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253 Alexandra Rd Singapore 159936
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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 19, 2012    

Singapore's only dealership for one of the world's most recognisable brands sells the latest motorcyles, as well as merchandise including jackets, shirts, gloves, helmets and other limited-edition collectables. Their service centre employs technicians who have finished courses conducted by Harley-Davidson University (yes, there really is one). You can also get a taste of the Harley action by renting one of their bikes for the day.

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Vespa Senior

World renowned motorcycle brand, Harley Davidson definitely needs no introduction from a small fry like me. Its brand itself also has a certain charisma about that makes it all so desirable. Obviously, owning a Harley in Singapore is not too practical because of its expensive fees and road structure. To add to it, the weather is always too hot to be even doing anything much, much less riding around aimlessly. Although an experience on a Harley, would really be quite different than on a typical motorcycle that is for sure.

The clothing and apparel that Harley Davidson designs are mostly suited for the bikers. The bike enthusiasts would love the shop because of its ride range of leather jackets and gloves, printed proudly with the Harley-logo. They too stock other souvenir items, although the prices are a little much because of the branding. The shirt qualities are also not too awesome, after a few times in the wash my collar on my polo tee decided to change to a lighted shade. While over-wearing would definitely cause wear and tear I was not prepared for it to decolour in such a short time frame.

For some reason or another however, it is just something about Harley Davidson that draws one to it. Perhaps it is the trendy yet odd combination of orange and black? I have no idea.

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