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Listing created by Jane on June 07, 2012    

Harvey Norman offers an extensive range of electronics and IT products. Apart from that, they also provide a comprehensive range of furniture and bedding home collection products from overseas.

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Mundane options, Cheaper prices

Just next to my block lives a Harvey Norman store which i frequent to check out the latest gadgets and whizzes. Usually there would be none for the latter. I would say just like stores like Best Denki or Courts, the variety of items sold here is not great but you can definitely find products ranging from laptops, Samsung mobile phones, TVs, soundbars and at some branches even furniture.

What makes Harvey stands out is its price competitiveness. Quite often(about once a month), it holds promotion periods- the current one would be its 12th anniversary sale! Speaking of which, I almost got a microsd card from them recently but did not as the brands they carry are limited(as point above), but it's 10% cheaper(which made me happy for a while) than its competitors like Challenger etc.

One stark contrast would be its much-less emphasis on membership privileges as it seeks to use advertisements to draw crowds.

Service wise, I guess it's more or less the same elsewhere as employees of electronic retailers in Singapore often work under different companies interchangeably. So, if you will, visit Harvey for its price advantage.

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Bukit Panjang Plaza
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Good for entertainment system products

Harvey Norman sells quite a wide range of electronic devices; different models from many different brands. However, don’t expect to get the best bargains from there. I would say that it would be a good time to visit Harvey Norman only when they have promotions or sales; as you can get your goods as really great prices.

Even so, sometimes, they can have the same promotions as other electronic device retailers such as Challenger, where you can get even better bargains if you are a member. Personally, I find Harvey Norman just another electronic device retail store; nothing special about it.

That having said, I must commend the staff for really knowing their goods inside out. I went there to enquire about an Acer Ultrabook, and I wasn’t exactly an ‘easy’ customer; yet they still displayed patience and shared valuable information about the product (I was quite impressed).

Their main products would be entertainment system related – like televisions, audio speakers etc. If you are looking to buy other products like cameras or mobile phones, I suggest going to specialised retailers which have a narrower range of devices like Challenger or Epic Centre.

To recapitulate everything, Harvey Norman is just another store which specialises in entertainment system products.

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Pros and Cons

Harvey Norman has one of the largest variety of electronic products i've ever seen, ranging from various different brands as well, it could go from electronic bicycles to refrigerators. Although huge variety in it's selling products, the price is not excatly what i expected, i recently bought he newest ASUS gaming notebook made from the collaboration of SteelSeries and ASUS. It cost me about 2.8k, but when i went to laptop stores specifically selling just laptops, it cost just 2.5k, that's a whole lot of price differences. But i'll have to say the service provided at Harvey Norman is one of the best i've encountered as well. For those wanting to purchase electronic products but lazy to travel around, Harvey Norman is the store for you.

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Limited range of each product type

I'm a sucker for convenience. So when I need minor electronic products (like a thumbdrive or earphones), I usually head to my nearest mall, Parkway Parade, and buy it there, instead of going downtown. I am spoilt for choice between Challenger, Harvey Norman, and Best Denki. Ultimately, I tend to pick Challenger for price competitiveness and for range.

Parkway's Harvey Norman outlet is rather limited in the range of each type of goods. For example, I was looking for a external hard disk recently. I went into Harvey Norman first and found that there were only a few brands available on a lonely shelf. In contrast, Challenger had a larger selection with varying storage spaces available.

In terms of price competitiveness, Harvey Norman doesn't differ much from its competitors in the same shopping centre. There are occasional promotions that I notice in the newspapers; otherwise I borrow a friend's Challenger membership account to get discounts. I don't believe Harvey Norman has a members' card.

I reckon there's nothing special to Harvey Norman except when it holds a promotion that gives it an edge over competitors. If I'm in a rush to buy something, it is definitely not the first place I'd go!

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Parkway Parade
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Great Deals And Offers.

Besides having to walk into major outlets that supports only Apple, Alienware, Acer etc brand shops. You can actually just go to Harvey Norman to get the widest offer and view about many different brands of electronics that you're looking for. Especially for those that are moving to new houses, or maybe getting a new house, could really need to get great offers for electronics and household things that they would need in their new home.

What really attracts me is the bargains and offers they put up for each different electronics and handheld devices, such as Cameras, iPads, Laptops computers and Television sets, etc. They also throw in some free gifts for you when you purchase it, that is definitely the best offers that any electronics retail stores can give you.

The customer service in Harvey Norman is simply the one of the best that I have ever seen, just by standing beside any electronic stuffs, the sales assistants would personally approach you asking if you need help and show you what offers and recommendation they have for you. Which is something that most retail stores failed to do nowadays.

Besides having to get great bargains and offers, and you still get good customer service, what are you still waiting for? Hurry now and head down to Harvey Norman today!

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Great store with great customer service.

I frequently visit Harvey Norman every time I am getting new household appliances or gadgets. There are other stores competing with Harvey Norman, but one reason the draws me to this store is because of the service. 

Recently I got a new gadget  for myself and there are several unanswered doubts in my head. I wanted to ask the sales lady but her face expression was kind of fierce and I held back. Slowly, she approached me with a smile and that's when I asked her about the product. She explained to me in a very detailed way and even convinced me of why I should get the product instead of other brands. It turned out that she was really friendly. 

In the end I decided to get the item and proceeded to the cashier for payment. When I was paying for the item, she even advised me about several stuff regarding the warranty and where I should go or whuch hotline number i should call in case there was something wrong with the item. It was a great experience shopping in Harvey Norman

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(Updated: June 15, 2012)

Have a Harvey Day!

Harvey Norman , being one of the main players in Singapore's electronic products-market has roughly the same pricing and products as other big names, such as Courts and Gain city. However, when it comes down to that last dollar in your wallet, you might want to do a rough price survey among these three companies.

To quote one example, I recently bought a white Asus net-book from Harvey Norman for $399, of which upon comparison with the other two names, is $30-$50 cheaper. Given the same amount of functions, it doesn’t hurt to travel a bit more to get to your nearest Harvey Norman store to save some cash.

Since I reside in the west side, the nearest outlet is in West Mall. As the doors opened at 11am, I was among the first few customers who entered. The sales people were energetic and promptly asked us for what we were looking for. The guy who served me was knowledgeable as he explained the differences each kind of net-book they had, and which one was right for your intended kind of usage. The useful advice given made me even more convinced of my initial choice. However, the waiting time to set up the net-book was quite long and I had to stand staring into empty space for about 20 minutes. Maybe they could have had a chair and a table for customers to sit while waiting.

Nevertheless, I left the store satisfied, seeing I have saved some money and bought a laptop sufficient for my needs.

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