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Newstead Technologies Pte Ltd is a major consumer electronics retailer in Singapore. Established in 1998, Newstead Technologies manages over 40 retail outlets islandwide, contributing a significant amount of sales in the retail industry.

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Good service

I unknowingly bought from this store when I was buying laptops for my company. I was shopping around in one of the computer trade shows and I thought I was buying from Dell because that booth was showing all Dell computers and the staff was wearing Dell t-shirts also.

Only after making payment and receiving my laptops in Newstead bags did I realise I was not buying directly from Dell. Since the laptops were to be used in company so I needed to upgrade to the Professional Windows version but at the booth, they did not have the stock so they told me they will call me. I did not expect them to call me the next day to update me on the stock availability. From my past experience with other shops, I will need to keep calling the shop to follow up on the stock availability.

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Competent oultet for computer-related goods

I am typing this review on my new Acer laptop which I got from Newstead at Serangoon nex. Newstead is not new, having established itself as one of the few surviving computer and electronics retail outlets – and we know how competitive that market is. I remember getting my first laptop from Newstead way back when from their Funan Centre outlet, their very first outlet. Boy, have they come a long way.

Gone are the days when you can bargain for prices at Newstead, as all the prices are pretty much fixed now with little room for bargaining. The Serangoon nex branch is pretty well stocked for a suburban mall, so if you are around the area, you can pretty much get what you need from this location. It’s a good place just to test out laptop and desktop models as all the common models are on display to provide the “touch and feel” experience.

The laptop range is impressive with pretty much all the major brands represented. The staff is also pretty well-versed with product knowledge and this should be sufficient for the average shopper. For the finer technical details, they will pretty much need to check further for you, which is fine. It helps if you have some basic knowledge about what you are looking for, so do some online research before heading down to view the physical products.

I initially bought a Samsung Series 5 laptop. But four days after purchase, the laptop went kaput. Initially I thought I should bring it to Samsung, but since it was still new, I decided to call the sales guy at Newstead to see what he can do. As it turns out, since it was within seven days of purchase, they were able to do a one-to-one exchange. So I brought back the unit and during the course of the discussion with the sales guy, I grew more and more uncomfortable with getting the same laptop again, so I requested a switch to a different brand and model which he allowed me to (with an additional top-up). So their service level is commendable, although I am not sure what would have been the recourse if my original laptop had faulted after the seven days. Probably nothing much from Newstead, and I would have to bring it to Samsung since it would be under warranty, but who knows how long the repair would take.

So Newstead is a competent outlet to get your computer-related goods. Its generous display of merchandise also gives the shopper a good avenue to do some comparison shopping and getting hands-on experience with the products.

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Great service

I went to Newstead to purchase my laptop. The standout for this shop is the staff, who are very helpful and knoledgeable in the field. Based on your specifications, they wil recommend you the best laptops to suit your needs. They are also genuine and will not continually persuade you to buy their products if it is out of the budget. Whem I got my laptop and anti-virus software, the sales assistant very kindly helped me set up my account and install the anti-virus for free. think the best part about the shop is truly their service, which is honest and kind.

Can;t say much about price and quality because that's based on the brand of the laptop you're buying, but the staff will recommend you to the brands that will suit you, evaluating their pros and cons, so that was very helpful for me. Well done

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Money well spent!

I was very impressed by the staff in one of the Newstead outlets in Funan IT mall. I was very satisfied with my buy (Samsung series 5 Ultrabook) which came with many freebies! This gotta be my favourite Xmas present this year!

The staff in the shop were very helpful in sharing the specifications and evaluating the different laptop models. The male staff who served me was not pushy in his sales at all. When I decided to try my luck and pushed for more bargains, he tried his best to negotiate with his boss and eventually gotten me the cut that I requested!

The price of the laptop was very reasonable and I could not believe that I bought it in Funan IT mall! Though it was slightly above my original budget, I was very satisfied with my purchase! Compared to the other promoters of shops in Funan, I personally felt that Newstead staff have very positive attitudes and they will do their best to help customers not just for the sake of closing the deal.

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Surprisingly good service and bargains

I usually go to Challenger for my IT shopping, but I stopped by the Newstead branch at Funan IT Mall last week while helping my wife shop for a tablet. Their staff was surprising friendly and helpful. They were very accommodating to our requests and inquiries. When my wives choose a model which they did not have in stock, they sent one of their staff to another branch to collect one for her.

This was rather unusual in my experience with IT sale staff. Needless to say, I was very impressed with the service quality. We were even given some extra goodies for the tablet we bought!! I will definitely stop by their shops for any IT products in the future.

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