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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on September 02, 2013    

Edgy and constantly evolving featuring evocative, club-like interiors and replete with pulsating grooves, Next is committed to delivering a new standard of affordable luxury in the hairstylist industry for the young and young-at-heart.

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12pm to 9pm
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< $100


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My best haircut in years

I had to come here after seeing the rave reviews by Gwen and Nicole below. I opted to do a walk in and was told Junior Stylists were $45 and Senior Stylists $60. I opted for a Senior Stylist and got assigned to a hairdresser named Melvin.

Being tired of looking like a 40 year old virgin, I told him I wanted a younger and fresher look. He gave me a book of hairstyles to browse through but I didn't fancy anything in particular. So I just told him to do what he thought was best. And what an amazing job he did!

He first started by spending 5 minutes studying my crop of hair. He took out his comb and began meticulously examining it. It was a bit funny but boy am I glad this wasn't a gynecology examination. Don't want to imagine how that would feel.

Turns out he ran his own Salon in Melbourne for years where he honed his craft. I really loved the final result of my hair. My hair is quite unique, It's a lot thicker than most people and "one size fits all" budget hair cuts really don't cut it. His experience and attention to detail allowed him to create such a lovely customised look for me that was very textured and flattering.

It was the best hair cut I've had in years. Thank you Melvin!

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Holland Village
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I'm in good hands

Had my hair coloured earlier this week (21/10/13) courtesy of Next Salon. Prior to this, i've always had my hair cut by a hairdresser at far east plaza for $45. Also, I've only had my hair dyed twice my entire life and the colour was fading into a horrid ombre.

I found the salon through the back door and was immediately taken by its warmth, welcoming interiors. My stylist Xavier was there to recommend some suggestions and he quickly introduced a hair technician, Willie who helped me decide on my hair colour!

The colouring took about 2 hours and it was a really enjoyable experience as Willie was attentive to my hair while we were conversing about our interests. I could tell he really liked his job and had alot of experience with different hair style and colours which made me feel at ease the entire time! I knew the colour was going to turn out great as he was there every step of the way to monitor the dye.

Soon, it was time to wash and blow dry my hair! Xavier took over from here and gave me a really feminine, korean look with soft, wavy curls. I received alot of compliments about my colour and curls that evening when i went out, i felt so flattered! Too bad the curls wasn't permanent!

Why go to a professional hair salon when you can go to a neighbourhood hair dresser to get a $20 haircut or $60 hair dye?

Both of them really elevated my look and brought out my individuality and charisma with my new ash brown, maple coloured hair. I look fairer and brighter in person and that makes alot of difference in photos!

I liked that the stylists are engaging, enthusiastic and charming whilst maintaining their professionalism. They understood my needs and concerns and delivered on results.

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Professional, meticulous service by charming stylists
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Holland Village
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(Updated: September 02, 2013)

The only place my hair calls home

I've heard about this salon before my visit, I think it was on Xiaxue's blog once. I remembered thinking nothing much of it and decided to just go anyway.

One of their hair stylists, Simon, is an old-time friend of mine. I had complete faith in his hair styling and told him to do as he pleased to my hair, as long as the length doesn't change too much. He obliged and I am entirely glad I went down that day.

He gave me a head massage and it was the closest thing that helped me unwind after a long day at school previously. Afterwards, he took a long look at my hair and told me decisively what works on me.

We caught up in between snips and he gave me advice on how to protect my hair while snipping away professionally. Every part of my hair took a long time - he was a perfectionist and he made sure it looked its absolute best before moving to the next part of my hair.

I did not expect much from the hair cut because after all if the length doesn't change, it's hard to look different.

So the ending results blew me away.

My hair was layered into impossibly pretty waves (I have natural curls) and he managed to bring out my curls which hadn't been coming out to play because of the weight and length of my hair. Even the color of my hair looks brighter (all he did was cut though heh I am a drama queen) and overall, MY HAIR FELT SO LIGHT AND FLUFFY!

I have never had a better hair experience than with him.

If you do head over, do yourself a favour and look for Simon. He has the best hands in the place and will work your hair and make you a work of art.

I will be back!

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The way my hair looked
Branch Location:
Holland Village
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