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Ohsofickle (OSF) was founded by Tammy Tay (Blogger, back in 2007 when she was just 15. Formerly known as Twistandkiss, OSF first started out as a shop selling second handed clothing. Soon after, Tammy & Ly started designing and selling graphic T-shirts.Today, the brand has come a long way and is well known for its broad and varied range of fashion forward apparel that allows customers to find their own personal style at affordable prices. 

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I see Tammy Tay as a Singapore fashion powerhouse

I trust every single one of her tastes.

I used to read her blog when blogs were all the trend (circa 2008) but has since stopped. However, it stuck with me that she had a fantastic, fashion-forward taste in clothes. I am late and unhip but I later found out she had an online store. Imagine my excitement.

It is not an overstatement when I say I love every single one of her sales items and every single pose she took in them. To see that much attitude condensed in a little dress was exhilaration. I ordered a maxi eyelet dress and when it came, to much disappointment I realized I was too short for it.

So now I'm reduced to looking at ohsofickle's collections like a jilted lover and never getting any because unless I magically gain 20cm, I probably can't pull them off the way they can.

So if you're 160 and beyond, please do yourself a favour and get decked out in osf all the time, everywhere, anywhere, and live my dream for me.

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Clothes R Boring

The clothes just really don't appeal to me - I've never been a fan of the blogshop mass-produced wear. With everyone else on the streets parading around in them, I find that they lack originality and expression.

While I've heard each piece is deliberately picked out by the owner of the blogshop, I really just find that they cater to the taste of the masses, i.e. OSF follows whatever trend's hot at the moment. My friends who have purchased pieces from the blogshop have commented, though, that the quality is good for the price, so I suppose if you're into trends and fads in the sartorial world, this would be a good place to shop.

I would, personally, prefer to save my money for seeking out more obscure international websites that ship to Singapore.

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poor quality, weird sizes and repeated designs

OSF is famous mainly because of the capable and pretty lady behind it - Tammy Tay. There's no doubt that her popularity spills over to her online shop and I decided to check out her online store because she seems to have a nice fashion sense. Sad to say, I did not manage to find anything that really appeals to me in her online store except a glitter peplum top. The other clothes were either sheer, tribal printed, cropped or just clothes that are mainly found in other blogshops. She does manufacture clothes under the Ohsofickle label from time to time but not very often.

The parcel containing my glitter peplum top took some time to arrive and lo and behold, the moment I removed the top from the plastic bag, glitter powder fell all over me, my bedsheet and my cats. Yeah, my cats got gold glitter on their fur too hahaha. I was so appalled at this because the glitter just keep falling with every movement I make while holding the top. I immediately placed the top back into the bag, tried to clean myself, my bed and the cats up. The glitter was so stubborn and hard to remove I was so frustrated I e-mailed her asking for a refund. Thankfully, she agreed to the refund but I had to wait for 1 week before I received the refund. When doing refunds, you also have to bear the postage cost which I am okay with because I was so mad at the glitter pieces that are so hard to remove. EEEEKKS. It would be some time before I ever dare to buy another glitter top or skirt again.

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A successful online shop

Like many others, I knew about OSF after reading Tammy’s blog. I’m not so much of a “blog-shopper” but I always love to visit her website just to see their pretty models and to check out some of the trendy stuffs. Most of the stuffs that OSF sells are really what’s on the trend but perhaps because of that, it comes across as being too common since everyone is selling it.

However, I think OSF’s prices are considered reasonable as most of the items are priced at about 19 to 20+. Lastly, I think OSF has a really clear style. Their outfits are often cool looking and their models can always pull off the look. Aside from the “products”, their whole blog shop is really pleasing to the eyes unlike some other blog shops where the pictures are too small or too cluttered. Thus, even if you are not a buyer, it’s a great “window shopping” site to visit.

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Lost its charm.

Most blogshop fans would have heard of, an online store that has been around for many years. I came across Ohsofickle while reading owner Tammy Tay’s blog. Tammy is really pretty, and her fashion sense is pretty much always spot-on, so I like looking at her pictures to get inspiration. She is also quite a popular blogger in Singapore, and I like reading her blog, as she’s open and honest. She brings in fashionable apparel for her store from Bangkok, and I love her taste, as she picks a nice variety of pieces inspired by the latest trends. occasionally comes up with self-manufactured items, which are the ones that are worth buying, as they are unique and can’t be found elsewhere. Usually, buyers have to camp for these items, as they are high in demand. However, they have been coming out less frequently, and that’s really disappointing as the self-manufactured items are the ones that I look forward to in each collection. Nowadays, the’s collections consist of clothes that can be found at most other blogshops, and I wouldn’t buy them because practically everyone on the street is wearing them. Such a pity!

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Not to my taste.

Honestly speaking, I don't see anything that makes this local label stands out. Their prices aren't that competitive, and their clothes are though trendy, doesn't take much risks. I feel like they're playing all a bit too safe.

I've never actually brought anything from them because of that. Also, my friend has this ohsofickle top and at first glance I thought she got it off from Bugis Street but then she told me no, it's ohsofickle. Another reason why I don't think I'll purchase anything from them.

The owner Tammy is really pretty though and she seems like a cool girl.

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