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New Look is a clothing company that has extended its stores from the United Kingdom to other countries world-wide. Known as a high street brand, it boasts a range of products from clothings, to shoes, bags and accessories. 

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hits and misses

Recently I’ve noticed that many New Look stores around Singapore are closing shop, such as the Tampines 1 and Bugis+ branches. I have never really been a fan of New Look, but it’s one of the more affordable high street brands available in Singapore so it’s a shame.

I’ve bought some things from New Look before, and I find that the quality of their items is not very consistent. One of the pullovers I bought pilled after just one wash, and I found the material itchy when worn. On the flipside, I own a New Look dress that has the most gorgeous cutting and print, and it’s almost as good as new although I’ve worn it to death. Their shoe selection is fairly limited to occasion shoes, but they offer a really wide array of sizes which is great because I have slightly bigger feet. Price range is a little on the expensive side, but somehow I’ve never been to a New Look where there isn’t an ongoing sale. Neither have I ever had a bad experience with the service at New Look. New Look is pretty decent if you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe, and you can find superb bargains if you’re patient enough to wait for their sales.

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You’ll think you died and went to shoe heaven

Back when I was in my awkward tween years, New Look was my favourite spot to go and try on heels and take embarrassing photos for Facebook. Even when I had gone past this phase, it was the go-to place whenever I needed shoes or cheap clothes, so when I saw they had stores in Singapore, I was ecstatic. The heels are the game changer for me. They’re a million times cheaper than other fashion stores in Singapore, and they’re comfortable as well as high quality, I’ve still got a pair I bought over 5 years ago.

The price is a little higher here than in the UK, but that tends to happen with UK brands overseas. The issue with New Look is that it’s a little hit and miss, one day you can go in and come out with a million goodies, and then another you can walk in and the stock is horrendous. For the price though, this hit-and-miss luck is definitely worth it. The clothes tend to be a little basic, but if that’s what you’re after then you’ll be in luck.

The accessories and bags are average, but be sure to include New Look in your next shopping expedition. You are able to find some really good stuff here, and it will never burn a hole in your wallet either.

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For the Shoe Shoppers

New Look is one of my favorite stores to shop at because of their wide array of shoes! Although their shoe collection is mostly catered for event-goers because they're mainly a selection of heels. I would say their shoes are well-designed in an aesthetic sense, but to walk in them is another question. It's not easy to pull off those heels because of the height, but they do offer a nice range of short-heeled boots to 6-inch stilettos.

Personally, I do like some of their bag designs. I bought a set a bracelets and a couple of bags from New Look. I've also purchased several shirts and other clothing. However, I don't think their quality is consistent throughout all their products. This one bag that I bought not too long ago, although still it's working well, the leather has begun to peel off little. If you want a good quality leather bag, don't come to New Look. It's slightly on the more expensive end, but their products are made of PVC, not authentic leather. Their wallets are not the best, I would recommend somewhere else like RiverIsland for longer lasting wallets.

All in all, my feelings toward New Look is rather mixed. It depends on the item you buy. Remember to test out walking in the shoes, or try the clothing on. Check the tag for the material composition so that you know what you're paying for and how long it would last.

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Certainly Looks New

New Look should attain a reward for ‘ Which Store Decorates Their Window Panes Best’. I was frequently enthralled by their humongous percentage signs followed by the words ‘SALE’ plastered all across the window panes practically every month. Other stores like Mango, TopShop and Forever21 did similar tactics too but New Look seems to be leading this pack. They were like the master of persuasion. Plastering percentage signs simply across window panes would usually not suffice for New Look. They would dangle strips of papers that had percentage signs on them, all over the ceiling, like they were Christmas ornaments.

The footwear sold at New Look are impressive when it comes to the wide array of sizes made available for customers. My feet had a size that made finding one that fits for them a chore in Singapore. Therefore, New Look’s decision to provide a string of sizes, from puny to gigantic, is commendable indeed.

Their apparel designs are intriguing too albeit banal at times, depending on the season and personal taste buds. The quality is neither too thick nor too thin. Their clothes material are those that do not seem capable of tearing either. The con factor of the store is definitely the wallets or accessories section. That section usually contains designs that made my mind go “Oh! This seems familiar I may have seen it elsewhere!”.

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Get a New look during sales!

I never fail to walk into this store whenever I'm in 313. The friendly store assistant always greets me with a smile and says welcome when I walk into the shop - such positive atmosphere naturally leaves me coming back for more.

The New look outlets that I usually frequent are usually large in size which takes me a good period time to actually look through the racks to find clothings that might actually suit me. While the store does have a large range of clothing, one thing that is really annoying about the layout is the bad organisation of the clothing which ends up making me feel dizzy while looking for clothes. Despite that, however, whenever I find something, I am always surprised that it is of a reasonable price. However, if you're really lucky then sometimes, you might get a really good bargain if the item is on sale - it seems like the sales are the best part of shopping at new look! Maybe then can you get an entirely new look!

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Try your heels here!

Located at various part of Singapore, New look is a shop which is filled with modernly designed clothes fit for working adults.

One of the most memorable things which I would take from new look would be the multiple shoe trying. Back in the days where my good friends and I have yet to wear heels, we often head off to new look to try out varieties of four inches heels offered and try to balance off each other. What I like about the staff is even though we clearly looked like we can’t afford those stilettos, they still allow us to test out those heels.

Overall, I feel new look is a place for female to try out multiple heels but till this date, I still feel their things are on a pricier side.

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