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#03-16, Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Rd Singapore 228213
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Listing created by poppy on April 21, 2012    
Hidden in a corner of Far East Plaza, the cleverly named store looks like the traditional 杂货店 (convenience store) with a modern flair. Started in 2008 by an interior designer, The Corner Shop sells almost everything from quirky stationeries, mini vending machines, radio, CD player, clothes and vintage items. Almost everything is for sale in the shop, and one can find familiar childhood toys and interesting ornaments displayed at the counter. The Corner Shop also carries both men and women wear.


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Modern 'Ma-Ma' Store

The winning concept of this store, can be considered to be how it appeals to many people because it sells many unnecessary yet cute little things that remind one of their childhood. The location of the shop however, puts it at a huge disadvantage as if I hadn't needed to use the restroom, I would not have chanced upon this shop at all.

I walked into this little store, which was literally filled. Every space possible was maximised by another item and I found myself dizzy with the decision of which item to look at first. The products ranged from cute little toy tin boxes to fascinating moving objects but giving one the feel of stepping into an olden days asian convenient store. It provides a little exclusivity to the owners of each item as they are usually sold in limited quantities. With the upcoming vintage trend, it would fetch the liking of many collectors with its vintage outlook that is too luring to resist.

However, in my opinion, it is one of those shops that you feel so awed by everything that you spend so much time looking at every item in the shop but eventually leave empty handed because you just cant decide on what to get and for what purpose. Although the prices of the items may be a little pricey, in general it would make the ideal emergency stop for that last-minute birthday gift.

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Blast to the Past

It is a little shop tucked in the corner of Far East Plaza and it is a very unique store that adds a little flavour the whole building. For the 1980s and 1990s, the stuff inside will bring back so much memories of your childhood and will make you squeal in delight and you will be tempted to buy everything.

The prices of the products in the shop are increased by about 200% because of their close-to-extinction nature but for memory's sake, I would definitely buy it.

The bosses and retail people are very friendly and they do not judge you for roaming around without buying anything unlike those shop owners who would show black faces just because a customer walks out without buying anything..

One thing I loved was the mystery gift packet ($10 If I remember correctly). You wouldn't know what's inside till you pay for it and the suspense is awesome.

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Far East Plaza
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Surprises Inside!

The Corner Shop is a humble store located, literally, at an inconspicuous corner of Far East Plaza dedicated to selling an array of quirky, one-off pieces, imported and self-manufactured products. Though inconspicuous on the exterior, The Corner Shop is not your run-of-the-mill shop. You would find unique imported stationeries, old-school toys, cutesy jewellery and clothing for both male and female.

My curiosity was piqued immediately upon stepping into the shop. The products are meticulously curated and neatly arranged in a minimalistic space with white-washed walls and red velvet curtains. It is definitely easy to navigate through every of their products – that is if not many people are in the shop due to its small size.

The shop owners do not look friendly or attempt to show apparent signs of hospitality. However, they are, nevertheless, approachable and would offer some help with answering your queries or further elaborating on the design of the clothes (especially on weekdays when they are less busy).

Speaking to one of the shop owners, the clothes are specially sourced from overseas (hence, special and some, one-of-its-kind) and even self-designed and manufactured by the talented owners (males clothes only). Having a keen eye for design and detail, the mens clothes at the Corner Shop emphasises on having a unique sense of identity and a flattering cut to them. Overall, the female’s and men’s collection of clothes exudes vibrancy with an edge of quirky fun. Trying of clothes is allowed.

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Far East Plaza
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(Updated: May 09, 2012)

flashback from the past

This is a place where you can experience flashbacks from your childhood. It sells plenty of items that I used to play as a kid. The decor and arrangement of the whole shop definitely fits the idea of a 'za huo dian', which simply means a provision shop! The lights are quite dim and the items are hanged like provision shops of the past. If you find an item that vividly reminds you of your childhood, fret not, you can purchase it at a reasonable price! as like what the reviewer below has mentioned, these are mere reproductions and not a true vintage item. Edible items like candies and chocolates are also available for sale as well. You can also purchase useable stationery to be used in school!

Besides items that would evoke familiarity, there are also modern quirky items for sale. For example. candy dispensing machines. So cute! There are also modern male and female apparels for sale. It is almost an all-in-one shop. Even if you are not there to buy something, the looking and browsing part while feeling your childhood memories flow back would be something not to be missed. The location of the shop might be hard to find but in any case, do look out for corners as The Corner Shop, like its name implies, is just at the corner.

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Indulge in little nolstagic moments as you step into this shop that's situated at a corner in Far East Plaza!
Personally, I had stepped into it several times during my previous shopping trips, and I would often feel a sense of nostalgia whenever I see their items on the shelves. (Think tin can toys, vintage cola bottles and even clay dolls.) Those were popular items back in the olden days, and it is a most fascinating sight to see them in today's world.
I particularly love the "Ding Dong chocolates" that are usually available at their counter. I remembered I used to collect all the different toys that came with those chocolates during my childhood days!

Some of their vintage-looking items are reproductions, of course, but is ideal for anyone who loves vintage-inspired stuff like myself. They have a special shelf that sells various apparels as well, but the prices are totally out of my budget! (There was a jacket that cost over $100)

Nonetheless, I still enjoy browsing through the items whenever I have the opportunity to shop near the area. I believe there are many who treat the shop as a "museum" instead of an actual merchandising store because there are simply too many interesting vintage items to look at!

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(Updated: April 23, 2012)

Around the corner

Decked in the little corner of Far East Plaza, it is indeed true that its shop location might lead to its shop garnering little attention or favour.

However, I do think that that is the whole purpose of them creators, by naming it 'The Corner Shop', it does not need much attention from the crowds, at least not receptive towards the idea of opening up to unecessary crowds at the plaza, like those who hungrily scowl for cheap buys at blogshops located in the same building.

They proved to be successful in this case, whereby its target audience remains intact and small with most buyers mostly coming from the indie scene. The things/clothing that they sell are expensive as compared to other shops present, but their prices reflect the quality and rareness of the goods they stock at this 'za huo dian'(provision shop).

The display of the goods and the music they play largely and clearly differentiate them from the rest too, not to mention, their logo is also nicely thought out that attracts one from afar, one would only be awed by the things that they actually offer although the prices remains a chore.

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