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Factorie is an Australian clothing brand, owned by the Cotton On Group. It takes inspiration from the beach to the street and all the awesomeness in-between, providing quick fashion-wins for both girls and guys. 

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Clothes that will fast become wardrobe favourites

Admittedly I wound up here in a last ditch attempt to find a pair of shorts, but I was pleasantly surprised. I had walked past Factorie countless times before, and despite thinking ‘oh it looks nice in here’, for some reason I always kept walking. Going in most of the sizes are an 8 or below, painful when you’re just one size up at a 10, but when you do find things your size the funky looking changing room is waiting for you.

The shorts I ended up buying were a little pricier than I was looking for, but they were so comfortable and exactly the style that I wanted, so I thought why not. It quickly became a staple in my wardrobe, and I need to make another trip to Factorie ASAP so that I can get my hands on more clothing that I will wear non stop.

It makes a refreshing change from visiting Topshop and Forever 21 non-stop, and their style is less childish than F21, making it a great option if you don’t fancy traipsing around a massive store for hours on end.

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Cotton On is so 2010 - shop here instead

I used to be an avid Cotton On shopper, until I was introduced to Factorie.

Although prices are a bit higher in comparison, Factorie clothes are still within the affordable range. The quality of the pieces are significantly better - sturdier, less flimsy and less translucent. I liked the style of clothing sold, which was monochrome but uniquely patterned or cut. The pieces that Factorie hosted are always trendy and in season, which means that it’s difficult for youngsters like myself to go wrong when shopping here.

Clothing I buy from Factorie usually become staples in my wardrobe, whether it’s a lightweight knit cardigan, a casual dress, or some denim shorts. Male clothing is quite limited though, and many may find the style of it too loud for their liking. But try spending some time in one of their outlets - you’d find something you love soon enough.

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Don't be fooled by the title! I wasn't ripped off at all. In fact, I bought a really pretty pair of ripped denim shorts and they fit me really well!

I wouldn't say that $34.90 is a good price to pay for a pair of shorts. To be honest, if I had a choice, I would have paid around $20. Nevertheless, the shorts are made of a very comfortable material, it is smooth and easy to move around when I wear them.

They're kind of like another 'Cotton On', although some of their their clothing are more expensive. I find that some of their pieces are rather unique and different from 'Cotton On', the quality is better too. If you're looking for a nice denim piece to match with your top, or an easy-to-wear slip on flower-print dress, I think Factorie offers a nice option to all these town-shoppers!

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Memorable Name

Oh I would remember the name of this shop anywhere. With the huge signs outside the shop screaming 'DISCOUNT' here, why would I not frequent this place? To be honest, I'm a helpless spendthrift - I succumb to the temptation of discounts too easily. The first association I had with the brand name 'Factorie' was the idea of a factory outlet. Unfortunately, the prices are exactly 'factory outlet prices'.

Despite the really catchy name and the screaming signs of promising discounts, my visits to this shop has not proved to be all that successful. Other than a top which caught my attention, the rest of the clothes seemed rather simple and plain - which is not all that bad - which is a little too boring for my liking. However, for the people who like to colour block, this place seems to be a good place to shop - with most of their apparels being black and white, it's actually quite trendy for those who can pull it off.

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Pretty much just another Cotton On

I actually don't quite see anything too interesting about factorie. With it's "Aussie" vibe, I can quickly see it becoming the next 'Cotton On'. They pretty much look the same and they have the same price range. They're a branched out label from 'Cotton On' which holds explanation for their similarities, but I really don't get why 'Cotton On' would even create a second store and put in more of the same clothing.

I'm not a fan of factorie, and I honestly don't see myself becoming one either

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Nothing too interesting

I've visited the Westgate and Ion branches of Factorie, and all I can say is it is almost indifferentiable from Cotton On.

The clothes have a very distinct Australian style about them, as my friend who lives in Brisbane confirmed when she was shopping there with me. Meaning, lots of board shorts and tank tops for guys, and spaghetti-strap sun dresses and jelly shoes for girls.

Prices are reasonable, like Cotton On, they average about $20 to $30 for a piece of clothing. The quality is not fantastic, the fabrics are pretty thin but I suppose that's a good thing for Singapore's weather. If, unlike me, you're a big fan of Australian style, this would be a shopping heaven for you. However, I can't help but feel bored by the Australian beach style already, given the countless number of Cotton On stores that have invaded our shores.

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less than perfect

Hailed from Australia, Factorie is often popular among teenagers. Similar to Temt and Cotton On, they offer trendy clothings, footwear and accessories at affordable prices. And exactly like the other brands, their quality of apparels are not of a high standard. Most of them look cheap with their stitchings done poorly.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to make anyone turn against their favourite shopping destination nor make them feel the need to defend it. I, myself, have bought dresses and pants from the store. Yet they all lasted me at most a year, with their stitchings coming undone after a few washes. Their accessories, on the other hand, are really trendy but are limited in choices.

Overall, it is still worth a look for anyone who is after affordable clothes and doesn't mind the less than perfect quality.

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Refreshing clothes

Having heard many other people rave about Factorie, I finally decided to go have a look myself. I was definitely impressed by the variety and selection of clothes available, and how the store caters to everybody regardless of gender, age, style and size.

If you are looking for clothes for any specific event, feel free to approach the friendly staff. Not only were they able to give me good recommendations, they could also find me the perfect size.

The clothes are made of a soft material, making them very comfortable. The pricing of some of the pieces were a little steep, but overall it is acceptable. However, if you don't mind waiting, don't make any hasty decisions as that piece may just go on sale. Some of the sale items were marked down by more than 50%, and that is definitely a good deal.

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