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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on September 17, 2013    

Archery Forces provides archery related services such as bow tuning, arrows repair fletching archery courses and fun shoot for special occasions like birthdays and gatherings.

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I will be back

Cheesy Terminator quote aside, I really am coming back.

This place was an eye-opener.

I had very low expectations of archery ranges after my first time elsewhere and had expected a facility much like it. To my immense relief, this place is air conditioned and spacious. So, so delightful.

We had to wait a long time for registration though, that's my only miff about this place. But afterwards when we started, I forgot the entire wait.

The instructor was a very genial, jolly man. He teased us and tried to get me a kid's bow even though it was clear I'm a manly woman who needed a 160cm bow. And thankfully he did not buy my schtick because the bow's really heavy.

(I am a wuss.)

Moving on, there were much more gear this time round. They had the standard arm shield, which was present at my previous experience, and a finger patch. Not only so, they had a stand and a arrow compartment. I may seem really suaku but YOU CANNOT BLAME ME, I DID NOT KNOW OF SUCH LUXURIES BEFORE THIS.

He patiently taught us how to position our body, how to raise the bow, how to set the arrow, where to put our fingers, how to aim, and where our retracting hand should graze. Then he left us to it.

I managed to get a personal best of 36 with 6 arrows! And my lowest was 2. I think the arrows conspired to run to my friend's board to chill with their fellow arrows and they outcasted the loner arrow which was my sad 2 points.

My friends are wusses who got tired after 55 minutes so we didn't complete the time run.

The charges here are $12/h, and if you think one hour won't be enough, you have my friends' assurance that it is. One hour is all it takes to have your arm whining to be taken to Osim.

An experience I'm trying to force my sister to try and I'm not succeeding so far so time to go irritate the rest of my poor friends.

I will be back.

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