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Precious Tots provides a wide range of collectibles and gifts.

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Precious indeed.

My friend and I frequent the Precious Thots outlets at Tampines Mall quite often. Even though we usually leave with nothing in hand, window shopping there is a great experience. I get this uplifting feeling from walking through their aisles as the store is simply drenched in sweetness.

Precious Thots is the perfect place to pick up gifts for that loved one you wish to surprise. There are cards, ornaments, notebooks, etc. for you to choose for that makes you spoilt for choice as literally everything there looks good.

I love their line of teddy bears. They are just so adorable! Very pricey, but very good quality as well. I bought one home once and it's been by my bedside for such a long time. It really brightens up the place.

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It doesn't get more adorable than this.

Christmas is coming, and you know what that means? Yes, endless hours toiling over the perfect gift for practically everyone you know. When I stepped into Precious Thots I have to say my job got a whole lot easier.

Precious Thots carries some of the cutest things, with Forever Friends bears and Precious moments ornaments and more! I got a gift for all the girls in my family in that shop. Whew! I was particularly impressed by their jewelry chests. I got my sister a pink leather Precious Moments jewelry box that comes with a key. It is stunning and the quality is really good. (I have taken many good looks at it) Definitely worth visiting on your next Christmas gift hunt!

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Cuteness Overloaded

I used to frequent Precious Thots a lot, having an ex who used to work there during Polytechnic days. Even if I don't really have anything in mind to buy, I would find satisfaction just by window shopping, especially on days where my ex is working. In case you're wondering, no, I didn't get to know her from the shop.

The products sold in Precious Thots are mainly sweet and feminine, leaning towards the Christianity religion if you ask me. It's definitely the best place to buy gifts for wedding anniversary, where the ceramic figurines can be seen posing in different cute and sweet postures, for example, a couple figurine dressed in traditional Chinese wedding costume going through the rituals.

I do understand that there are different seasons for the ceramic figures, where new figurines are launched every now and then. There are people who collect them as a hobby. My ex's mother, for one, has over 100 different ceramic figurines from Precious Thots. Do note before taking up this hobby that these ceramic figurines, approximately 20cm in height, are not cheap and will usually cost $80 and above, with the bigger figurines costing even more.

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Sweetest gift shop ever

Everything about Precious Thots screams lovely.

From the pastel interior of the stores to the lovely figurines placed on display, each trip to Precious Thots is magical and delightful.

If I had to choose my favourite gift store, it would definitely be Precious Thots. Precious Thots sells cards with witty quips on it, as well as delightful notebooks in various colours and sizes, and the figurines for which it is famed for never fails to make me squeal.

Although there may be a slight Christian theme to the store, non-Christians can definitely still find gifts that will capture their fancy, as the gifts there are probably universally adored.

The staff at Precious Thots are usually courteous and polite, and they try their best to offer help wherever possible. In fact, they are pretty warm, and often approach customers, offering their help.

Prices at Precious Thots are luckily pretty affordable, but the figurines there may border on the expensive side. Overall, quite a lovely shop to visit!

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Cute collectibles

I remember buying a snow globe from Precious Thots when I was first wooing my girlfriend. Despite being a student on a limited budget, I was enthralled with their products as they were just so cute! I ended up forking up about $80 for the gift (for the record, she loved it), and did not regret a single cent spent.

They also had opened a Christian section catering to the theists amongst us. I have bought gifts for a religious friend or two here. Prices for these are much more reasonable, and you can find quite a variety of products, ranging from leather-bound bibles to the full collection of Joseph Prince sermons.

Precious Thots sells products that are rather popular with the ladies, so guys if you are wondering what to get for your female companion, just head over to a store and take a look. She'll probably love it.

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With the soothing background music and sweet ceramic sculptures surrounding me, lovely. I will always pop by in search of last minute gifts, be it birthday, farewell or baby shower there's always a suitable gift. Also, the greeting cards are so creative and pretty! 'Happy birthday to the best grandpa' and all, funky designs it will definitely put a smile on the receiver's face. Do note that the prices are steep though.

My ex-colleagues bought a Disney Princess Ariel Musical Figurine from Precious Thots for my farewell, i really love it alot. From time to time again i'll still admire it for awhile and listen to the melody when i'm in need of "peace".

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precious moments.

Specializing in all things sweet, their colour theme is mainly white. One step into a store and you feel as if you are transported to a princesses house, where there are pretty, pastel shades of teddies, cards, books and flowers.

This suits the type of girls who like princess-y stuff, who are demure and dainty. However, things don't come cheap, royalty goods means royalty prices too. Be prepared to fork out 5 bucks and above for a birthday card which you can recreate at home.

Their name chains, though pretty, definitely will burn a hole in your pants. So choose, carefully and buy the things that you really want.

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Precious Moments are definitely a highlight.

Precious Thots' ceramic collectible line known as 'Precious Moments' always fascinate me. encased in ceramic, these life-like little dolls capture moments of times in love perfectly without error. These sculptures pay great attention to detail.

Although their items sometimes have a Christian theme to them, I find that there are still many items in their shops that offer something for everybody. This is always a great place to start looking for gifts and retail cards for friends and loved ones.

I cannot get enough of their 'Precious Moments' line and encourage all couples to take a look at them too.

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I simply love the vibe that Precious Thots gives. It feels very calming, sweet and much like a fairytale land because of the beautiful figurines and soft toys there. Their cards from Hallmark are quite expensive I would say. But cards in Popular bookstores can set you back $10-15 nowadays too. Might as well get a pretty card from here.

They have the kimmidoll collection of pencil case, purses and make up bags. And they're really too cute to resist. Stationery here is quite expensive as well, but just like everything else they stock up on, they're really pretty. Oh well, girls just have a soft spot for pretty things.

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I love Precious Moments

I cannot help spending here.

Precious Thots is a very spiritual place. There's always good music tracks in the background and the place always looks invitingly sweet. Everything here is mild and sweet and perfect as gifts. I love Precious Moments and this place has it in every merchandise available - pens, pencils, notebooks, calendars, and I spend my money on all of them.

These collectibles are usually of a very affordable price so it'd lead to a very itchy wallet. I love this place for their little figurines. They are things I'd love to have in my place next time. They now even have wedding certificate cases and vow rings, making this place even more magical than it is already.

Precious Thots is a beautiful place, come here to get hearts for someone precious to you.

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