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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on January 28, 2013    

Nubox is one of the Apple resellers in Singapore with 12 outlets currently.

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Mon-Sun: 10.30am to 9.30pm


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overpriced items, poor service

Nubox’s slick and spacious interior aligns with the Apple brand, and I like how their stores are well-lit and products are spaced far apart so you won’t feel claustrophobic inside. I’ve only visited Nubox once to check out what accessories are available for my iPad, but after my first experience with Nubox I don’t think I’ll pay them a visit again.

I dropped by their branch at Tampines Mall, and was pleasantly surprised to see that they had stocked a range of non-Apple accessories too. The store was quite empty, but the staff members were mostly loitering about and I had to approach them to ask questions. They were knowledgeable, but reluctant to talk to me at all. I decided against buying from Nubox and tried shopping online, where I found the exact same item for almost $10 cheaper. Granted, Nubox’s products are guaranteed to be of a certain standard, but they’re way overpriced. Maybe it was just a bad day, but I don’t think I’ll be returning to Nubox.

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Although I see many branches of Nubox in Singapore, the only one that I've really visited and bought something from is the one in Sim Lim Square. The Nubox there is located on the first floor and is quite big and bright, so it's hard to miss. I like how they don't clutter their floor space with too many products and items, but leave plenty of space between their product displays, which makes for a very clean and uncluttered shop interior.

Apart from featuring the usual Apple products, Nubox also carries various Apple and third-party accessories which are usually stocked somewhere at a corner of the store. I like that their products are of good quality and standard. Of course, this translates to a higher price but I think the quality of their products warrant the price, so it's a good deal overall. The only gripe is that their product range is quite limited to a few models and brands. Hence, I would recommend that if you are looking for accessories for your Apple product, go online to get it! It's likely to be cheaper and there's definitely going to be much more variety and models for you to choose from.

TIP: When buying an Apple product, like a Macbook or iPod Touch, try to ask for a free gift! Such shops are usually quite generous and may throw in a free phone case or keyboard protector if you ask politely. You're welcome.

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Minimalistic Design
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Sim Lim Square
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(Updated: November 28, 2013)

Mime sales associate?

Recently, I was on a shopping trip with my family to City Square Mall and I was in search of an Apple store to see how much the new ear pieces cost, seeing my old ones had begun to fall apart. I decided to go into the Nubox to look around for the ear pieces and it was pretty empty by the time I went in.

I managed to locate the shelf of items easily enough, however the minute I reached out for the ear pieces to check the price (it was a horrifying $42) I immediately sensed a presence right behind me. Seeing that it was not the Hungry Ghost Month, and I would hardly think that an apparition would seek to haunt an Apple store, logical deduction on my part deduced that it was a sales associate that was the presence I felt. Now, I am used to over-enthusiastic sales associates bounding up to customers the second they even set foot within the store premises, like puppies welcoming their masters back home, however this particular sales associate creeped me out in particular.

Now, most sales associates would normally greet customers and ask if they needed any help. However, this one said absolutely nothing throughout the painful five minutes I endured, awkwardly browsing through the accessory shelf. Not. A. Single. Word. There wasn't even the cursory "Hello, how may I help you?" He just stood there for the entire duration, presumably watching my every move as if I was about to go Mas Selemat on him and grab an armful of Apple iPhone cases and charge out of the shop without paying. I even tried moving away, in hopes that he would get the hint and let me shop in peace. Unfortunately, he just dutifully followed me all the way to the MacBook Pro display table, he might have been a mime for all I knew!

Eventually, I got very uncomfortable with his omnipresent following and made a speedy exit out of the shop. Not an outlet I will be purchasing my Apple products any time soon.

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City Square Mall
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Not the best service

I was at Nubox Tampines once to look for a phone cover for my wife's iPhone. The staff there was not very helpful. I was looking at the display for very long and none of them came over to ask if I require assistance. After a while, I asked one of the staff to help me bring down a case so I can feel and touch the case.

The staff was unwilling to help me open the box of the case. He just told me that the case was made of leather material and would fit the phone nicely, there would be no need to open the box for me to see. I was quite unhappy and left the shop. I went to a shop at near by Tampines One and the staff there brought down so many casings for me to see that I finally bought a casing from them.

I understand if the staff is commission based, then selling me a iPhone casing may not get them much commission but there was no other customer in the shop and he was still unwilling to serve me, that was definitely bad service. Anyway, I was lucky I did not buy from Nubox, I got a casing for a cheaper price in the other shop.

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Clean, sleek interior.

As reminiscent of Apple's forefront, with the all white, sleek and clean theme, this store selling all things Apple was as such too. Usually shops do not decor their shops in this way, as it may be perceived as "plain", but sometimes, less is beauty. With the display of similarly sleek and chic items of Apple in the shop, the shop feels really welcoming.

Being an Apple product user, I am greatly drawn to this shop. I often step in to check out some of the new and innovative products on sale.
They will also display their range of products for customers to test out, which I think is really good. This allows customers to experience first hand the products, before deciding whether to purchase them.

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