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Reds Hairdressing salon provides hair treatments and various related services.

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Renewed my faith in the hairdressing industry

I have always been slightly OCD about my hair, as many girls would probably attest to. This is especially so after several bad experiences with previous hairdressers that included the hairdresser being a little bit too trigger-happy with the scissors, as well as me coming out of the salon with the only visible difference being my wallet becoming $20 lighter. In short I had to literally psyche myself up before any visit to the hairdressers if not I will literally let my hair grow out like Gandalf's beard whilst screaming: "THOU SHALL NOT CUT MY HAIR to anyone that comments I needed a haircut.

However, I think my faith in the hair salons have finally been restored with my recent trip to Red's Hairdressing. My mane had become rather unruly and coarse at the hair tips, and no amount of hair-flipping restored the state of my over-grown fringe, thus I finally gathered up courage to pull the trigger after reading the rather glowing reviews of Red's Hairdressing on where else?!

As I went there on a weekday, I did not have to wait at all and was quickly ushered to a seat in the corner. A female hairdresser, whose name I gathered to be Rachel, attended to me and to my great relief, she quickly realised that my deplorable Chinese conversational skills was probably not going to lead to anywhere and quickly switched to English. To be honest, I was rather unsure what exactly I wanted with my hair and blurted the first thing that came to mind which was a 'V-shape' cut. However, she informed me my locks were not long enough for the cut (my hair was about a little past shoulder length) and helpfully supplied that we could do a more rounded trim instead for a similar effect.

The hair washing experience was almost therapeutic, and there were times where I nearly nodded off to sleep as my head was kneaded and massaged with what seemed to feel like a magic shampoo. This hair washing was definitely one of the best experience I have ever received out of the numerous salons I visited in my quest of finding the perfect hairdresser! In fact I felt rather tingly and visibly more relaxed about the eventual fate of my hair being left to the reign of a complete stranger.

As for the cut itself, Rachel was very patient and went about cutting my hair very diligently, with utmost concentration. In fact, there were only about one or two heart-stopping moments where I swore she had chopped a little too much to my liking (which she didn't, by the way) Though I wasn't too ecstatic about her using a hairdryer to 'straighten' my hair by using the heat from the hairdryer and slowly moving it down from my roots to the ends for I was afraid the heat may damage my hair or fry it.

My initial reaction to my new haircut wasn't overwhelming joy and happiness, it was more of muted relief that my hair length stayed more or less the same except for at the front. I was not a fan of my new hairblower-straight do' either because it made my hair rather flat and lifeless. However, about two weeks later, I am delighted to say that my hair has come out no worst from the hairdryer experience and looks much better after Rachel's hair-cutting expertise! The total cost of the cut and wash was $41, however I feel for the price of having a good haircut it was well worth it.

Thus, my verdict would be that if you are like me, and have the need for a trip to the therapist's office before even considering sitting at a mirror for a few hours while a complete strangers violently attacks your hair with shears, then look no further than Red's Hairdressing! Rest assured that for a few hours, your hair and your mental well-being would definitely be in safe hands there.

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Parkway Parade
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feel like a star

Reds was my go-to hairdresser since young, as one of the hairstylists there constantly did my mum's hair and we trusted her with whatever hairstyles, until she branched out and formed her own hair salon, that is.

Reds hair service is excellent, with the hairdressers striking up conversations with you, making everything personal and friendly. They never fail to greet you with a smile, and are efficient in their work, paying attention to the smallest of details. You will leave the salon more than satisfied with their service. A word of warning though, such wonderful service comes with a high cost, depending on your hair length you can end up paying over hundred dollars for a wash and cut.. but you will definitely leave the place feeling like a supermodel/superstar. Also, the hair is rather easy to upkeep as the hairstylists would demonstrate how to use certain products recommended, and such a price is therefore reasonable for an occasional visit.

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Reds sees no one seething red in anger thanks to it's service!

I walked over to the Reds hair saloon and requested for either Connie or Roger as a hairstylist to consult what hairstyles would be suitable for me.

These hairstylists are no ordinary ones. Veterans in this snipping industry, they hands are crowned masters of scissors that even Edward Scissorhands could be put to shame!

They, too, are the ones who feeds suggestions on the current trends of hairstyles and what suits what type of face the best. Usually, their golden suggestions are on point. Heeding their advice, I will usually strut away from the Reds Saloon thinking, " Why didn't I think of this hairstyle in the first place? This hairstyle was made for me! Me!" Prodding my hair to ensure that it isn't a wig, I will nod my head in approval. My eyes gleamed radiantly as I caught side of my reflections on the plastic coated walls. Beaming brighter than light beams, I applaud how this hairstyle remained intact. I ruffled my hair, shove it under the shower head, squash it underneath my duvets and attempted billowing it directly in front of the fan. However, none of these experimentation worked. Whatever hair product Reds placed, it worked remarkably like a wig.

Positively of course.

Who wouldn't want a hair that remains intact after a hurricane! Or any other forms that could taint those styled hair. I wouldn't.

I recalled a New Years celebration that featured my hair that wasn't peppered with Reds mysteriously magical touch yet. I had to flood my entire scalp with hair products. I hair dried my hair till I could cook an egg on my scalp. I relied on several dips of Gatsby in the mission to make my hair remain intact.

Unfortunately, mission failed. I was greeted by a strong gust of wind the moment I placed a heel out the door. This wind scrambled my hair till I looked like a hay-wired doppleganger of Marge Simpson.

I was seething red in anger. After all the years it took to stylised that hair, it went awry faster than snapping my fingers!

Hence, go to Reds. The remedy to prevent yourself from seeing red lies in Reds Saloons hands.
No longer is there a need for me to splurge cash on those gooey substance called Gatsby. Neither was there a need for me to google for hours on which hairstyle is suitable. The hairstylists there are readily available as your walking interactive hair google service. Additionally, they even provide drinks and snacks there to munch upon whilst you wait for your hair to straighten or curl! Whats there to be explosively red about when you have all these extinguishing any potential fiery?

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Style and snacks
Branch Location:
Parkway Parade
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Top-notch service

Reds Hairdressing has been around for many years, and rightly so - with the fine quality of service it provides to its customers, it can expect to remain in business for many years to come.

I have visited Reds Hairdressing once or twice and each time I have left a very happy person. The hairstylists are meticulous and efficient, and they really know how to cut your hair. They take pride in what they do, and they never do things in a slipshod manner. I always feel safe entrusting my hair to them, unlike in other salons where I worry about whether they will do a good job. If you are searching for a reliable stylist, head to Reds, but book early in advance because the stylists are high in demand.

On the downside, Reds is rather expensive and you could easily blow a few hundred dollars on treatment or on services such as rebonding and so on. You definitely need a fat wallet to visit this place, but you will receive top-notch service in return.

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Friendly staff!

My hair is really thick and long. Most of the time, hairstylists would complain about my hair, asking me why I choose to leave it this way as it was hard to manage. However, the last time I was at REDS, the staff were very kind and friendly. Two of the staff kindly helped me to wash and blow dry my hair. Yes, it's because my hair is far too long and thick for one person to manage it alone.

I was most pleased with how the staff made a constant effort to chat with me, trying to find topics to talk about. They gave me a really pleasant experience and I'm definitely looking forward to my next hair cut there. To me, service is also as important as how good my hair is going to look!

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Excellent Hair-dressers!

It was around last year when i went to Reds Hairdressing to get a new hairstyle for my school's upcoming prom-night. Because I don't really trust those barbershops in HDB areas, due to their skills which is not really up the standards that I'm expecting when i get a new hairstyle. Therefore I decided to give it a try at Reds Hairdressing when I saw many young adults getting their hair-cuts, dyes and hairstyles from there.

I was consulted by one of the male hairdresser with gold highlighted hair just like those Japanese Rock stars. He ask about what kind of hair I'm actually going for and how long do i want to keep for that length and give me suggestions. I decided to go for Key's hair of SHINee in the Music Video of Lucifer.

He was a nice guy and the both of us chatted while his giving me the hair-cut i wanted, they also provide me with drinks and some biscuits, which not many hair dressing shops would do. After finishing my hairstyle, he told me about good ways to keep my hair healthy and firm. and also giving tips on how to wax or spike my hair in various styles while he was doing it for me.

Overall, I'm very glad with my new hairstyle and their customer service, and thought it might be a little expensive from different hair dressers shops, but I'll still come back for the Reds Hairdressing, this is one of the best hairdressing shops that I've ever being to!

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professional with good service

I went to REDs at Taka to trim my hair. just a simple no frills haircut with a bit of layering. I went there on a friend's recommendation, but i can't quite recall the hairdresser's name. You would have to make an appointment before you go to guarantee a spot and especially if you are looking for a certain hairdresser.

My hairdresser was a nice lady who repeatedly asked me what kind of hairstyle i want and if the length was alright. She didn't rush through the haircut and seemed very professional. REDs also provides some biscuits and beverages for you during your haircut.

I was quite pleased with my haircut, it was nice and neat, nothing fantastic but i would go back again just for the consistency and knowing that my haircut would not go terribly wrong.

The place is a little pricey though, i paid about 40 dollars for just a haircut. If i remember correctly, pricing differs based on the length of hair. And pricing is different for males and females.

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