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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on October 25, 2012    

Welcome to Action City, the exciting home to lots of fun and unique gifts that add a touch of play to daily life.

We are passionate about giving joy through serving you, holding on to the child-like belief that play is ‘serious’ fun stuff! If you are shopping for functional and meaningful gifts that are at the same time fun and unique, Action City is where you must be.

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It is so fun playing there!

Action City sells really interesting "toys" and gift ideas. I would always go there if i can to see what new interesting stuff they have to sell. Personally, I really like how these "toys" not only appeal to children but also to adults. Best thing is that we can play with some of them before deciding to buy or not.

However, as prices are around $20, I feel that it is impractical to buy such gifts for people or for yourself. In fact, I do see many people just going there to look around and play with the interesting stuff but not buying them.

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creative and interesting gifts

Christmas is just round the corner and action city is one of the more popular places where people will shop for gifts. They have really interesting toys such as a vibrating massager (which turned out to be quite relaxing), an electrocutor, photo frames, soft toys, etc. They even offer gift wrapping services if you purchased a minimum amount.

However, I feel that such "interesting" gifts are indeed interesting at that moment. It is not something that I would purchase home and play with it as such novelty wears out after awhile.

Action City is indeed a very interesting place to visit to catch up with the interesting toys that they have.

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(Updated: December 10, 2012)

Creativity combined with fashion.

My friends and I loved to visit Action City to check out their latest gadgets that is simply going to wow us again.

The products of Action City have always infused novelty, creativity, style and fashion that makes people want to get it. On top of that, some of their products even brings about convenience to our daily lives.

There was this one product I saw in one of Action City's outlet that has multiple uses. It can be used as a scarf, a shawl, or even a belt! It is simultaneously trendy and fashionable, easily able to match with any outfits ladies decide to put on.

There was also one product, which is made similar to a student's report book they receive, however, they have cleverly switched it to a "teacher's report book". What a perfect teacher's day gift! My class bought it for our teachers on teachers' day two years ago and they loved it.

Of course, such superlative creations calls for a certain price that some would find expensive. Maybe these would be labelled as high-end products that only the rich can afford. Simply a wrapping paper can cause a few dollars. (The wrapping paper is very aesthetically-pleasing though!)

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creative but pricey gifts

Action City sells the most creative and interesting gifts compared to other gift shops with similar concept. I love how they very frequently come up with new gifts so shoppers never get tired of the things they sell.

That aside, the items available may be rather pricey and the quality may or may not be fantastic, depending on what you buy. I wouldn't recommend getting electrical gadgets from here as the quality often suffers although it may appear really adorable.

As the main selling point of its items is their appearance rather than practical use, I noted that most customers are students thus rendering a high chance for friends to purchase the same gifts. Students should avoid buying from here if you are looking for more unique gifts!

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Exciting stuff!

Action City offers a myriad of games for the gamer youths, or just a place for people to chill and play Street Fighter. For me personally, I like trying my luck at the cranes (and fail 99% of the time). I also like playing Photo Hunt. Although this ''Find-the-Difference'' game can be easily found in smartphone apps, it just feels different playing Photo Hunt, a more exciting experience than playing on my phone.

Another thing I really like, especially after running out of cash to play more games, is to watch others play games like Street Fighter. It's more fun to watch others play thrilling games like this than myself actually playing the games. Because, I can get really 'noob' playing them!

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Lots for fun stuff which are overpriced

Although pricey, I still love to make a detour into Action City for their products never fail to amaze me. The bright lighted shop front, with racks of funny and unique toys and gadgets for you to play around is a heaven until you see the hefty price tag. Not that the prices are really out of the world but you probably wouldn't expect to pay so much for that particular item you're holding on. On top of that, the novelty tends to wear out fast if you purchased it home. Soon it would be a piece of junk lying at a corner of the cupboard.

One toy which I remembered best, and that was quite some time ago, was the fake candy box. You can really store candies in the transparent box and offer them to your friends. When they try to squeeze open the lid, their fingers will get electrified from the metal panels fixed at the lid. Fun to fool around but doesn't really have a purpose. The only person whom I know and did really purchase that was my cousin, whom claims to have used it to zap herself to keep awake in class.

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For those who love to play with quirky toys and gadgets, Action City is definitely the best shop for you. Action City stocks various kinds of gifts, ranging from quirky gadgets like 'wood' headphones and portable loudspeakers to adorable soft toys.

The prices at Action City can get a little steep though, but perhaps that is the price to pay for unique products of good quality. However, I do feel that the soft toys are Action City are definitely pretty overpriced. The soft toys at Action City are hardly famous characters, but rather, characters that Action City probably made up, and as compared to other soft toys from other gift stores, the soft toys at Action City are definitely not as cute or huggable.

Also, I do feel that some of their gadgets can be a little pointless. Why pay for such an exorbitant price tag for 'wood' headphones when there are prettier designs out there in the market retailing for cheaper prices?

Overall, quite an interesting shop. The excellent service there definitely makes the shopping (or window shopping) experience a better one.

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Unique and creative

I remember action city as a place filled with gifts that are quirky, fun and creative that other shops do not have. Interesting gifts like headphones made out of wood, "breadou" which was very popular last time, I often stop by action city to buy their appealing bread-like keychains.They also sell cute pillows and plush toys.

However, the gifts are quite pricey and sometimes I just feel that it is not worth it to buy such an expensive gift when I can find other gifts which are affordable. Other than that, the staffs there are very friendly and it is fun window shopping, looking at their innovative products.

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Lost Interest

I used to love Action City because I am attracted to cute stuffs such as soft toys and figurines. However, lately I find that their toys are not cute at all and they are coming up with sillier and sillier things. Nonetheless, the shop never fails to amaze me in what silly stuff they can come up with.

I suppose Action City is a good place to get gifts for people because of the strange things that they sell. It could become quite the conversation starter once the present has been opened. Apart from that, I do not think there is anything worth buying because you would not buy such things for your own house decoration. The soft toys are mostly strange characters and are like random shaped objects with eyes sewn on. I wish they would sell cuter and more identifiable creatures.

The stuff are quite enthusiastic with their demonstrations of the strange products though, so that is one point where I have to hand it to them.

Overall, the shop still remains interesting as at first glance, it is a colourful and lively looking shop with many energetic staff, although I do not buy anything from it anymore.

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(Updated: November 10, 2012)

Amazing but useless

Action city never fails to fill me with surprises each time I step into their store. They sell stuffs that are totally out of your expectations which are fun, new and totally amusing.

Despite the fact that their stuffs are really interesting, majority of it are not very practical and are often charged at much higher prices just because they make their products slightly more 'lively' by adding loud colours or wild designs on it. I once chanced upon really cute and fascinating pens that were sold in Action city. The designs were really unique and appealing, however, it cost about over $5 which is totally too over-rated. I could easily get a pen at any bookstore for less than $2. Thus, I don't think it's worth to purchase their items.

However, if you're looking for an extraordinary present for a friend, you can consider taking a look in Action CIty.

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