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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on September 02, 2013    

Scissorhand debuted in 1994. With a unique appearance and design, scissorhand is a saloon which applies both trendy and stylish in their work. The idea came from a movie from the 90s, and this movie had inspired the founder Mr Leong Pang to set up Scissorhand.


In 1998, Scissorhand established my branches, although they had been hit by the financial crisis, Mr Leong Pang did not abandon the spirit to create the professional image of the saloon. With the support and encouragement of his customers, combined with his persistence, he continued his battle to setup the saloon with his ideals.


In 2006, Scissorhand expands and spread their influence with the opening of other branches on our little red dot. Hence, the founder changes the name from Scissorhand to The Scissorhands in the year 2008.


The Scissorhands grow to 4 branches in 2012 on concrete foundations to allow more customers to enjoy our services and continue to pledge even better qualities in the future.

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I came here to get my hair done because my previous hair job left me with quick black roots (my hair grows very quickly - BE JEALOUS).

I decided on the color red and I told my hair stylist that my hair is really not the usual fare and that my hair hates eating colors. He just kept insisting it's reasonable. I told him I had an appointment and I needed a quick session. He kept insisting it's quick. Basically I was trapped to the salon.

I was desperate for red hair so I stayed. He was suitably glad and started to work on my hair. 3 hours later, I was ridiculously late for my appointment and knew more about his life than I knew about my own. It was a lot of talk.

The hair color turned out beautiful. He did some styling and my hair never looked more voluminous nor redder. And I thanked him endlessly for it.

Too bad it was unnecessary since it faded within the week.

I am a sad brown haired girl again.

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Bukit Batok
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