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Listing created by SamanthaWong on March 08, 2013    

A hair saloon chain in Singapore.

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Loyal customer

I was recommended Supercuts when I wanted to get my hair done for prom night and that was when I met Grunt, who now still remains as my hair dresser after 3 years. I have always been picky about my hairdresser and since he did a great job with my hair the first time, I trust only him to deal with my hair. He has gotten every hair cut right and perfected every dye job for me. I like how he treats every hair cut like a masterpiece.

Supercuts' service is decent and they attend to you quickly. They even bring you drinks and magazines. I think that providing drinks to customers is always a must at hair salons, even if it is just water. Perhaps all our local hair salons should learn to do so, it will really step up their service standards.

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Efficient, Trustworthy
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Century Square
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(Updated: March 08, 2013)

SuperCuts is super efficient!

I attempted a SuperCut saloon but it paled in comparison to Reds and other saloons which I usual frequent.

SuperCuts had a rather impressive black and white logo which tends to lure my attention. I was successfully magnetised into the SuperCuts compound. They ushered me to a vacant sit. One hairstylist began enquiring my hair, flipping it around, tossing it here and there. I described my desired hairstyle of the moment. With a curt nod of his head he described it to his fellow colleagues who began tending to my hair and moulding it into reality.

Within seconds, the desired hairstyle has been completed. It stood upright, boldly shaped similar to the picture that aided my description. Unfortunately, it wasn't an exact replica. The hairstyle didn't last for hours either. I woke up the next day and glanced at the mirror. My hair looked like how it was before it entered SuperCuts. Did SuperCuts really cut anything?

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