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Listing created by Damien on August 06, 2012    

Deals are categorised nicely into Travel, Products, Dining, Wellness, Activities and Bestsellers. They have also recently launched a new home delivery portal called which allows you to order home delivery from different restaurants which usually do not have any delivery service! There is even Long  John Silver and Subway on some days. A really awesome feature! 


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Bad/unpleasant with

Just sharing with others an unpleasant encounter with

I am totally disappointed and upset with

Firstly, It was a very unpleasant tele-conversation. The matter already beyond what a junior can handle and I requested to speak to their manger but junior said manager not around. When asked for the name of the manger, name cannot be revealed. Where on this planet a company unable to reveal their manger's name? Have promised to get their manger to call me back but never.

Why waste my time and view their deals when they cannot fulfilled their promises. Why didn't they check their stock for it quality or if any defective items before releasing the item for sale? It causes a lot of inconvenience for my family. As it was intended for my girl and she was looking forward for it arrival. Until receiving a disappointed call from DEAL that that all their mattresses have quality defective issue they cannot sell and will do a refund. Now we have to start all over and source for it again. And time again will be wasted and most important the disappointment we are having.

Secondly, junior kept asking me to write in if there is any matter I am not satisfy with. As per their request, I am wrote in to them. I have tried calling DEAL number is always engage and if it is connected nobody will answer. Is there any customer service in the first place? I don't think so.

It kept me pondering how does DEAL company run their business? Does their manger give guidance or offer any customer relationship skill to their subordinates?

I begin to have doubts and lost confident shopping on DEAL. When there is a matter whereby your subordinates cannot handle anymore, why there is no one in the company like a manger step in to resolve? Base on what I have experience, DEAL most probably just swept the matter under the carpet and move on to continue their scam.

Also, I have another order no. 2651989 which was placed on 8th DEC 2013 and it includes delivery. It suppose to be a Christmas gift but until today is already year 2014 and I still yet to receive my item. And to my surprise on my order list, it stated item is completed and redeemed!! How can DEAL do such thing whereby they did not send out the item and claimed it has been redeemed?? Sent an email to [email protected] and there is no response. Is DEAL a fraud company? They cannot commit what they are selling and full of terms & conditions that only benifit to DEAL? And a refund needs to drag for 3-4 weeks?

With such horrible experiences with DEAL again and again, how would they expect me to trust DEAL again? If you were me, would you be a happy customer? Would you have faith in shopping with DEAL again? I really feel cheated..... and this is the worst online shopping experiences I ever encounter. A company which do not care for their customers and just keep upsetting and disappointing them. I did not see DEAL value their customers at all!! :(

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I cannot wait for to close down

I should have read this page before I made my purchases.

I am only a student and I bought $50 worth of items on - it's not a huge sum, but its not a negligible sum

In four letters - is a SCAM.

I bought my first item in mid-October. Only after I sent 3 emails and successfully managed to call through - customer service sent an email saying that item has been delivered, giving me the tracking number of the item. I called Singpost to check - Singpost tells me that they sent the item back because of an incomplete address. I went on to check the address details I keyed in but found that it was totally accurate and complete. All these times I tried to call their CS hotline - but the line was either engaged or no one picked up.

I am also waiting for another item that I bought two months ago. Dealer is extremely slow in replying and keeps delaying shipment. The email address is [email protected] So potential buyers, be aware, do not be as ignorant as me. What a waste of my money and time ):

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What a SCAM company!!

I've ordered 2 items from about 5 weeks ago, and I went to collect from their redemption office at North Bridge Road during mid of April 2013. I've been told by a Malay skinny lady at the front desk, their orders was delay and she said they will mail to me by registered mail once they have stocks.

I've been waiting for the items till TODAY, no news, no calls from them, no any updates at all, that's why I called to CS and spoken to them regarding this, the guy said will contact me back.
After a few days, no news again! And I tried to called 2nd time, another Malay lady called Mxxa and she said she will called me back by today, end up NO NEWS AGAIN,!!

I will report this case to CAS Singapore soon. otherwise, I believe a lot of ppl will become the victims like me..

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Bad CS service and no update on delay of shipment.

I ordered an item through courier on Feb 25 and till now I have not received it. Called them and CS said redemption only started March till 14 Apr and said the courier will deliver my stuffs by 14 Apr but NO. Nothing yet so I called them and they come up with excuse said they just receive email saying the shipment is delay and we will receive the items by 21 April. I will see what excuse they going to give by then.

I will definitely not deal with them EVER AGAIN and will also advise my friends/families to think twice when getting deals with them.

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over "marketed" deals

I think the only problem with is not the company or site itself, but rather the companies that collaborate with them. acts just like any other marketing or advertising platform, where it becomes another point of contact between the companies and consumers. I am totally satisfied with but certainly not with the companies themselves.

Most of the deals I got from are hair deals such as hair treatment, hair dye, hair rebonding etc. They are so common that you can new hair deals almost every day; some are new salons while others are frequent “deals salons”. The one thing that disappoints me about these “services” companies is the overuse of only as a site to attract consumers over so as to hard sell their other products or services with higher margins. Many a times, the services that on are deals are not the ones that you will be getting. You will probably be asked to upgrade the service because they will say that the ones on deals are of lower quality and then starts pushing you into different products and services. Of course consumers can always say no, but it just disappoints me that most of the deals item/services I bought are of low quality that I have to upgrade them every time. "You get what you pay for" is certainly true.

Of course there are still really nice and committed companies and I will probably still look around at However, checking for reviews before buying any deals is a must!

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Deal or no deal

At one time, I was very into searching for online discounts from these discount web sites. But so far, I had not dared to make any purchase from this I am a skeptic when it comes to a good deal. If the deal was too good, I will think that it cannot be true.

I had also been asking around for friends that had bought online vouchers for travel from these web sites but none had bought from this web site before. I had not decided it was because the deals from this web site were not good enough or whether my friends were also having the same feeling that some deals were too good to be true. Anyway, for me, it is always better to be safe than sorry, so no deal for me until I have some solid referral from friends.

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occasional price differences

As always with all other Groupon-like websites, be sure to read the terms and conditions of the deals and goods before buying them; especially the travel deals. The cheap prices of the deals can be so attractive that they can distract you form being cautious – there are usually other hidden costs like taxes which are usually more expensive than the deal itself. If not, you’ll probably end up paying more than you expected and the deal is just not worth it anymore!

This website definitely has more deals than Groupon. It might be just me, but I think Groupon just has way too little deals relative to larger websites like and alldealsasia. Groupon just pales in comparison, really.

That aside, when I first saw the layout of the website, I thought that it was a scam website (honestly!). That might just be my opinion, but be rest assured that it certainly is not a scam website.

My advice for purchasing such deals – all these websites usually have similar deals for identical items, so be sure to check all of them out from every website first; there are some occasional price differences! I remember seeing a difference of $1 for a portable charger – AllDealsAsia had the deal for a dollar a cheaper for the exact same charger than Groupon (yeah it might just be a dollar but still…)!

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A surprisingly easy deal

Following the Groupon scandal some time back, I had always been rather skeptical of such online websites and what they had to offer.

My first experience with earlier this year, however, did somewhat change my views.

After much deliberation and reading the terms and conditions over and over, I finally decided to take a gamble to order a deal for yusheng (a Chinese New Year dish) from a top restaurant at 66% off.

The deal went through surprisingly smoothly - and of course, being the sceptic I was, I was half-worried. Little did I expect that not only were there no strings attached in the deal, I had no trouble claiming my order from the related restaurant and was given exactly what the deal had promised - yusheng, discount and all.

Pleased with my first deal, I'm now a pretty regular viewer of the website, and though I've yet to make further orders, I must say I'm impressed by the site's simple and organised layout and easy navigation processes.

Whether I will consistently get the same positive experience for other deals, only time will tell. But for now, it's a site that's earned my trust.

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Purchase at your own risk is another great option when it comes to bargain hunting. You’d be able to find many deals ranging from products to services. Of course, at discounted prices (up to 70%, wow!), there must be some hidden terms that many may neglect.

It is best to take caution when purchasing package deals (i.e. waxing/manicures). It could be due to the large amount of people who fell for the “promotion”, making it difficult to schedule appointments as the companies may not have enough staff to cope with the crowd. As such, expiration dates of the deals would cause customers to lose out.

I would definitely NOT purchase the travel deals (either they give you flights with bad timings or have plenty of hidden charges) — come on, you're better off with a travel agency at the very least!

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so far so good

I started off buying vouchers from for restaurants that I frequent. The vouchers help me save quite a significant amount (usually 50% to 70%) from what I would have paid for anyway. And since I have been dining at those restaurants all along, I do not have any problem or issue with their quality of food and services, and using the vouchers have been a pleasant experience.

Then I started getting more adventurous and bought vouchers for deals that look attractive at restaurants I have not tried. Most turn out to be pleasant but a few of them do have a discrepancy between the pictures and description from how the meal actually turned out. I guess the issues lie with the merchants and not the site.

I'll definitely be on the lookout for good deals every couple of days ...

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