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Listing created by Damien on August 06, 2012    

The site specialises in offering big discounts, with most deals in the 50%-90% off range. Deals are categorised into Travel, Food, Wellness, Products and Events. There have been over 278,000 vouchers sold and $26 million dollars "saved" thus far. 


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Be very very careful

First off, they have a ridiculous $99 premium membership which is an automatic opt-in. The uninformed will not know what they are getting themselves into as there is no further level of security or authentication. Of course, getting your money back is a huge pain in the butt, and probably will not happen. (Didn't get scammed myself, but personally know people who did).

Next, they have an arbitration clause with the SIAC (Singapore International Arbitration Centre), which prevents one from settling the matter in the Small Claims Tribunal. The cost of just about going through with anything at the SIAC is about 6.5k++, so clearly, one is not getting one's money back.

I mean, if one is savvy enough to traverse the traps that streetdeal has so sneakily laid for you, then I guess it might be okay. But for people who want to shop without worries, I guess not.

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Be careful

Silly me, the latest one to be charged $99. Turns out the "premium membership" is an automatic opt-in, with no invoice or OTP from the bank.

Left a very bad taste in the mouth. Will not use this site again.

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I'm extremely shocked to receive a statement with $99 dollars charged for no reason & upon googling i realised the scam Streetdeal was conducting with their premium membership. I have NEVER signed up for the membership. I thought it was a free trial when i saw the few cents discount when i bought things. (Dated on 23 june 2013)

I emailed them to ask them to refund my $99 dollars immediately, which they said they would & I trusted their words thinking that they would really refund. On 12 September 2013 upon scanning through my account, I was shocked to discover another familiar looking $99 being debited from my account! It's stated as a purchase so unknowing customers might think really bought something from streetdeal

Streetdeal's shady antics damages the goodwill of both customers & merchants, it decreases the morale of employeees in the company & it is not sustainable in the long run. I'm really angry & disappointed with the way they conducted business. I will ask the bank to block all transactions with them in the future.

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(Updated: February 26, 2013)

Tread Carefully

We were planning on doing feature article on Pulau Ubin so my friend directed me to streetdeal which had an ubin promotion going on. $9.90 for 2 hours of kayaking and all day cycling. Sounded like an okay deal right? BTW for those wondering, all day cycling on Pulau Ubin is from $2 - $5 depending on the bike you rent.

So I tried desperately looking around for other groupon sites that had this deal. None did. Recalling the reviews here, it was really a last resort and I kinda expected the worse as I went through the purchasing process. After all, they were still getting one of the highest traffic views daily in Singapore. So perhaps they weren't that bad.

First impressions weren't good. Website was buggy, some buttons had no words, map image on deal was broken etc. And then when I was about to purchase the tickets, I came across the infamous "membership payment option" which many people would describe as not the most honest practise which gave you a 10% discount on the deal. Because it basically has NO mention of any recurring monthly membership fees or charges, unless you click on the terms and conditions and read through their lengthly text. I mean at the very least if they practise something different from the standard trade, an astrix should be next to the price informing them the membership will be a recurring change that can't be terminated for 6 months. I find this a basic case of misrepresentation and its a wonder they haven't been forced to change that yet.

Well not a wonder because the unprotected consumers probably don't want to incur the legal costs of taking up this case to get back their money which is alot less in comparison. Thank god I read the reviews here and opted to pay the full price.

I payed by paypal and the tickets were sent instantly, so in that regard it was alright. The next day when we went to ubin, we found out that Celestial Resort was having the EXACT SAME DEAL at $10. They were giving these vouchers out at the jetty for free. So basically the groupon was not a good deal at all. Well, except that they lose more money for the merchant because of the paypal fees + commission they take. So I could see why no other groupon sites carried it. I also had an unpleasant experience with the Celestial Resort staff. Do not expect hotel trained staff there but expect hotel prices. The auntie and foreign talents that served us in their "home clothes" were more suitable for provision shops or fleece markets with the type of service and attitude they were giving us. No disrespect to provision shop owners, but you know what I mean!

It seems to me streetdeal has to seriously re-evaluate their choice of merchants with their deals. So they don't get dodgy ones who go bankrupt and they get deals that actually are a good deal for their customers and merchants. And they also need to get the membership fees represented appropriately ASAP. They seem to have good traction now but karma is eventually going to catch up with them.

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(Updated: October 09, 2013)

Loophole in CPFTA Allows Company to Get Away with Scamming

I have been pondering whether I should even write this review. So far, my reviews have been on businesses that I enjoy patronising. Furthermore, other customers are already publicly criticising this company, so why not leave them alone? However, a friend said I must write this, because it is my civic duty to, even if it means opening a can of worms. So, here's me opening the can with very large worms crawling out:

I had purchased travel vouchers from Streetdeal, worth a few hundred dollars. I'm glad it's just a short getaway for 2 persons instead of a month-long vacation for a large group. Due to difficulty in redeeming the vouchers, I emailed to Streetdeal to request for a refund. No reply. Sent two more emails to them. Again, no reply. Phoned them a few times. No one picked up the phone. It was like dealing with a phantom company.

I sent one more email, this time emailing threats to all the email addresses I could find on the website: HR, marketing, customer service, Ah, finally the customer service team leader responded, promising a refund which would take about 3 weeks to process.

Due to my busy schedule, I did not keep track of the time, but I did notice in my credit card statement that the refund had not been made. By this time, almost 2 months had passed. I sent an email, again to all the email addresses in Streetdeal I could find, to request for the refund status. No reply. Emailed them a polite reminder asking them to respond, and received an email from the customer service team leader again, this time directing my email to the merchant, a travel agency to process my refund. No respond from anyone for 2 days. Losing patience, I sent another email, including among the recipients the contact persons from the travel agency. One email bounced back--one of the contact persons from the travel agency was no longer there. The customer service team leader obviously knew about the bounced email but chose to keep silent. This was beginning to feel more and more like a scam.

This time I was really furious. I emailed to Streetdeal demanding an explanation and most importantly the refund. A few days later, the customer service team leader (yes, the same one!) emailed to me to notify that the travel agency was going through liquidation and asked me to claim a proof of debt against them.

Wow! What a classic way of passing the buck! A company asking its customers to claim their refunds from its supplier which is undergoing liquidation! I later heard from someone else (not sure how true this is) that he demanded to know why Streetdeal could not refund its customers and in turn claim from the travel agency instead. Streetdeal's reply was they could not afford the loss. So--does this mean Streetdeal asked its customers to claim from a bankrupt company knowing the customers will never get their money back???

More horror followed.

I made a police report, and filed a claim against Streetdeal with the Small Claims Tribunal (SCT). After all, I'm protected by the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act (CPFTA), right? Wrong!

What happened was Streetdeal had an exclusive arbitration clause in their terms & conditions, stating that all disputes are to be settled at the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC), on an individual basis, no class action. Because of this exclusive arbitration clause, the entire case was out of the jurisdiction of the Subordinate Courts, of which the SCT is a part of. So, what is wrong with settling disputes at SIAC? In general, SIAC is a place for ORGANISATIONS to settle disputes, not individuals. Arbitration fees start from $8,000+. So, which customer in their right mind would bring Streetdeal to SIAC to claim a few hundred dollars of refund?

Streetdeal had apparently found a legal loophole in the CPFTA, which allows them to scam their customers. All they need to do is to promise their customers refunds for undelivered or damaged items, and do nothing... knowing that their customers can never bring them to justice. Whether the police considers this a criminal case is questionable. After all, Streetdeal DID promise a refund, right? It's just a matter of WHEN...

Why my friend thinks it is my civic duty to let everyone know about this is because the legal loophole in the CPFTA allows not only Streetdeal, but almost all businesses in Singapore that have dealings with individual customers, to cheat them. Any business incorporating the exclusive arbitration clause with SIAC can now exploit their customers by depriving them a fair platform for resolving disputes at SCT, rendering their customers helpless against them.

So, until the Government has closed this legal loophole, we as consumers must beware of exclusive arbitration clauses in the sellers’ T&Cs for settling disputes, since the CPFTA has now been proven ineffective against errant companies like Streetdeal.

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BEWARE of Premium Membership!!!

A friend sent me a link for an Italian restaurant that we like, and having bought a few vouchers from previously, we decided to go for it. We were delighted to see a message on the site saying that we have been automatically upgraded to their Premium Membership for FREE, and will be getting 10% off all deals (except for travel deals) going forward. Little did we know that after enjoying our fabulous Italian set dinner and wine at 10% off the already heavily discounted price, our nightmare were to start 3 months down the road ...

I was surprised to see a $8 recurring charge from to my credit card, and called up the bank immediately as I have not made any purchase on this site since the last time I bought the voucher for the Italian restaurant. The bank said that I will have to call to find out about the charge, but nobody picked up the customer service line after trying for a day! I had to send them an email to enquire, and only received a response after 2 working days that I will be billed $8 every month for the Premium Membership and that I can only terminate it after 6 months. I called my friend about it and after checking her credit card statement, she confirmed that she has been billed $8 as well. We were clearly very upset and wrote to requesting for early termination of the Premium Membership as there was no indication of the monthly charges, and when they will start charging. Our Premium membership was eventually terminated because of "goodwill" but no refund will be given to the $8 that was already charged.

I also realized that they have revised the membership fee to $9.90 a month and all purchases has the default selection of Premium Membership and you have have to manually select the option without the premium membership. This is very misleading especially to new users and I have warned all my friends about my bad experience.

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(Updated: January 10, 2013)

SCAM! Membership is Fraud!

StreetDeal's premium membership is a SCAM! You have to pay S$9.9 every month for 10% off. But, you have to subscribe this membership for at least 6 months, if you terminate early, there will be a PENALTY fee S$54.6!

They said you already agreed with the T&C, but the T&C is very hard to find. In their advertisement page of the premium membership, no word state the 6 months period and the early penalty fee. So don't greedy for small advantages.

For their deals, even you have the additional 10% off, the price still not as good as the other deal sites. Last time I bought a gelish deal from them, I had to pay another S$20 for manicure! And the food deal also sucks, don't believe their pictures!

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(Updated: December 11, 2012)

All deals expire at midnight

Although I'm one of those suckers for deals, I think I haven't bought any voucher from Streetdeal before. Somehow the deals don't really appeal to me but what annoys me the most is that this site does not provide accurate expiry dates for deals. All deals "expire" at midnight only to get renewed the next day. It's annoying because you never know when the actual expiry is so you don't really know how much time you have to decide. That is sort of like pressuring us to make snap decisions on buying a deal because we think it is going to expire soon right?

Nowadays, I only scan through the updates I receive and unless something really catches my eye, I usually delete their daily updates.

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just knowing what sort of deals there are
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