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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on March 20, 2013    

Shunji Matsuo is a group of salons in Asia that incorporate the latest Japanese-influenced international styling, perming and colouring techniques.


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The Jerry fanclub

I had really long hair with heavily damaged ends which used to look really awesome but became extremely dry and brittle from the extensive bleaching and coloring. I decided that I should snip it all off. My classmate introduced me to Jerry from Shunji Matsuo and I went with sky high expectations because she looked amazing with a long bob (lob).

Jerry did not disappoint!! He remembers my classmate when I brought her up, even when I said 'oh give me the same haircut!', he replied 'hmm okay, but I think if you want to cut all the colored hair away it would be much shorter than hers'. So evidently, even after being promoted to Master Stylist, and the accompanying increase in the volume of customers, it felt nice knowing he remembers each customer and the haircuts he gave.

Of course that title comes with a hefty price tag. I paid S$55 for a haircut, wash and blow, and lots of hair advice which he dished freely on the side. It takes a lot of courage, false bravado and strategic moments of impulse to chop of that many inches of one's hair. Jerry's made that decision worthwhile! I'm making my next appointment soon, this long bob is here to stay!

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313 @Somerset
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Not bad!

I was facing a dreadful depletion monetarily but I had to snip off these jungle nestled atop my head no matter the price. My hair was previously snipped at Storm; the branch that is located in the west. However, it was the recess week and I was nowhere near the west corner of Singapore. Hence, I loitered around for an affordable saloon at the malls within my proximity; the east.

I*con at Century Square caught my eyes instantly. It had a Japanese ring to it. Oh wait, theres even a Japanese name beside it. Impressive. Japanese saloons have never failed to impress me. Especially the saloon that I tried out at Japan itself, several years ago.

The service was applaudable. Responsive and efficient. My personal suggestions for the hairstyle I desired was even implemented. How rare!

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The logo and the price
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(Updated: May 07, 2013)

ICON is a franchise of the main

I have fond memories of Shunji Matsuo. I remember more than 10 years ago I was looking for a good place to have a hair cut. There wasn't TSL back then so I randomly ended up finding Shunji Matsuo as a recommendation on some forum and took a chance. That visit turned out to be the single most defining moment in the history of my hair! I only ever had parted my hair in the centre before that. Gross I know!! A change was needed!

I told the stylist to do whatever she wanted and she ended up giving me my best hair cut of all time. I liked it so much that i permanently stuck to the side parting she styled ever since then. Its funny how a single recommendation by a random forum user ended up having such a big impact on my life. Too bad I can't remember who the stylist was or where the branch was. But the hair cut cost $70 which was a lot of money to poor student me back then so it was more of a one off thing.

Flash forward to today. I need a hair cut and suddenly out of nowhere Shunji Matsuo and the memorable experience I had comes to mind. I end up going to their branch at 100am, which I learn is the shopping arcade of Amara hotel near Tanjong Pagar. I find out that its now just $20+ for a junior and $30+ for a senior stylist. Oh how times have changed! Maybe not. I guess I ended going up to the more affordable version which is clearly operating as a franchise just using their name. The branches have their own individual facebook pages. Oh well. At least its significantly cheaper.

Being on the 4th floor and having absolutely no walk in crowed, the shop had more staff than customers. My stylist was Nick Chia. He was friendly and pleasant to talk to, conversing mostly in Mandarin. He took a good 30 minutes to cut my hair. I wish he did more of the head massage during the shampooing though, thats one of my favourite moments when getting a hair cut. I told him to do whatever he wanted and he styled my hair and this time went for a "no parting" look. I guess they have a habit of changing partings! It was decent and very reasonable for a $30 hair cut. They also had a promotion where if you "checked in" on their facebook page, you would get a "special gift" which turned out to be a small bottle of shampoo. I have no complains but I wasn't exactly thrilled either. My quest to find find my lost hair stylist will continue next time at the main Shunji Matsuo.

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tras street 100am
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