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AFTERSHOCK PC is a Singaporean team of hardware junkies, avid gamers and IT professionals. Their sole goal is to provide custom gaming notebooks with the highest performance. From assembling to testing your  machine, they will be there by your side to ensure that you get the system you love.

Their unique shop also includes a LAN shop area equipped with aftershock pcs where you can test the machines and functions like a standard LAN as well.

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Like a suit, the best computers are tailor made

Aftershock has a computer for everyone. They have laptops of all sizes and desktops of various form factors.

If you are both a student and a gamer, one of the greatest challenges is finding a laptop that could would meet the portability requirement of school, yet play the latest games on the go. The pre-build gaming laptops on the market may not always meet both your needs and your budget, so you can get Aftershock to customize your computer with the exact specs you need. The form factor of their laptops are not the sleekest though.

If you need a gaming desktop, the best solution usually is to build it yourself. However, not everyone has the time or the knowhow to embark on such an endeavour. Aftershock is the Origin PC of Singapore and will do just that for you.

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(Updated: April 28, 2013)

Brilliant Laptops

I was looking for a gaming laptop so my friend recommended me this place, he said CNET did a good review on them. Their website was great, it had a live chat feature, even at 11pm it was still on! I had an online chat with the staff "Marcus" who assessed my needs and after 10 minutes of casual chatting recommended me to get an i7 17 incher.

Similar priced models with the same specs were priced at about $3,500. The aftershock PC was under $2,000! What a fantastic deal, and shortly after I made an order. I went a bit early so Marcus was still building my computer when I reached. I got to see part of the test process they do for all their computers, which included finding "dead pixels" on new monitor screens. Apparently 1/5 screens will have dead pixles its an unavoidable thing and they can send it back to their manufacturers for replacement. Although I couldn't really tell, he found one on the screen and promptly replaced it for me. He told me that even the best screens just cost $60 USD and if I had problems with it, I should know that so shops don't try and overcharge me for prices of screens.

I usually get intimidated by all these tech stuff but I felt so comfortable talking with Marcus and it was very educational as he patiently answered my questions. To top it off, the laptop came with a free backpack that had a special laptop carry slot! He also added in some extra ram for me which he had left over. The best service i've ever experienced, a refreshing change from all those hard to trust shops at sim lim. What's more if there is any problem in the future I just have to come back and see him and the servicing will be free.

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