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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 12, 2013    

Storm Salon fuses high-end and street style into one. It has branches at Novena Square and Bukit Timah. Storm Salon by Monsoon also owns several subunit saloons. They are called Sandstorm, Heatwave and Twister. Don't ask why. There are differing outlet venues for each subunit. Storm Salon's founder is Addy Lee. Yes, the very same Addy Lee whom many of our local artists relied on when it comes to matters of the hair. Storm Saloon Local celebrities like Mark Lee and Michelle Chia, can be seen gracing the posters that borders the entrance of Storm Salon outlets. 

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Storming into Singapore with outlets.

Jurong Point is like a total maze. I repeat. A. Maze.

I trimmed my hair at a Storm outlet several weeks ago. The mirrors there weren't impressive but the entrance door was. The word 'Storm' was emblazoned in bold screaming for customers. I answered it's call and had a taste of it.

The wait wasn't that long. I was referred to a foreign hairstylist. He had is bows furrowed. He glanced at my hair, threw in several mediocre suggestions and bobbed around the salon like he was the busiest man in Singapore. Or Asia. Even the world.

Finally, I succumbed to Google and showed him a hairstyle that I desired. He told the hairdressers who worked on my hair in a rather speedy fashion. The outcome wasn't bad It was not bad.

I was overwhelmed by dissatisfaction. Hence, the following week, I decided to treat my hair to a differing style. I checked my wallet. Unfortunately, it was only sufficient for Storm. The other salons at Jurong Point had digits on their price list that is a far cry from my wallet contents! I scoured the mall in search of the Storm salon which I went previously.

Instead, I found another one. Originally, I wasn't sure that it wasn't the same salon I went last week. I could have sworn, the venue was larger, the workers were better and the customers were flowing in at a speed faster than before. Confused, I asked the hairstylist that was attending me. He verified it. There were two outlets. Both own the same mirrors. Both have the word 'Storm' scrawled in bold accompanied by Monsoon. Only the scale and contents differed.

The customer service and this bigger outlet was also an impressive factor. The hairstylist certainly entered my book of good looks! He rocketed in the height scale. He strutted around with confidence, I even mistook him for the owner of the salon! He whipped up several impressive recommendations and even stepped in occasionally to assist in the re-bonding process.

Another man who rinsed my hair off the re-bonding chemicals was certainly another applaudable factor when it comes to Storm. He derived from China. He kneaded my hair in a way no ordinary hairdressers do. Did I subscribe myself to a massaging service? It took several minutes to massage the entire chemicals out of my hair. I wanted it to be hours. I wanted to prolong this delightfully tranquil massage! There was a language barrier between us. However, my facial expression betrayed me. Satisfied serendipity was written all over my face. Even the massage parlour I frequent to nearby did not attain such perfection in the massaging department unlike how this hairdresser.

Hence, no thanks to it being gazillion kilometres away, I would have frequented this salon in a more frequent manner.

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The massage and towering hairstylist
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