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1 Orchid Club Road Orchid Country Club Singapore 769162
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on September 17, 2013    

A company that started in 1999 which serves not only the archery community in Singapore but is known on a regional level too.

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Meal of the day

I almost posted a photo of myself with the caption "meal of the day".

I was main course to a lot of mosquitoes here. They ignored my friend completely (I am tender and delicious, I cannot help it) and they had a king's feast on my legs while I tried my best to be the female counterpart of Oliver Queen (or Hawkeye for the comic fans) and it was not a shabby try.

It was my first time trying archery and we made an appointment. Finding the place was sheer luck because we happened to park right opposite it. Mount the precarious stairs and you'll find yourself at a small outdoor facility.

We got started immediately with no further fuss.

There was a voluntary trainer (we did not pay for the guided session) who taught us how to raise our bow, set our arrow, aim with our right eye, and graze our right cheek with the retracting hand. It was a very heady experience.

I was pretty bad at it.

I felt sorry for my poor board. I was practically redecorating the area outside of the aim board with little misaligned dots. Not an archer am I, but an artist I are.

Ignore that.

So anyway it was a very quickly concluded session because we only paid for 30 arrows and trust me, it goes out faster than imaginable.

I wouldn't come back. Really did not appreciate the mosquitoes.

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