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Listing created by Damien on August 06, 2012    

Previously known as Beeconomic, they started in May 2012 by two Singaporean entrepreneurs before being bought by groupon, is the biggest groupon site in Singapore. They have deals that last 1-2 days in 3 main categories, Visa Exclusive Deals, Shopping and Travel. The site also has a referral program and an account area where you can keep track  of all your referrals and deals bought. 


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Very disappointing & poor service from Groupon

My purchase was made on the 23.08.15. Delivery was promised within 7 working days. Sept.10 - Sent an email to Groupon complaining about the non-delivery.

CLEAR: A5-Sized 420ml Flat Water Bottle
Voucher code: 0030193G10
REF: 720706025
Date of purchase: 23.08.2015
Free local delivery. You will receive your product(s) within 7 working days from
date of purchase

Received reply from Groupon on the 20/09 as indicated below:
Hi Johnny,
Thanks for your email.
It seems like the delivery took longer than usual.
It's rare for our customers to experience such delays, we apologise that we are unable to have your purchase delivered as promised.
Please be assured that you should receive your purchase within the next 5 - 7 working days.
As this is a great deal and only a few customers were able to purchase it, we would encourage you to hang on to this Groupon.

Another reply received from Groupon on the 20/10.
Thank you for your purchase of CLEAR: A5-Sized 420ml Flat Water Bottle with Voucher code: 0030193G10.
We are writing to let you know that due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not be able to deliver your order to you.

Doesn't that speak volume about Groupon's poor service? A 7-day delivery service took them 2 months to inform me that they couldn't deliver my $9.90 water bottle. Can you beat that?

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Great deals at discounted prices

Groupon is both the boon and bane of many Singaporeans, because it entitles us to so many attractive deals, and we can't stop ourselves from shopping and overspending.

That being said, I still love Groupon for its attractive deals at discount prices! Who wouldn't like paying discounted prices for quality hair treatment, manicure deals and dining discounts at popular restaurants? These prices are a steal from the usual market price.

However, not all products on Groupon are good. I once bought a ukulele, and the quality of the instrument was so appalling that I gave up on it after a few (failed) tries. At the end of the day, you really have to watch out and think carefully before buying a Groupon deal.

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Great deals for everyone

Part of my daily routine, opening the application of Groupon in my Iphone! New deals updated daily, meaning new affordable buffets, electronics, furniture and even luxury goods with discounted prices every day!

I have made tons and tons of transactions with groupon, about close to at least one deal every single day, yes that's how terrible I am at trying to resist all these temptations. Hair colour + Highlights at ony $38, gel pedicure for $20, a whole Manhattan's platter with a complete set meal at $36.95, where else can you find such cheap deals?!

But one thing's for sure, I have not and will not try purchasing any of the travel deals. I've heard so many negative comments on them like how you have to top up additional amount to get the travel date you want.

Purchase clear terms deals like meals and products and I guess it'll all be fine and you'll start to realize how much you can save!

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Cheap Thrills

I admit that I am addicted to Groupon. With deals like rebonding of hair for just $48 at a renowned hairdresser, and with almost anything under the sun, from dance classes to manicures, you can get them cheap from Groupon.

And unlike some other sites, there is seldom hidden costs and agendas. For example, their deals no not expire within a week or something like that.

I've bought many vouchers from them and so far i have not been disappointed except when I purchased a travel deal. However, the fault lies with the travel agency and not with Groupon. The travel agency allowed too many people to purchase the deal and couldn't cope with the volume later.

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Uncooperative staff

There's nothing to review about Groupon if there's no purchase-related problem. The transaction is very convenient -- just a few clicks and the deal is sealed.

But. if there's a problem with your purchase, such as if the restaurant for which you bought a groupon closes down unexpectedly (which was what happened to us) or if anything else happens that is beyond your control and that prevents you from making use of your purchase, I don't think Groupon is very cooperative when it becomes to refunding you for your purchase.

They totally ignored my friend's e-mails and calls for a while and, when they finally responded to her e-mails, they gave some standard reply. It was only after my friend told them that she was going to let CASE handle the matter that they took some real action. And even so, the refunding process was slow.

Since that incident, she never bought another groupon.

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Great discounts on offer

I only joined the website last month and have already purchased a portable hard-drive and a polarised sunglasses. The sunglasses was a steal for me at $16.90 and I had been looking for one for a long time. The important thing is to be patient if you are looking for a discount in a particular item.

I have not faced any problems with the self-redemption at Suntec City. The process was very smooth and easy. I waited for around 15 minutes even though it was pretty crowded. The staff were efficient and helpful.

I was initially doubtful of online shopping but Groupon has certainly helped to assure me. My experience is only exclusive for goods and it has been smooth-sailing. I have not bought any getaway deals thought I am currently on the lookout.

In conclusion, I can trust Groupon with my purchases and there are great offers from time to time.

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Discounted luxury.

Initially, i wasn't too trusting of all these discount vouchers websites and it took me some time to figure out what exactly it was and how it worked. This concept has been gaining popularity and more and more websites have been sprouting up, but so far, my family only trusts groupon.

This kind of concepts can be quite dangerous, especially for trips. There have been quite a few complaints that customers don't get what they want at the end just because they're using the groupon voucher.

So far there have been no problems for us, we are happy with the service and efficiency of groupon. They have been churning out great deals regularly and its a joy to be able to get something at a quarter or half of the price. We are also able to through groupon learn of hidden gems in singapore.

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Good enough!

I only heard of from a friend, who bought an offer for music lessons for me as a birthday gift last year. More recently, a classmate purchased an offer for a cheap buffet at a Korean BBQ restaurant, and I can only tell you how impressed I am with all the offers on this site after giving in and checking it out.

If you're someone who enjoys saving lots of money and still able to do whatever you like or eat your favourite food, this is the site to frequent.

However, the service of Groupon may vary from time to time. Sometimes your order may take longer than usual to be processed and it really does give rise to a cause for concern. Purchasing things off the internet is as risky as it is - I feel that Groupon can do better since things are already convenient at this point. I don't think convenience should pave the way to laziness - I, for one, value efficiency above most things.

Don't let the service quality stop you, though. 95% of the time, you will get your purchase as soon as possible within a reasonable time range. Besides, Groupon offers a lot of things that will help you save money. That means more money to spend on other things!

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Better to self-collect than deliver

No doubt about it, Groupon has great discounts, but that also comes with service that is a bit slow on the uptake due to the sheer volume of sales that they go through every day. I don't normally have problems with redeeming Groupons for experiential deals - massages and waxing deals are well-received by the merchants, and there's no obligation to sign a package with them afterwards.

When it comes to delivery, Groupon is a bit of a mess. Pay no heed to their "within 7 calendar days" promise, because it is unkept without any notification. I had to both call and email them before I finally got my item 13 days after purchase; it would have been even further delayed had I not called to check on my item. Notwithstanding, kudos to the phone service crew for being prompt and polite, even when I was a bit irate. It's better to opt for self-collection instead of delivery.

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Bleeding me dry since 2012

I installed the apps months ago and it has become an addiction since.

Groupon really and literally sells anything. From services to products to food, this site really sells anything you can think of. I have purchased so many useless things from here that I'm scarred, but I'm a hopeless addict so god help me and my bank account.

They are great performers. I've bought everything from slimming sessions to piano lessons to facials and all of them was greeted and finished with excellent service. My only displeasure is that some of my groupons were rejected because of issues on the vendor's side and groupon can be horribly uncooperative when they want to be.

That aside, overall still a good deal.

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