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Ameba is a local chain of gift retail stores which specialises in selling quirky and modern gift products, with a touch of humour. 




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Funny novelty items
Overall Rating 

The first thing that attracted me to Ameba was their quirky items on display - mugs, lava lamps and other items.

Inside, they sell mostly funny novelty items - items with funny puns, borderline-adult jokes and other silly phrases printed on them. Most of these items are not useful though - they are mostly funny but useless gifts which can be appreciated by the light-hearted.

However, as with all shops that sell gag gifts, the items can be pricey. If you're willing to spend, though, Ameba is a great place to get gifts for your friends - as long as they can appreciate jokes and dry humour.

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Parkway Parade
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You pay for the puns.
Overall rating 
Overall Rating 

The first thing that attracted me to Ameba was probably the fact that they had a beanbag shaped like a snuggly bear at their shop entrance, which was pretty adorable but quite expensive. Which speaks for most of the products in this particular novelty gift shops.

Ameba's products have a certain kind of humour that comes with it, some might say they are tip-toe-ing on more adult jokes, but most of the wittiness is still capped at NC-16 and those products are usually kept at the back of the shop. I have went in to have a look-see a few times but the products never grabbed my attention after the first 10 seconds of understanding the joke on the product and moving on. Like almost all other gift shops I have went to, the prices do not come cheap and the bear bean bag I saw was nearly $100!

I can classify most of the gifts as resembling gag-gifts for friends, and not so much for functional use, which I highly prize when I give out presents. However, if you are not too tight with the purse strings, Ameba may be a good resource for gifts with an occasional witty pun to go with it!

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Branch Location:
Parkway Parade
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