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Ho Mei Yin
Listing created by Ho Mei Yin on November 30, 2013    

Monoyono is a giftshop that aims to create an experiential retail concept for its customers through selling unique and well-designed gifts that does not cost a fortune. It has numerous outlets around the island as well as an comprehensive online store.  

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Sun - Wed: 10.00a.m - 11.00p.m, Thursday - Sat: 10.00a.m - 11.30 p.m

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Quirky, Unusual Gifts

Monoyono is a delightful little store selling a myriad of novelty gift items, with most of them having a vintage-retro feel. Here, you can expect to find items sure to make you smile such as dinosaur-fossil ice cube trays as well as decor for the home like Audrey Hepburn canvas prints.

Nothing here is what you would call ‘normal’. Every item has their own quirk, something unusual about it. Hence, you’ll be sure to find very unique gifts for your loved ones here! And of course, maybe even a fun gift for yourself!

The place is quite dimly lit, making it very cosy and homely. The staff are also friendly and will not follow you around too much, giving you the freedom to browse the store easily. As for the prices, don’t expect to find anything too affordable here. They are, after all, very unique items :)

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Plaza Singapura
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Quirky but expensive gift ideas

This is my go-to place when I have absolutely no idea what I should get as a gift. They stock really quirky items and also everyday items with an interesting spin to them. In fact, it's the only place which I know that sells the Boo soft toy (if you don't already know The Cutest Dog in the World you gotta google it) in Singapore!

This novelty does not come cheap, though. I bought an elastic bookmark and a small notebook for more than $20 for a Secret Santa gift. But it did make my day to see my Secret Santee (I know it's not an actual word haha!) like the gifts so much. So I guess they still have an edge over most gift stores such as Mini Toons, Action City etc.

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Interesting stuff!

Am not reviewing this well because my little brother once worked there, but genuinely for what it's worth. Hahaha!

The store sells a variety of lifestyle products, anything from old-school calendars, innovative display sets to skincare specialties. What I love most about their stuff, is that they're unique. A lot of them are imported from overseas, so you can't find them anywhere else easily, in Singapore.

I'm also impressed with their range of beauty products by Tokyomilk. Bought their hand cream and lip balm, never thought any other average brand would match up. The price is reasonable, at about $20+ per tube? I thank the heavens that Monoyono continues to have them in-store. It's almost impossible to find them in brick-and-mortar shops and when it comes to skincare products, I'm really about the quality, and of course, smell, therefore having personal experiences with the product is a must.

I head to Monoyono whenever I have to buy presents. They always have something befitting everyone!

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Interesting and mouth-opening

I have never believed in opening my mouth when I go shopping, in part because I felt that none of the products the outlet is able to offer could make me do so and in part because I felt that it was rude be doing such a thing in front of other customers. However, a trip to monoyono during a sojourn at Plaza Singapura was able to do so.

I was quite struck by the sight of my baby sister sucking their moustache pacifier, which i felt was quite an innovation, as this brings baby cuteness to yet another level. Hence, instead of my usual practice of hanging outside the store while my mum shops for stuff inside it, I ventured it for a little tour.

I was not disappointed. I found a variety of merchandise very much to my liking, such as the roller notes sticky notes roll (which I felt was like having the experience of writing on toilet paper), festive hands temporary tattoos (put it on and take it off as you please), and even an old style bike horn with a beat tone (I immediately got one for my bike, and my friends will be getting a surprise on our next cycling expedition).

Generally, store wise, the whole concept follows their products, simply quirky and weird. However, the atmosphere was pleasant and the staff helpful always helping confused but excited customers navigate through the products. I found out that they employed 'visual merchandisers' simply to make the stores quirky and was quite impressed.

Overall, I would recommend the outlet to my friends though it is a bit more of the high range price end for us NSFs.

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Off-the-wall gifts that do not come cheap!

I spotted Monoyono's ground floor outlet at Vivocity all the way from my perch on the second floor - probably due to the fact that it had a christmas tree sprouting snow in the form of tiny white foam balls from the top of the tree down onto a tarp, catching the fallen "snow". (it costs around $240 for interested parties) That christmas tree essentially encapsulates Moyono's products: unique, off-the-wall and just plain awesome.

A quick trip around the small outlet was an amusing one, with the store selling novelty gift items such as retro napkin dispensers with designs resembling poster art from the 1980s, as well as a cup and fork set in the form of a top hat (the cup) and a pair of bunny ears (the fork). For the hipster soul, there was also an array of vaguely motivational quotes painted on square canvases and rustic wooden boards. I faintly remember there was one particular canvas which just had the words 'Wanderlust' emblazoned as the design, if that doesn't speak hipster I have no idea what does.

The Vivocity outlet was very cramped though, and I had a hard time moving to see the items more clearly, however a quick google search did produce two other outlets, which look significantly bigger in the photos. The pricing of these gifts do not come cheap, the aforementioned napkin dispensers were $14.90 and there was an owl lip balm that retailed at around $9! Thus, do be prepared to fork out a fair amount if you want to purchase any of their products. Alternatively, if you do not fancy squeezing around other customers as I had to do, there is an online store for customers to purchase the store's products from as well.

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