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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on January 27, 2013    

Health Promotion Board was set up in 2001 to build a nation of healthy people.


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Spreading an important message

I feel that out of all the things I have, my health is indeed one of my most treasured possessions. For without healthy, it is literally impossible to live life to the fullest. Take for example your favourite steak, should you be running a high fever, you would not be able to savour it to the fullest as you are preoccupied by your lousiness at being sick.

Hence, I agree that the main message spread by the Health Promotion Board to promote health and well being to be an important one. Not only are obvious benefits being reaped to individuals who remain in good health, it also benefits the economy and the nation through increased productivity and decreased occurrences of disease outbreaks.

I make sure that I get my weekly three or more aerobic exercise, strength trainings as well as constantly hydrating myself and eating my fruits and vegetables. However, I feel saddened by the need to simply remind people that it is important to stay healthy. Even though explanations of having a lack of time in fast-paced society are legitimate, is it that hard to put in one hour of exercise (20 minutes jog, 40 minutes all rounded training) once every 3 days? I end work at 5.30pm and usually reach home at 7, but I still am able to put in a jog once every 2 days in spite of feeling tired after a long day at work. I believe that it is more of your willpower and not finding excuses in your circumstances at work here.

Not to mention that campaigns by the HPB have been unoriginal and un-inspiring as well. One can get tired of talks and exhibitions after a while. Thus, it is no wonder that their messages isn't simply getting through despite much good intentions. In my opinion, an example of what I feel might work would be a well organised and highly publicised run around town. After all, i love a good run too!

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Every Singaporean student would have had experiences with the Health Promotion Board in terms of yearly checkups and the often-dreaded injections. Although I applaud the HPB's effort in educating students about good healthcare habits and practices, I somehow feel that it is mediocre at best. Every time I went for a checkup, I would always get the nagging feeling that the nurses were not at all interested in my well-being and simply wanted to clear as many students as possible so that they could finish their job earlier.

That being said, I cannot deny that HPB has played an important role in ensuring the general health of Singapore. They come up with many different initiatives all in the effort to make sure that Singapore stays a healthy and efficient nation. Knowing our busy life, they come up with many small ways that we can exercise, like climbing the MRT stairs instead of taking the escalators and lifts. Many Singaporeans also rely on the guidelines that HPB has in planning their lifestyles and diets because they are considered to be a trusted and reliable source of information.

Definitely room for improvement but I am confident that they will initiate effective safeguards for public health. HPB also has a website that I find to be informative and easy to read through. Worth taking a look at the different scopes of news and articles that they have made available on the site.

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Educational playground

If you have children in child care centre, your child may have brought back excursion forms asking for permission to go to Health Promotion Board. You may have wondered why do people go to HPB for excursions.

As far I can understand from my children that had been on excursions to HPB, it was a very fun place. They would start off by having some educational talks on certain health aspects like how to take care of your teeth or your eye sight. Then they would get to play in an indoor playground in the HPB. Yes, there is an indoor playground there and I believe this is the part that made the excursions to HPB fun. My children would also come back with some small gifts from their excursions.

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Lacking in certain aspects

I have to say, some of their programs do work. The idea of classifying food nutrition and providing information on different foods is helpful to the general public. Some of their events are also good avenues of promoting healthy lifestyles and allows people to engage in activities positive to their health, but it is also worth a mention that these work only because of the partnership with organisations.

As an organisation, the services they provide are seriously substandard. Some people like me may have had to visit the dieticians in the HPB building, but I can seriously say they know even lesser than your neighbourhood doctors! The advice that was dispensed felt like it was reciting the content from a website which I could have read myself.

The hospital aside, the normal health services they provide is only so-so, the nurses were quite novice, and during the blood test I took, it took them over 10 minuites just to be sure of everything. While I can compliment their working attitude of being sure, I think that they are just too amateur such that they even needed help with basic things like drawing blood.

I personally feel waiting times are always absurd, and the system is so terrible that they tell you when is your appointment, not you fixing a time which is totally off the charts. Furthermore, for a place providing health services, the amount of dust is extremely high, such that my hand once turned black after rubbing a wall!! Their health education zone for children looks more like a playground for kids, instead of being a fun way to learn more about keeping healthy.

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