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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on December 28, 2012    

TotallyHotStuff is a novelty store that offers unique products. The store selects the best items from various labels, ranging from vintage items, collectibles, quirky accessories and fashion apparel, to even homeware like mugs. 


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It’s shops like these that make me wish I had more money and more space for stuff. This novelty store sells a myriad of items ranging from tote bags, t-shirts, mints and clocks.

Everything here is out of the ordinary and is sure to delight, if not intrigue. For example, they have notebooks that resemble shaolin kungfu manuscripts as well as doorstoppers in the shape of a banana peel! If I had to describe TotallyHotStuff in one word, it would be “quirky”. Anything you purchase here is sure to be a conversation starter.

Also, their price range is rather wide. I’ve seen things go for as little as $3 while others fetch over $90. Admittedly, things here are not all that affordable. However, it means that almost everybody can own a piece of quirkiness, no matter how big or small, to brighten their everyday lives.

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Looking for small gifts you don't have to put much thought into?

TotallyHotStuff offers cute, weird, strange knick-knacks that are frankly, a little too expensive. Yes, the Peter Rabbit postcards and stamps are cute, but they are not worth $10. Besides postcards, they also sell vintage notebooks, coasters, wallets, bags, passport holders, watches... and other random things that look great as gifts, but aren't exactly practical.

A flimsy laptop case cost $70. A wall clock was more than a $100.

I guess TotallyHotStuff is a good place if you want to buy a special card, or find a notebook with a design that is unique, but be prepared to fork out a higher sum of money for the uniqueness.

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Interesting gift store

TotallyHotStuff reeks of in-your-face humor, cool gadgets, and quirky items that people don't really need - all of which are attached with a hefty price tag.

TotallyHotStuff is a really hot place to check out if you're simply bored and wandering about a mall. The store stocks up on parody items, humor and weird stuff in general that people don't really expect to be seeing in a gift store - think mugs with funny captions, chocolate 'pads', lip balms of zany flavours like cookies and pizza.

This place makes quite an awesome gift store as well, if you're in the mood for some birthday pranks. With weird items like chocolate 'pads' and chocolate 'condoms', TotallyHotStuff pretty much spells 'gag gift' with a capital G.

However, as cool and interesting as this place may be, be warned that the prices there may not be very impressive. I once got a pack of chocolate 'pads' as a gift for a friend for slightly over $10 - amazing gag gift, yes; but certainly nowhere near healthy for my wallet.

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Interesting but overpriced

This is definitely a very interesting shop - from bags and coasters with quirky taglines to holga cameras, it is one that attracts people from all walks of life.

Downside is, the goods are also overpriced. Just a T-shirt may easily cost $30 or more, while post-its can also cost around $5-8 depending on size.

Interesting enough for you to take a look around the shop, perhaps get a small gift for friends or personal indulgence, but not really a place for me without sales.

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