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Blk 51 Old Airport Road Singapore 390051
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Listing created by dawntillmidnight on April 22, 2012    

One of the best hawker centre in Singapore, housing some of the most popular local delicacies.

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Delightful local fare for low prices

Old Airport Road Food Centre is one of my favourite hawker centres. Situated relatively near my school, this hawker centre is pretty convenient, and I can always find great food here to satiate my hungry stomach after long lessons.

There's a wide range of local food over at Old Airport Road Food Centre, with food options ranging from Chinese cuisine, to even Indian or Japanese cuisine, and is definitely a prime cluster of all the best local foods. After a satisfying main course, diners can even find desserts, with famed stalls like Lao Ban Beancurd to complete their meal.

Personally, I would recommend a Western stall in Old Airport Road known as Holy Grill, which definitely features amazing Western food at an affordable price. I find that their Hickory BBQ Chicken is comparable to that of Astons, and the sides that Holy Grill offers definitely does not lose out to that of Astons. I also enjoy the Fried Oyster Omelette there, as it is definitely one of the best local food, and the stalls over at Old Airport Road serves them up perfectly.

Old Airport Road Food Centre also houses some of the most famous local food stalls, in which queues are always formed, but the food obtained at the end is always worth the torturous wait. For tourists who are unsure about local cuisine, it's safe to just hop in on any long queue at Old Airport Road Food Centre, because the stalls over there definitely hold true to the saying that there's always a queue for good food.

This hawker centre is definitely pretty huge, so there are plenty of seats, and diners usually clear their food within 30minutes to 45 minutes, so it will be pretty easy to find seats, with just a short wait.

I find that Old Airport Road can get a little humid at times, and the ventilation can be a little poor at some areas, so one might find himself sweating all over by the end of his meal. Otherwise, a lovely place to indulge in some sinfully delicious local food.

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Long queues for popular stalls

The Old Airport Road Food Centre has a number of the most famous food stalls around, such as the lao ban soya beancurd stall. Located close to the MRT, it is not difficult to access although it does require a little bit of walking.

Although the ambience is not really there as the place always seems dark and gloomy every time I visit, the popular stalls can be instantly identified by the exceptionally long queues and that somehow creates more of a lively atmosphere for me. However, I am quite reluctant to queue for food as I prefer to get normal quality in a quicker time than wait for something slightly better. I queued for lao ban at my friend’s recommendations and was disappointed as I did not like the “silky” texture and it was too sweet for my taste. I decided to buy from a regular stall with no customers at that time and it still tasted alright to me.

I think most of the food stalls there have a certain quality and standard already, so if you do not really want to queue a long time for food, even buying from regular stalls will not give you something of bad quality.

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A hawker paradise

i used to work at the vicinity of Mountbatten, and often would visit Old Airport Road during lunch time. Despite its ample number of tables and chairs, during the lunch crowd, it still takes some effort to snatch a table. The place is well-known by many locals as one of the best hawker centre in Singapore, which explains the crowd that may gather at this hawker paradise during rush hour.

There is an extraordinaire number of popular and food-award-winning stalls under the same roof of Blk 51. While most hawker centres in Singapore only boasts of one or two renowned stalls in one setting, Old Airport Road is easily home to more than just a handful.

One stall which entertains a long queue every single afternoon without fail would be the Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee. I've never had the time to have it during lunch hours because it is simply too long a wait. The fish soup stall also boasts of a long queue each afternoon, albeit not as long, and it would usually satisfy my lunch hour craving. There are also two prawn noodle stall just a stall or two from each other and are both very popular as well. I personally love to eat the curry rice with fish fillet from Jack's Kitchen as well. Usually, my friends and I would order a plate of oyster egg to share too, and they taste awesome.

Also, for dessert, have a bowl of delicious Lao Ban Tau Huay! In Old Airport Road hawker itself, there are already two stalls under this brand, and it still gets sold out each day without fail. Fathom the popularity!

There is also this confectionery stall in the corner which sells handmade hotdog buns and egg tarts. I especially love the hotdog buns there and would never fail to buy one back each afternoon for tea break! The buns are handmade and are sweet and flavorful on its own, unlike those normal buns from the usual confectioneries outside. They are made on the spot to ensure freshness too!

All in all, Old Airport Road hawker is a great hawker paradise. For all food-lovers, I'm sure you can brave the sweltering weather in Singapore to taste some of the delicious food Blk 51 has to offer!

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(Updated: February 16, 2016)

Good food

Located at Dakota, Old Airport Road Food Centre is well known for their exceptional hawker food in Singapore where you can find all your local delicacies like Hokkien Mee, Laksa, Carrot Cake etc. The variety of food is wide enough for anyone and everyone, making it a perfect place to go with your family and friends.

My personal favorite has to be the Blanco Court kway chap. There is always a long queue so be prepared to wait at least 20-30 minutes. Trust me, it’s worth the wait. Nam Xing hokkien mee, Lao Fu Zhi char kway teow and Albert Street’s prawn mee are the few dishes I always order with my friends to share, because they’re just that good.

Overall, you will never get disappointed at Old Airport Road because there are so many stalls you can choose from. Every Singaporean should definitely visit at least once in their lifetime.

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Blanco Court Kway Chap
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Absolutely love it

Old Airport Road is located at Dakota/ Mountbatten and is my favourite hawker centre in the entire Singapore. It is home to many famous and pioneer hawkers (such as Nam Xing Hokkien Mee) and provides a well ventilated, clean environment.

Old Airport Road hawker centre is relatively cleaner than the other hawker centres as it was renovated in recent years. Moreover, with the creation of downtown line, Dakota MRT is walking distance from it. I love the food here!!! Old Airport Road Hawker Centre sells almost all Singaporean delicacies, Hokkien Mee, Satay, Wanton Mee, Laksa, Michael Jackson soy bean milk - you name it.

In fact, since it’s so near the MRT station, I often travel there by MRT and take away 6 packets of Nam Xing Hokkien Noodles (a must try!) for my family. It is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for cheap and good food!

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Lost in a Huge Hawker Centre

The Old Airport Road Food Centre is famed for its size and sheer variety of local food offerings. Locals flock to the area during lunch and dinner hours, making it one of the most packed food centres in Singapore. Is it worth the wait?

My personal favourite is the Lao Fu Zi char kuay teow. This dish brings diners back in time to the 1970's when char kway teow was made by fishermen and farmers who doubled up as hawkers at night to supplement their day income. This char kway teow is flavourful and well-seasoned with dark soy sauce. If you are like me and you like extra cockles with your kway teow, the Lao Fu Zi cockles are decent and fresh. It is often named as one of the top few char kway teow stalls in Singapore.

Other famous food stalls include Freshly Made Chee Cheong Fun, Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee, and Holy Grill. Expect a long queue for these stalls during peak hours thanks to word of their tastiness spreading high and low throughout Singapore.

At the end of the day, the Old Airport Road food centre offers tremendous value for money, trading off ambience and comfort. Every Singaporean should visit it at least once in their lifetime.

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One of my favouritee places to eat

Absolutely love heading to this massive food centre for dinner.
There's so many local delights to choose from, perfect for locals as well as tourists who wants a taste of the local cruisine.

My favourite picks has to be the delicious Xiao Long Bao, one tray has about 7 and cost only $3.50. Infact I like them more than those at Ding Tai Feng.
There is also satay, chee cheong fan, oyster omelette, and Ngor hiang.

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singapore's real taste paradise

What is interesting about Old Airport Road food court is the amalgamation of hawker foods and stalls from all over Singapore that it offers.

Take the goreng pisang stall that originated from Geylang Lor 20. For me this was a hit and miss; certain pieces came out incredibly crisp and sweet, while other pieces seemed to have some remnants of the banana peel left on it, which left a bitter and slimy aftertaste on my tongue.

On the other hand, the prawn mee originating from Albert Street was absolutely delicious! I usually dislike this dish, but I just could not get enough of their rich broth and the fresh, succulent prawns. There was none of the usual ‘xing wei’ (as Singaporean Chinese like to term ‘smelly’ seafood) that I often detect in lesser prawn mees.

I would also recommend would be the soursop juice from Meilock Soursop Juice, kway teow from Lao Fu Zi and the yusheng from Xin Mei Congee. It may seem peculiar to order the latter outside of Chinese New Year, but don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it; it’s good enough to be eaten any time of the year.

As far as cleanliness goes, this is definitely your regular hawker centre. Be prepared to sweat incessantly under the sweltering Singaporean heat, but I can confidently say that the food here is worth it. If the humidity is a strong enough deterrent for you, then I would suggest finding a seat along the front of the hawker centre. While they are further from the stalls, these spots are cooler and much more comfortable to sit in.

In all, a delicious melting pot (literally) of Singapore’s most notable dishes, presented in its most genuine state.

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(Updated: January 05, 2015)

After Training Haunt

I sometimes walk down to the Old Airport Road Food Centre to get lunch after climbing training at Guillemard road, and there are a few stalls I patronise. One such stall is Lao Fuzi Char Kway Teow. I’ve heard that the queue here can get really long, but have been really lucky so far.

On days that I feel like an after-lunch dessert, Old Airport Road does the trick too. Believe it or not, there is a stall selling gelato at the hawker centre. It is called Gelato Paradiso, and the pistachio flavour not only tastes really flavourful, but is also very smooth.

These two stalls I’ve mentioned are a testament to the eclectic mix of stalls that Old Airport Road Food Centre offers, and are why this food centre remains popular amongst the young and old alike.

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Food haven

This place is amazing! It consists of all the local delights, conveniently compiled into one place - it's absolutely a food paradise.

Their hokkien mee is out of this world, trust me when I say this. Did I also mention that I do not eat hokkien mee? I detest those yellow, sticky noodles that cling onto your teeth after chewing.

After visiting Old Airport Road's Hokkien mee stall (the first one when you enter the food centre, with a big Channel U recommendation sign), I was amused to find myself constantly craving for their hokkien mee.

They serve their hokkien mee with their signature chilli, with varying levels of spiciness on different days. On some days, it can get really, really spicy. Their chilli complements the hokkien mee perfectly. Their ingredients like sotong and prawns were not stingy as well.

Another gem that I've recently discovered would be the Albert Street Prawn noodles, after watching Irene Ang's show on clicknetwork. I have to declare that I abhor prawn mee as well, the same reason I hated hokkien mee.

I was forced to eat my words after tasting the prawn mee. The broth was sumptuous and really addictive. Their prawns were fresh and the clams were succulent. Mind you, this bowl of goodness only cost me $5.

Immediately after polishing my first bowl, I was yearning for a second. This is how good it tasted. Their noodles did not stick to my teeth either, but I would have to say that it wasn't fantastic. The broth and fresh ingredients made up for it though.

Not forgetting Lao Ban tao huey, which is a perfect ending to any meal.


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Never run out of choice

This hawker centre is huge and it is filled with tons of local delicacies such as chicken rice, laksa and nasi lemak, You name it you got it. My favourite dish is definitely the fish slice noodle soup! I will normally order fried fish with milk and end my meal with a bowl of Lao Ban Tau Huay.

The place can get quite crowded around dinner time so either go earlier or later to get a seat.

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Keep Coming Back

The truth is, you could pay me in Lao Ban and I would be a very very happy girl. Just the thought of that silky, cold, sweet beancurd sliding down my throat is giving me goosebumps, I need my fix now!

Other than Lao Ban of course, this hawker centre has plenty more to offer. Like any other hawker centre, you get your usual stuff like noodles, fried rice yada yada. But there's something about Old Airport Road that is different from other hawker centres. I feel like there's almost an infectious energy in the air and I love walking around and counting the number of containers of Lao Ban people have bought.

Needless to say, the prices here are super affordable, being a hawker centre and its a great place to bring friends and family, especially if they're new to Singapore!

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Rising prices and long queues, mostly worth the wait.

Old Airport Road Hawker Centre has always been held dear to my family's heart as it is always a place for us to have simple local foodfare. 

However, prices have risen and some stores do not offer that affordable food anymore compared to other hawker stores. In addition, it's getting increasingly crowded on weekends compared to two years back so I would advise you to go early perhaps 5pm.

Some stores I would recommend you to try:

1. Lao Fuzi Char Kway Teow

Always always a long queue here so be prepared!

2. Holy Grill

If I'm not wrong I read online that this store originates from the TKGS canteen, before owners decided to shift it to Old Airport Road!

3. Whitley Road Big Prawn Noodles

Extremely love the soup as it's quite flavourful, portion wise it's not exactly huge so if you have a big appetite, this isn't what you should crave for. 

4. Tong Kee BBQ Chicken Wing

I remember the price rose by around $0.20 per chicken wing and portions became much smaller :( but if you're going for quality, this is the right place to go! Quality assured, I've been patronizing the store since forever. 

What I wouldn't recommend is the Toa Payoh Rojak. For ages many have been telling me to go try it, and it was a huge disappointment. (This was two years back, never tried it ever again. The store opening hours are inconvenient too.) There was only a lady serving and she was incredibly slow. Rojak quality wasn't amazingly good, just average. And portion was selfishly little.

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