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Founded in 2006, Forever New is a fashion clothing and accessories brand, celebrating the feminine beauty of women. 

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(Updated: May 15, 2014)

Overpriced Bling

Whilst the sparkling storefront attracts many female customers, its prices may have done the exact opposite.

I remember eyeing a cream-coloured chiffon tank top with reflective embellishments on its collar and decided to try it on. The material was rather thin, and it was see-through. I figured it should cost about 30-40 MAX.

So I brought it to their luxurious changing rooms and happily put it on, feeling like a princess with the sparkles in this huge changing room. A few selfies later, I got out of the top and checked out the price.
My oh my, thank goodness the selfies were taken before I saw the price. That simple tank with its barely-there material wanted to take a $99 bite out of my wallet.

I got out of that changing room and walked briskly out of the shop, and I hardly stopped by since then.

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Ogling at all the shiny things
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Expensive clothes that doesn't seem worth it.

Despite the really close name it shares to 'Forever 21', it is not the same brand. Neither is it a spin off from the brand. While Forever 21 caters to the more pre-teen ages and markets a more youthful and trendy age, Forever new caters slightly to the more formal and older generation.

I still remember a chance trip into this store. While helping my friend choose a prom dress, she excitedly pulled me into the store and told me that she loved this store and if she had a chance, she would choose a prom dress here. While the store front did mention that the shop was having sale, when I picked up a party frock, I was shocked to find out that it was over a $100. Way over my budget for a prom dress - definitely not something I would spend on a dress for a one-time event. After the dress, the other items such as crop tops seemed even more overpriced - that just put me off. You won't be seeing me in a Forever new anytime soon.

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Overpriced and poor quality

A lot of my native Australian friends claim that Forever New is their equivalent if Forever 21 but that's quite the lie.

Forever New is actually pretty expensive! I bought a dress from there for an event that I went to and it was close to $200, I justified buying it because it seemed of good quality. However, it was actually pretty uncomfortable, the material was rather scratchy and I was pretty annoyed by it.

I actually think it might be somewhat like Dorothy Perkins, with it's clothes and the general vibe of the store.

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Value-For-Money applies

Originating from Australia, Forever New is slowly climbing up the charts of known brands in Singapore. They offer a range of classy & sophisticated clothings and accessories that might just make your jaw drop when looking at them. Their store fronts are plastered with crystals, sequins, flowers, and basically everything that sparkles. Their amazing store front theme flows into their main stores as well. Standing in the middle of their shop floor, one might think that this Australian label is at par with high brands of such. This explains their not so wallet-friendly prices. A chic blazer can cost you up to $150; which messes with the clothing's worthiness based on the price.

Personally, I think the prices of their apparels are over my budget depending on which item I am looking at. For example, their all time classic dresses purchased at $59.99, can never go wrong and will last you a lifetime. Others may beg to differ. But as usual, the value-for-money policy applies.

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may be rather overpriced.

Forever New's clothes look just like what a Barbie would stock her closet with. Their collections are very feminine and glamourous - think chiffon and sequins! Their party dresses are especially gorgeous. The quality and workmanship of the clothes is also evident upon trying them on. In my opinion, the cutting is markedly better than average, and helps to transform a simple design into an elegant, stunning one.

Unfortunately, the prices are very steep. I got a huge shock after seeing that a chiffon blouse I picked up cost $69.90, when I'm sure I've seen similar pieces in other stores for half the price. I'm sure the quality justifies some of the cost, but still, my pockets aren't deep enough to patronise this store as often as I would like.

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Wisma Atria
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If only it was cheaper

Forever New hails from Australia, but before you start thinking along the lines of Cotton On or Rubi, note that this chain is pretty different.

It is more similar to Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge, selling feminine, party-ready clothing that are very pretty. The only but perhaps major downside is the prices are not friendly. I would dare say that the average price is even higher than the two stores I mentioned above.

If you're looking for party clothes and beautiful dresses, this shop is worth a try if you have money to burn. If not, try New Look or Forever 21 instead for similar pieces at much lower prices.

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Beautiful clothes, steep prices

Hailing from Australia, Forever New is relatively fresh on the Singapore retail scene - it definitely isn't as ubiquitous in malls or as well-known among the teenage populace as its more popular counterparts, Topshop and H&M. Perhaps for that reason alone, I particularly like visiting Forever New - I know the pieces I buy from the store won't be seen on any other girl on the streets.

Forever New stores are always well-lit and pristine, glossy surfaces polished to perfection and clothes arranged neatly on racks, first in terms of design categories, then in terms of size within these categories. The stores ooze luxury and glamour and the clothes carry the same vibe. Unlike aforementioned counterparts, Forever New does not pride itself on the artful deconstruction of apparel - ripped jeans, sweatshirts with tastefully placed holes, grungy boots. Instead, it sells sequined pieces and feminine dresses that wouldn't look out of place on New York City socialites. Indeed, some of these clothes resemble the apparel Tinsley Mortimer herself frequently sports.

The accessories are also absolutely beautiful - all pastel wallets with gold details, red and blue schoolgirl satchels and black structured bags.

Unfortunately, due to the steep prices, I've only purchased a skirt and two pairs of tights from Forever New - all were, of course, on sale.

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Gold, glamour, sequins

I think I fall in love with Forever New just a little more each time I walk into the outlet at Tampines 1. But Forever New and I have a rather strange relationship - I think it's unrequited love. I could spend hours just wandering around the store and trying on stuff, but the terrible price tags just won't let me bring most of them home.

Don't expect ragged sweatshirts or palm-length ripped shorts over at Forever New. Forever New is all elegance and class, of perfect hems and form-fitting dresses. It's definitely a store to stop by if you're looking out for a prom dress or a bridesmaid dress fit for a wedding dinner. Forever New manages a perfect balance of trendy pieces that are edgy yet feminine and delicate in design, and it's a wonder how I keep my wallets intact whenever I stumble upon a Forever New store.

Besides the quality, the interior of each store is also amazing! Think sprawling fitting rooms with plenty of hangers and bars, drawn close by thick velvet curtains. Racks are widely spaced, and the bright lighting certainly makes for an ethereal shopping experience.

While the prices may be a little intimidating - just remember, you're paying for quality. Also, look out for their frequent sales. You won't regret it!

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Tampines 1
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My dream wardrobe

The Forever New store is literally my dream wardrobe, and if you’ve seen their apparel, I’m pretty sure it’d be yours too. This store is full of gorgeous clothes and accessories that would make even Barbie green with envy. I honestly have not seen a piece of clothing that I HAVEN’T liked from the store. The quality and designs are so beautiful, and I love browsing through the racks just to look at their latest collections.

So if Forever New is so wonderful, what’s stopping me from getting my dream wardrobe? Yep, you guessed it – the price. They’re pretty much comparable to the likes of Dorothy Perkins and Topshop. In other words, out of my budget. Usually, I can only stare longingly at the mannequins as I pass by the store.

If you’re in the same predicament as I am, then here’s some good news. Their sales are adbsolutely ridiculous. Their last sale was 50% off sale prices for all bags and shoes. Oh. My. Gosh. I scored a pair of heels, which was previously priced at $89.90, at just $17.90. I also managed to get accessories of great quality at below $5.

Yeah, I was flabbergasted.

Definitely keep an eye out for Forever New’s sales. I know I will.

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