center than to bring a tourist to bad quality food.

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Local food haven but too expensive

Makansutra Gluttons Bay is a night market where stalls selling local delicacies are being set up. There were many foreigners around when I was there and it was clearly an eating place, suited and catered to tourists. Other than the fact that it is located at marina, the food was mediocre and the price tag that came along with it was exorbitant.

We ordered satay, char kway teow, oyster omelette, a bowl of dessert and 2 cups of drink and the total bill chalked up to close to $40. The food wasn't fantastic as I have had better elsewhere. It can get really crowded on weekends, especially after 7pm and it can be difficult to find seats. However, because of its prime location, it allowed my partner and I to have a nice walk along the river after dinner.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this place if you are looking to have good local food. But considering that there are many stalls selling various food, I might bring my foreign friends here for dinner to have a taste of local flavor.

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Cheap and good

It sounds amazing but you can actually find cheap, affordable and not to say delicious local fare in high class Marina Bay area. Makansutra Gluttons Bay, aptly named after the visionary TV show host that set it up brought it fame, is definitely a place to visit.

In my opinion, I was overwhelmed with choices when I last visited the place a few years back. But one food I'd definitely recommend would be the chicken rice. Wee Nam Kee, a famous bastion for local chicken rice, has a store there and its definitely to be tried. To keep it short and sweet, the fragrant, slick and gummy chicken rice accompanied by the soft succulent meat and the tangy flavour of the sauce, just for the price of a few dollars, was one of the best buys I'd ever made. Other stores I'd recommend would be Gerry's Grill (they sell barbacued squid) and the satay store. During my visit there, the quene for their delights was long indeed.

In essence, I felt glad that even in Marina Bay, where the city is at its most cosmopolitan and is most focused on sprucing up its global image, such integral parts of local culture are still able to flourish. Really heartening!

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Cheapest food in the area

Gluttons Bay boasts of an eclectic mix of local delights such as chicken rice, hokkien mee, fried carrot cake and satay. The signboards of hawker stalls there also report famous and traditional cooking methods, although I must say their authenticity is dubious. The food is quite good but ultimately not comparable to elsewhere in Singapore. The prices are also reasonable considering they are in the central area, and also slightly cheaper than those found in food courts.

Following an open air concept, one should check the weather forecast before going or they'll be caught sitting on wet chairs or queuing in the rain. Some tables have large deck umbrellas sheltering them, but are unhelpful if the winds are particularly strong.

A worthwhile drop by if you're bringing foreign friends around and need a cheap good eat in the Marina area!

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Very good fried carrot cake and oyster omelette

Gluttons Bay is an outdoor food court that summarizes Singapore's signature dishes! No doubt it is always packed with tourists, but I am also very satisfied with the food served here. A typical meal for two would be a plate of fried carrot cake that cost $6 and a plate of oyster omelette that cost $8.

The fried carrot cake without dark soya sauce is famous because of the fragrance and generous portions! Likewise, you can expect a long queue for the oyster omelette because the oysters are huge and definitely worth the price you pay!

Gluttons Bay is a must try for tourists and Singaporeans!

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Fried Carrot Cake, Oyster Omelette
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A place for local food

This place is always packed and I can't help but noticed that tourists thronged this place by accident. Its proximity to Marina Bay does help to attract outsiders to come here and have a meal.

As this place is always bustling and full, do come here as early as you can to get a spot and the best food. More like an uptrend hawker stalls, I love their open air concept where people can enjoy their meal without being cramped in a busy shop.

I love their chicken wings as they're juicy, tender and full of nice seasonings. Other than that, the food are just average and decent.

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A variation of delectable foods. :)

For me, Makansutra Gluttons Bay’s key asset is its location. Situated at one of Singapore’s busiest tourist attractions, it is indeed a perfect place to hangout after a long walk from either Merlion Park or Marina Bay. Most tourists enjoy crossing the bridge from Merlion Park to Esplanade or experience the picturesque scene of the Helix bridge at night. And more often than not, before calling it a day, they chose to have a sumptuous dinner at Makansutra.

This place is an open area but it is still packed with diners even on showery nights. Most of the time, Makansutra is very crowded and it would take several minutes before you can finally find some table to occupy. However, I feel it is always worth the wait. It offers a wide variety of dishes to choose from which makes it more appealing to people with different taste buds. It has a setting as crowded as those hawker centers but the view is far better. Group dinners are always cheaper at this place. The servings are designed for both moderate and heavy eaters so guests have the luxury of choice.

Whenever I accompany tourist friends around this area, I always take them to Makansutra. With its wide selection of dishes, it never failed me eversince.

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Can such standards represent our local food?

The few times I had been there, I had been amongst the first to visit the place. This is because I am an impatient man and I get more impatient when I am hungry. Being early means that not all stalls were ready for business and the heat from the afternoon was still lingering.

I don't know whether it was the heat making my appetite bad or the food was really bad, I felt the food there was below the standards of most of our other hawker centres. If the Singapore Tourist Board wanted to use this place to promote our local food, then they have to do quality control on these hawkers. We don't want tourists to think that this is representative of the supposedly good local food in Singapore.

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Tidak makan bagus

I recently visited this city center food center with the intention of showing a visiting friend what good food Singapore has to offer. But oh boy, what a horrible decision that was. The food here was a far cry from the authentic versions found elsewhere across the country.

The chicken rice we had consisted of rice that was poorly cooked and chicken that bland. Besides the satay sticks we ordered was so thin and burnt that we could hardly even taste the marinade of the meat.

Like most other customers who dine here, we don’t mind paying the higher prices because of the convenience of dining in the city. But unfortunately for Makansutra Gluttons Bay, the quality of the food hardly justifies the price tag.

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Makansutra Gluttons Bay is a hawker centre situated outside the Esplanade, along the Outdoor Theatre, that offers locals and tourists alike a chance to enjoy delightful local hawker food by the bay.

Makansutra Gluttons Bay is set up to resemble a real hawker centre, complete with outdoor umbrellas and all, and is definitely a good chance for tourists who are strolling along the Esplanade to try out some local flavours. I often see locals there as well, as the food at the hawker centre is definitely a cheaper alternative to the overpriced restaurants within the Esplanade.

Personally, I feel that Makansutra Gluttons Bay is an obvious tourist trap, geared towards tourists who wish to have a taste of authentic Singaporean delights. For the rest of us Singaporeans, I would definitely suggest having your meal at other hawker centres, because the prices at Makansutra Gluttons Bay have been hiked up, and the stores there do not exactly offer the best of our local selections.

Satays at Makansutra can cost up to $7 for merely 10 sticks, and Hokkien Mee are priced at $4 per plate, while other hawker centres sell this dish for about $3.

Otherwise, a delightful place for a meal, especially at night, because that's when the breeze from the waters near by come in, and nothing beats local food accompanied by the natural breeze.

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