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Ngee Ann City Podium 391 Orchard Road, Level 05-01/05 Singapore 238872
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Best Denki operates one of the largest networks of chain stores in Japan and it is constantly developing new retail concepts including multimedia oriented era outlets, information based exchanges and housing related specialty shops. To date, BEST DENKI has more than 500 retail stores worldwide with 466 stores in Japan, 10 stores in Singapore, 10 stores in Malaysia, another 10 stores in Taiwan, 6 stores in Indonesia, and 2 new stores in Kuwait.

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I heard that Japanese smoked a lot. This being a Japanese shop meant that the staff also followed the Japanese culture.

I was there recently to enquire about desktop computers that I needed for one of my projects. I was served by a staff that smelt so heavy of cigarette smoke that I really could not have a long conversation with him. I had to cut short my enquiries and left without any purchase.

After a few days, I went to another branch to try to complete my enquiries and decide on a purchase. Again, I was served by another staff that smelt of cigarettes smoke. I guessed the person must have chain smoked at least a few cigarettes when he was finally able to take a break and so he returned smelling so heavy of the cigarettes smoke or he may have smoked in a big group, there must be a lot of smokers working in Best Denki.

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Salespeople are salespeople, but Best's is the best

They say salespeople are like eagles at best and vultures at worst. The very best of them have a keen eye for a shopper out to look for a good deal. The worst of them will prey on just about every gullible shopper there is. The dilemma facing all salehatspersons is how to balance ethics with sales figures.

I have bought many stuff from Best. I find that, while their salespeople behave like how salespeople should, a number of them actually would advise shoppers on what would make a good buy.

It was at Best that I made to realise that I could make a tidy savings on certain appliance by purchasing the showroom piece. I saved close to 50% on a 42" LCD TV by getting the demo piece in 2007. 5 years later the TV is still working very well. I had also purchased a demo fridge that has been serving me well since 2007 as well. I saved 40%.

Perhaps I was lucky to find "honest" salespeople, but it is exactly because of them that I keep on coming back to Best

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Electronic paradise

I've bought my LED television from a Best Denki store not too long ago. My old one has broken down on me, and I needed one from a reliable supplier that has a certain quality to it. Although I am aware of Best Denki (who isn't?), I personally have not bought anything from them as at that time.My friend accompanied me to the store, as he said that salespeople there may be a little pushy and a second opinion would help. Luckily, I accepted his advice.

He was very right. Although the salesperson was helpful, she was constantly bugging me to get a 3D TV instead, despite it not being part of my plan at all. However, after we made our point clear, she stopped harassing us and proceeded to recommend me a suitable television instead. Prices there are very reasonable, and there's a range of electronics for the techno-geeks amongst us.

Just be sure to stick firm to your goal, and everything will be fine.

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Speaks for itself, right?

Just like its rivals Courts and Harvey Norman, Best Denki is a enterprise of electronic goods than focuses on resale through a wife line of brands and goods. There are however, several things that differentiate this store from its competitors.

Best Denki has wide spacious stores and although a smaller brand focus, it has has a wide variety of appliances and goods that are sold to the public. Sales are always ongoing and loyal customers are always coming back for more due to the fact that the service in Best Denki is much better than that of Courts.

Through customer satisfaction, I feel that Best Denki has managed to outwit its competitors, although they sell the same goods from the same brand, at rather simillar prices.

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Parkway Parade
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(Updated: November 20, 2012)

The very best Best Denki

Best Denki has always been my favourite electronic stores so I was pretty bummed to find out that there's no review for this wonderful company. Oh well, I shall share with you my shopping experience then!

What I like about the store is that there are a lot of staff members around. If you need help, they'll approach you straight away...even without asking them! I'm always fascinated by this. It's as if they have a radar hidden somewhere... Or it could be that they're highly observant.

Fortunately, the store's spacious too. No chances in having a hard time walking around.

The prices are fairly affordable. It doesn't hurt that they have sales very often, so we shoppers get to save a lot. Not to mention a great bargain.

The cashiers were pretty quick and efficient as well. They wasted no time and remembered to thank the customers. Thank you to you too, fellow cashier.

Although, I feel that the warranties should be longer. Technology these days, you can't really trust them.

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