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Listing created by Damien on August 06, 2012    

Deals aren't categorised but they display a wide variety of deals ranging from shopping vouchers to food vouchers to TCM treatment packages. Although the site seems to be getting tons of traffic it may be from their other portals. The deals bought are extremely low in quantity compared to the other sites.

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I am a subcriber

I had subscribed to receive email from and had been receiving their emails telling me of the latest promotion available. I did not read their email daily because they tended to include the same offer from previous emails quite frequently and after a while, it became a chore to scan through the repeated items.

So now, I would scan through their emails once a few days. This was so that I would not miss out on certain limited time offers. The good thing about their emails is that they try to give different titles for the email like "Practical home gadgets" and "Exciting Hobby Collections", so at one glance, you may know what are the promotions within the emails. The grouping may not be that accurate because I saw children bags under the "Exciting Hobby Collections".

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Difficulty Logging In to Make Purchase

The deals on this site may not look as attractive as those offered by other similar sites, but once in a while they do have pretty good buys. I was attracted by one of the high tea deals that was offered at a very attractive price of around $60 with free flow of champagne, and decided to try it out. After creating an account, I was prompted for my login and password again when I was trying to checkout. I kept getting an error message and had to keep logging in several times before I could complete the transaction.

The high tea deal was definitely worth it but it is sad that I seldom see many deals that attract my attention from this site.

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(Updated: December 11, 2012)

Follow carefully for good deals

I agree that it's good to sign up for the newsletter. Although most deals don't appeal to me, there are some really good deals out there which the daily newsletter helps to keep me updated on. I got a deal for the Changi Village Hotel from this site. It was about $180 for a night's stay. I think it wasn't that much cheaper actually, because I didn't really make use of the restaurant discounts but it still saved me money on the stay. But the variety of deals offered by this site is quite limited. Nothing like the wide range offered by most others.

What I really appreciate though is that the time of expiry of each deal is accurately stated right from the start. I think it's only reasonable and fair that we know exactly how much time we have to decide whether to buy a deal.

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Accurate expiry timings of deals
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(Updated: November 27, 2013)

Sign up for daily newsletter!

I signed up for daily newsletter and let me tell you, they’re really informative. Okay, it sounded a lot less lame in my head but let me explain. Every single day, I never fail to receive an email from their website and it’s, well, superb. I will always be informed of the latest deals, promotions and events and I need not check out their website that often, which is really convenient and less time consuming.

I received an email regarding the latest promotion for mooncakes and it’s great. Since the Mid Autumn Festival is reaching soon, it’s nice to know that there are various offers I can check out on. Mind you, mooncakes are pretty expensive, so it’s always handy to know where and how you can get cheaper mooncakes. You only pay S$20+ for a box of 4 traditional double egg yolk lotus paste premium. This was originally S$60, a great bargain!

One thing I realized is that they’re mainly food offers. It would be better if they feature more deals on apparels.

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