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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 16, 2012    

Cyberactive was set up in 1995 and is usually found at heartland malls and sells both hardware, software and provides repair services for your computing needs.


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Relevant but limited

As an Xbox 360 user, I do go to cyberlink at west mall to purchase xbox equipment and game. The shop offers the basic technological necessities for computer and gaming consoles which is good, The shop assistants know what they are talking about and can help you with technical issues, which is another great point.

However, I would say that cyberlink does not variety. For xbox games, they usually only sell the more popoular ones, limiting your choices.

One interesting thing about cyberlink in West Mall is that they let people try out selected xbox games - a random tidbit but i find that it adds a nice marketing touch to the shop style.

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Outdated product offerings

I find that this shop does not offer the latest products as fast as Sim Lim Square and the quantity for each product was also limited so if you are looking to buy certain products for bulk purchase, they may not have enough stock. Sometimes, I need to buy certain accessories for my project and I may need to buy in large quantities. Out of convenience, I may try this shop but a few times, I was told they do not have the quantities that I wanted.

I think the other thing is that their pricing is not competitive enough. In Sim Lim Square, if I tell the staff that I am buying a large quantity of certain products, they will normally give me discount without me having to ask for it. But here, even if you ask, they may not give you.

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(Updated: February 01, 2013)

Decent one stop shop

I hate the feeling of having electronics store uncles raise their voice at me while I compare prices at Sim Lim Square. I have decided that as much as possible, I will avoid heading there at all.

While I used to get computer parts such as ram, cooler, internal memory from Sim Lim, I find those at Cyberactive equally good without being overly expensive. As I live quite a distance from Sim Lim, all that time saved makes paying that extra bit more at cyberactive worth it.

Unless I am buying something very expensive (over 1K) or rare, Cyberactive is and will be the place I go to buy reasonably priced electronics.

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Bad service

I asked a question, and the salesperson continued chatting away on his mobile phone, oblivious to my presence.

The service quality here cannot be said to be exceptional, but the gadgets they offer here, from headphones to PC games are indeed affordable and can be considered a viable alternative to retail outlets like challenger.

However, its location at woodlands means that people living in the eastern region and southern region will find it a hassle to travel to this specific outlet (Especially if you don't own your own private transport) . I took around 2 hours to get there from Bedok and the service i received is definitely not worth my trip. But the earphones i got that day, more than 1 year ago, are still functioning perfectly today, so I can't really fault the quality of their products.

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Good for DIY stuff if too lazy to go SLS.

Cyberactive is definitely not on par with the bigger shops like Challenger, however it stands out by itself as an established chain of neighbourhood PC shop.

Cyberactive has a pretty wide range of products and compared to Challenger, they sell a lot more off the shelf components which challenger does not. Items include motherboards, graphics cards, items which are suitable for upgrading or even to make a new PC. Although it must be noted that doing a whole new PC with them would increase the cost by about 5 to 10%, compared to Sim Lim Square.

Cyberactive's prices are pretty competitive vs Challenger and along with good prices, they also have a membership scheme. As I am members with both, I often compared the both of them before I make a decision. So far both are good in their own ways. And since at Jurong Point, both shops are just opposite each other, it is easy for me to compare prices.

Generally, their sales staff are pretty polite and would approach you to see if you need any help. They would not show you any impatience when you ask for more information about the items. Thus shopping with them is usually a good experience.

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The only place my dad knows

My dad is a very lazy man.

He gets excited when he sees the first electronic store in Choa Chu Kang because that will be the only place he'll go to for electronic needs from here on. His laziness often leads to extra spenditure because the things here are really not that well priced nor of reputable brands.

The staff here are pretty distracted, always in their own conversation, and they wouldn't pay much attention to you so be prepared to fumble hopelessly in this electronic place if you haven't done enough research on your intended purchase.

There is a good supply of ear pieces and mouses here so I guess it's not too bad.

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Choa Chu Kang
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