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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on September 02, 2013    

The Ministry of Hair provides a plethora of options for those who suffer from chronic hair dissatisfaction. Frustrated and dull looking locks can take on a new coat of glory and sheen with the help of the experienced stylists at this salon. If a full head of colour may seem at once too daunting or drastic, opt for the creative highlights instead and have a tinge of your selected hue peeking through at strategic angles. Then relax and enjoy a hair treatment that will ensure that hair remains smooth and silky, before manes are washed thoroughly and styled via a hard working blowdryer. If locks have reached Rapunzel-esque lengths, opt to add a snazzy little haircut to top off the mane makeover. 

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12pm to 9pm
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< $50


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Bad service, unfriendly environment

Wanting a quick haircut, I dropped by this place on the way to meet up with a friend. From the outside the place looks fairly professional and legitimate. I walked in and was encouraged to hear that a men's haircut was only 15 dollars. After sitting down however, the bossiness started.

I told the hairstylist what I wanted and she promptly asked me "normal short or short short". Needless to say, conveying that I wanted a graduation at the back (a pretty simple thing by most standards) was a chore. After she had done my sides, I requested it to be done a bit shorter. She refused and said that "your hair cannot do it" (???!?!). I simply replied that I had gotten this haircut for 5 years now and that I very well know what kind of haircut I want!

This is when the the disappointing turned slightly ridiculous when she started to make fun of me in Mandarin (I'm a fluent Mandarin speaker). Bottom line: Bad service and very unfriendly environment. Would not return if my life depended on it.

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Disgusting place

I came on the recommendation of a Groupon deal.

The deal was for any hair dye job with a complimentary hair cut. I made my way down to the Holland Village branch only to be told that my Groupon was invalid for the hair color I wanted. When I told them that Groupon does not state anything like that, they insisted that it's part of an unwritten deal that they're not supposed to do the hair color I wanted.

Then, they excitedly told me about their new promotion, how I can add $60 to get the hair color I want. I said I'll pass and instead looked at the supposedly available palette of colors. When I decided on one, they flatly told me that it's a German dye and hence it's too strong on my hair. They proceeded to take a strand of my hair and rub it between their fingers.

I said I didn't mind, my hair can take a beating, I didn't want to waste my trip so just do it. But I was met with further rejection ("aiya ah girl your hair buay sai la, go ask for refund") and they pushed me straight to the counter and politely ignored me till I exited the place.

I have never been so disgusted by a salon.

Avoid this place at all costs.

Or enter at their mercy.

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Holland Village
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