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Ivan Teh
Listing created by Ivan Teh on April 22, 2013    

Established by Jeric See, a Singapore hairstyling icon since 1982, and a well-known trendsetter and dynamic industry leader.

Jeric Salon aims to create a refined blend of beauty and wellness, pampering customers with the finest hair products matched with equally fine service.

Jeric Salon is a well regarded styling house for celebrities, television shows, and fashion events.

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10.30am - 9.30pm Daily
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< $100


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Premium Hair Services

Jeric Salon / J.Cut By Jeric is a premium unisex hair salon, offering the latest in Japanese style cuts and hair fashion trends, while using cutting edge Japanese hair treatment technology. Jeric Salon / J.Cut By Jeric was founded by Mr. Jeric See in 2007, after creative differences led him to sell off his successful REDS Hairdressing Salon brand to his brother. Starting again from scratch, he has subsequently built Jeric Salon / J.Cut By Jeric into yet another household name in hairdressing today, and even has his own line of hair care products.

Ambience and decor at every Jeric Salon / J.Cut By Jeric outlet is chosen by Mr. Jeric See himself, from the chairs, to the lighting, to the floor, and even the type of refreshments served. Concept at the various stores can best be described as clean, fresh and inviting, with influences from Japanese culture. In fact, I personally feel that Jeric Salon / J.Cut By Jeric has a more welcoming and relaxing feel as compared to most other hair salons. They also have in-house piped background music, though this often gets lost in ambient noise from the salon equipment.

Service is excellent at Jeric Salon / J.Cut By Jeric. Each outlet is headed by a Director, who leads a team of stylists. Some of them have years of experience in the hairdressing industry, while others have graduated from the salon academy run by Mr. Jeric See. The directors themselves are also involved in styling for customers too. Each stylist is almost a mini-celebrity in their own right, with their own loyal fan base who swear by the service they provide. The difference is their personal charisma which they use to rapport with customers. Thus, expect to engage in conversation when you visit Jeric Salon / J.Cut By Jeric. However, basic services such as washing or perming are sometimes performed by assistants, rather than the stylists themselves due to their busy schedules, unless you're lucky to visit during the non-peak periods when the stylists are more free.

Beyond conversation, Jeric Salon / J.Cut By Jeric offers 'free' refreshments to every customer, such as a choice of drinks or biscuits. Also, as every stylist is required to undergo regular training in the latest Japanese styling trends, they will be able to provide you advice on hair care, hair treatment and hair fashion styles. Generally, I find the stylists at Jeric Salon / J.Cut By Jeric to be adept at consistently providing a cut that complements and enhances your facial shape. Jeric Salon / J.Cut By Jeric is the only hair salon where I trust my stylist to recommend me a suitable hair style, instead of telling them how to cut my hair, which I do when I visit other salons!

All this premium service comes at a price, as Jeric Salon / J.Cut By Jeric is quite expensive. Expect to pay SGD $50 or more during each visit. Thus, I usually reserve a visit to Jeric Salon / J.Cut By Jeric for special occasions, such as when I collect an award or host an event. Appointments are recommended, as peak periods can be crowded, and expect to be in the salon for around 20 to 60 minutes or more. Also, if you select any of the Directors as your stylist, expect to pay about 10% more. The hair products offered by Jeric Salon / J.Cut By Jeric are specially formulated for Asian hair, and each costs around SGD $20 to $30.

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