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Listing created by waterspiral on December 19, 2012    
Hair-Care haven just for you!
With late hours for you, Chapter 2 spreads its door from 11am till 10pm for that exquisite 3-hour Colourcontour after work.

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11:00am – 9:00pm
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  • < $50
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Value for Money

Chapter 2 can be rather costly. But I would say that you get what you pay for. At Chapter 2 you can highlight your ideas to your hairstylist and customize your hair as much as you want as long as you are willing to pay for your ideas. Generally, they can give you what you requested for. The service is also rather commendable as they provide a more personal approach at chapter 2. They are also very up to date with current hair trends as you can easily spot their hairstylists sporting the latest colours or cut. I would also commend them on their hair knowledge.

Because my hair is naturally very thick, many hairdressers that I went to always advised me to layer my hair, so that it'll be more manageable. And true enough it was more manageable after layering, but after the blown out effect wears off... I'm left with "squid" hair. It was only after visited chapter 2 that I found out my hair was naturally thick and wavy and CANNOT be layered. The only way to make it manageable is to leave it thick and wavy. True enough when I finally left my hair alone, I have a very manageable mane of hair now.
Their superb hair knowledge definitely impressed me.

If you are going to visit Chapter 2, I'll recommend you to research on that outlet first and find out the most loved hairstylist from that outlet. Because that matters too! So do your research, so that you and your mane can avoid any hair trauma!

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Ever since a few years back when Chapter 2 had their voucher promotions, I have been patronizing their Jurong Point outlet since then. While their promotional vouchers have more or less ceased and after trying out other salons, I find myself still going back here, perhaps due to familiarity.

As with any such salons, prior appointment is preferred. Stepping into the salon, the ambience gives off a very trendy feel with popular (though perhaps a bit dated) pop music playing. Upon being ushered to a seat, someone will ask for your name and whether you have any preferred stylist. After that, you will be given a stack of magazines and a small bottle of water, and the person attending to you will help you keep your belongings in a locker, hanging the key where your paper slip is. To me, this service is unique to this salon and is appreciated.

With regard to the quality of hairdressing, I feel that it depends on which stylist you get or request for and whether they are good with your type of hair. Chapter 2 has different tiers of hairstylists with different charges starting from $28 for the usual wash, blow and cut so you may want to enquire first. For me, I used to request for Vics at Jurong Point but she has since left, so I have started following Tian. She is very meticulous and genuinely willing to help you.

Overall, I like Chapter 2’s services as they make me feel comfortable, though I have yet to try their other branches other than the one at Jurong Point.

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Jurong Point
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