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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on June 04, 2013    

Lexi Lyla is an online store that caters mainly for woman. It aims to capture women's bold confidence via their apparels and accessories. Lexi Lyla also owns separate labels within the store. Those that bears the label 'LUXE' are said to contain high-end materials that ensures a uxurious appeal and quality. This online store is managed by Singaporean blogger Dawn Yang and her sister, Claire.

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(Almost) non-existent after sales service

Made purchase on restock items and was told that they sold out.
Okay no worries, refund please right?
They promised 10 days to process my refund, but lo and behold, after countless emails, it took 31 days to process.
Didn't know they use a different calendar in Lexilyla office. Strange.
And this is after i disputed my transaction via Paypal.
Imagine if I had not done so.

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Bad after-sales service beyond words

I am hardly someone who complains and rants about openly be it on my FB or any social media platforms but recently (I don't know if coming 3 months considered as recent still) my purchases with her online shop, Lexi Lyla, really pissed me off.

Let me get you into what's going on.

On 28th Oct 2013, I bought 2 dresses from Lexi Lyla and which one came defective with watermark stains over it.

On 29th Oct 2013, I sent it back for a exchange.

2 weeks after on 12th Nov 2013, I received a email from Lexi Lyla that a new piece will be sent to me ASAP (as slow as possible maybe)..and of course I cut it short with the email saying 'we are sorry for the defective item.......'

So then, I began to open my mailbox daily like a naive-happy-lil-girl awaiting for the Santa Claus to drop the present down into my chimney which is like never gonna happened.

21st Nov 2013, I sent an email asking when can I expected to receive the new piece. Awfully silence....No response...

25th Nov 2013, I sent another email asking for an kind update or response please.

Thank goodness, someone finally 'works' on the 26th Nov 2013, responding to me that they are sorry for the delay as they are likely (likely? what do u mean by likely? Weird.) having some stocking problems and will expedite the processing and shipping.

Seriously I don't understand a single bit of what stocking problems they are having. Its a yes and no thingy. If you have a new piece, send it. If no,then refund. Simple as that isn't it? Ok, whatever, giving them a benefit ofdoubt. They are the one doing business. Not me.

I carry on waiting. Wait, nothing but wait.. Repeating the steps above. Again, the Santa Claus did not drop anything into my chimney still. I then sent 3 separate emails each on 2nd, 4th, 6th Dec 2013 pathetic-ly asking for a kind response. But oh well, NO response at all. Hur..

I no longer know what to describe my feelings is. Angry? Sad? Pissed? Disappointed? Antsy? Whatever you can think off. So I went on to Ms Dawn Yang's blog and happened to see one of her post wishing to have a boutique of her own one day. So I left her a comment: (obviously it was not approved to be shown on her blog, unlike comments like how beautiful she is. Oh well.)

Dear Dawn,

It is with much regrets that i have to send you this comment.

If a simple defective exchange on your online shop, Lexi Lyla, needs more than a month to do so, (not to mention with NO proper updates for your customer after weeks and no response to emails), I do not see what it takes you have to own a boutique of your own because you do not even have the basic after-sales-services like any other boutiques have.

I bet you yourself do online shopping and the eagerness to have your purchases shipped fast. I have waited patiently for the defective exchange for weeks and now closing to a month. And since NO one is responding to my email, I seek for your response here then.

Thank you.


Despite so, removed with no response. Sigh.

Apparently they are more active in removing negative comments in their FB's page vs replying their customers too.

Seen someone commenting that how it's been 3 weeks and there's no response and delivery for her purchases. Next moment, POOF! The comment is gone. Magically gone forever. Goodbye~~

And so on the 11th Dec 2013, I finally get to see an email pop up notification on my phone showing from Lexi Lyla, telling me that all remaining stocks of that particular dress I've purchased are all defectives and if I would like to exchange for something else or a refund.

Horrified!!! You mean they took a month or so to detect that ALL their pieces were defectives?! Did they went through like a million pieces? Oh man, it must be hard on them. Either that, they must have such a huge warehouse. Great! (And while I'm trying to think of something to describe the huge warehouse, suddenly an image of the humongous magnifying library appeared, the one that fairy-tale Beast brought Beauty to in his castle, ok if you do watched 'Beauty and the Beast' and knows what I am talking about. Otherwise u can ignore. Lol. ;p)

Ok, it must be THAT huge to take a month to go through. Alright. So now I ponder if big boutiques' warehouses like, C,G,H or P need 2-3 months to search for something. Tsk~

Although I replied on the 12th Dec 2013, asking if they are willingly to sell at a low cost for the defective dress and maybe I can try to bleach it away or something like that (because I do really like that dress), I came to my senses and asked for a refund instead on the 16th Dec 2013.

Aside my both emails on the 12th and 16th Dec 2013, (without any response again) I further sent more emails on the 19th, 24th Dec 2013 and the last finally one on the 2nd Jan 2014. I repeated, no response till date.

So to speak, they took 1 month to check their ALL defective pieces and probably another month or so to do a refund of $29. Oh my poor $29, although it is not much and couldn't get me far but I just don't understand why some people have to hold my $29.. =(

And seem like our Ms Dawn Yang is more active is posting her overseas sexy bikini photos than bothering about her online customers. So back to my question, does she has any proper business integrity and ethics to start with? As a business point of view, is having fun with personal life more important or customers more important?

As a working adult, I don't see my bosses, colleagues or myself shutting down from customers even if we are having our holiday overseas.

So dear readers of TSL, pardon me for my long breathed article. I am not here to scream and shout to tell you not to ever buy from her blog shop (they do have nice clothes, that I have to admit) but sharing my experiences(mishap) I have with them. Well, I guess when u purchase, all you have to do is to pray that all clothing came perfect without defectives otherwise u will have a hard time! =P

PS: I am still waiting...

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Fashion in Motion

I came across Lexi Lyla because of its owner, Dawn Yang, who is a famous blogger in the local blogosphere. At first glance, the prices of the apparel are pretty steep, about $3-10 more expensive than those of the typical local online shop. Another feature which I noticed is that the design of the clothes are mostly catered to the mature and feminine woman. Unlike the other blogshops, they have a tab under Dresses dedicated to party dresses (read: shimmer, sexy silhouettes, and short hemlines) all year round. It is also interesting to note that they have a Caucasian model, indicating that they cater to customers beyond the local market.

I found it rather difficult to navigate the web store because they have another scroll bar within the page itself. I do not understand why they have that though, because I feel it makes browsing online more troublesome. Under the 'New' tab where visitors can find the store's new arrivals, the photos of the items are constantly moving in a default upward direction and when your cursor moves to the bottom of the page, the direction changes. I believe this is to let the visitor to have a quick overview of the new arrivals, but I honestly feel that it is not value adding. Moreover, it can be rather confusing and annoying because the photos are constantly in motion.

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