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Jian Qiang
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The Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) is an organ of state led by the Attorney-General of Singapore. The Attorney-General plays an important role in upholding the rule of law in Singapore. He is the Principal Legal Adviser to the governement in both domestic and international law and his office is responsible for the drafting of written laws. In addition, the Attorney-General is the Public Prosecutor, and has control and direction of prosecutions for criminal offences

The Attorney-General discharges his responsibilities and duties through 6 legal divisions namely the Civil, Criminal Justice, State Prosecution, Economic Crimes and Governance, International Affairs and Legislation and Law Reform Division

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Cool Job

The Attorney-General's Chambers functions as the lawyers for the government and they prosecute criminals in court. Having attended a law programme just earlier this year, I had the chance to learn more about the AGC and what they did. Although a Deputy Public Prosecutor may not have such a flashy life or be as well-known as some other famous criminal defence lawyers, I still admire their line of work and applaud them.

I managed to meet a few of the DPP's while I was on my law stint and was impressed and struck by how humble they were. No showiness or any of that cockiness but only a love for what they do and full of praise for how interesting the cases that they have are. Although they were still relatively young, I like that they are serious as well and they see their job as an important one. Definitely appreciated the chance that I had to meet them and for having positive experiences with both the AGC and the DPP's.

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Having considered law as a possible career choice back in my school days, I took up a job at the Attorney General's Chambers as a Management Support Officer while waiting for enlistment to NS. My objective was to experience the legal landscape in Singapore and find out what a career in law would be like.

I was not disappointed. Firstly, the lawyers in the Civil Division (Where I worked in), were warm, friendly, and always willing to share their take on their cases and the law landscape of Singapore with me. There were many ongoing cases, which were on the headlines then that I got to have a first hand insight into since I was busy helping out with them. Whilst interesting, these details are confidential and not for me to mention. I even had the chance to attend Supreme Court hearings which were insightful on its own, kind of like an extremely professional albeit serious debate club.

Secondly, I discovered the beauty of law. Having always had a love for the English language, I was amazed at how simple words and sentences could be delicately crafted to become powerful arguments. I also learnt skills on how to present a good argument (sometimes over ramen at the food court in Funan opposite the Adelphi), argue with confidence as well as bringing the point home (Essential for winning cases).

Overall, the experiences I had, the friends I made, the lesson are learnt were all worth it! Insightful!

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