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Gap is an iconic label specializing in men and women casual clothing.


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(Updated: December 04, 2014)

Quality basics

Ah, the Gap. I remember receiving presents from this store in my childhood (baby Gap - the most adorable tiny little outfits!), so I've always had a good impression of this store and look upon it fondly. But isn't that always the case, really? We tend to look upon all that has positively influenced our childhood fondly - their images and benefits are somehow magnified in our impressionable minds. But I digress.

The Gap doesn't disappoint even now, still doling out quality, basic apparel at reasonable, though not low, prices. This is a far cry from the mass-produced, shoddily-made, and though cheap, with quality far below what you are paying for clothes that most stores now sell. Anyway, come here not expecting to find the latest trends - this is not your New Look or Forever 21. Come here for, once again, your basics! You won't be disappointed.

Loyal fan since childhood.

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Trendy Clothing, Good Material, Comfortable.

Since young I've always thought of GAP as one of the more trendy brands in Singapore. However, the prices here are much more expensive as compared to the shops in the states. While the prices make me a little hesitant to purchase anything, the clothes are always gorgeous.

Ever since then, I've had quite a hefty collection of GAP items (not leaving out the items that I bought from GAP in America to add on to my collection). The materials used for the clothing are usually of a high quality - the Tee shirts that I've bought from GAP are all in good condition ever after wash, they did not stretch out. The bermudas which I own from GAP also fits me perfectly and in women's size 00, where else can I find such a small size?

My all time favourite would be my collection of GAP hoodies - which GAP seems to have unfortunately stopped producing. The newer collection of GAP hoodies have a thinner lining unlike the first GAP hoodie that I bought. It is a comfortable item and keeps me warm even on my coldest days in the air con in Singapore.

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Setting my wallet on fire

Gap is a well known international clothing label. I have never personally bought anything from its store, maybe because it's NOT cheap. I will probably have to set my empty wallet on fire if I were to buy anything there!

I was fortunate enough to receive a soft, woolly GAP scarf for my birthday a few years ago. If it's not for a few overseas trip to cold countries, I think the scarf will be sitting in my closet, collecting dust. The scarf is of high quality and had lasted me throughout the few years I owned it. It is made out of wool, which was surprisingly not itchy unlike the cheaper versions of it.

Overall, although I owned only one clothing item from their entire label, I might consider purchasing more in the future, possibly during the sale period.

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Not Worth It

I think there can be no doubt about the fact that GAP does produce quality clothing. Their stuff is definitely not low-grade and I can attest to the fact that their clothes are long-lasting and comfortable. The only problem that I have with them, especially in Singapore, is that they are quite overpriced. Perhaps that is why the outlets are never too crowded except when they are having mega sales. Even with the good quality, I still will not be willing to pay and it looks like y sentiments are echoed by fellow Singaporeans.

If you are really itching to get some GAP for yourself, perhaps you could try purchasing online and searching for discount codes to make it more affordable. I think Malaysia is a good place to get them, they are cheaper than their Singaporean counterparts. The outlet that I visited in Edinburgh, UK was also surprisingly cheaper than Singapore. That's why I strongly discourage getting GAP in Singapore: just way too overpriced for my liking and much better deals can be found easily elsewhere.

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overpriced basic clothing items

I have no idea why Gap is considered such a popular brand. Most of the clothes I've seen in their stores are really basic items, such as classic jeans, shirts, and cardigans. Granted, sometimes they come in brilliant eye-popping colours that would surely help you stand out in a crowd, such as a hot pink hoodie I got, but the designs themselves are often unremarkable, and nothing unique.

In my opinion, the clothes I've bought are really comfortable but their quality is just so-so, and doesn't quite justify the relatively steep price tags.

Overall, it's rather unimpressive and doesn't seem worth the prices.

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Plaza Singapura
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Little old plain Jane

I once had an addiction with Gap once, a long long time ago. I would refuse to wear any other clothing brand because all I wanted to wear was Gap hoodies and Gap sweatshirts, it was an unhealthy and expensive addiction to say the least.

Now, I hardly ever venture into a Gap store, mainly because I am scared off by their almost daylight robbery prices, and secondly because their clothing selection had gotten rather stale after a while. Every time I go into an outlet, it is always the same few style pieces and the designs never seem to stray far from each predecessor. Moreover, the Singapore store branches have a pretty limited clothing range as opposed to its overseas chains. When I visited the UK and Melbourne chains, there were multi-level Gap stores with separate levels for each gender! It was as if I had died and gone to Gap heaven. The Singapore Gap stores though... Not so much. Most of the clothing do not have the versatility that the overseas branch stocks seem to possess. In a sense, they are more of 'staple' pieces rather than styles that are crazy and unique. More often than not, you are mainly just forking out for that huge GAP logo on the front of that $35 t-shirt more than anything else.

All in all, I will say that for those who have a few extra wads of cash rolling around, Gap is the perfect store to shop for some basic pieces to start off your wardrobe. Most of the colours that their products come in are very neutral and easy to mix and match with more unique pieces from other stores. However, many will quickly come to the realisation as I did, that Gap products are mainly just plain Janes in the modern world of quirky and eccentric clothing styles.

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I remember the time when wearing a Gap tee or hoodie was in trend and I can only cringe. Gap to me is akin to Uniqlo — essential styles (basic pants, cardigans and shirts) in an array of colours that are updated every season according to the latest trends. More recently, they have introduced adverts that are trendier and appealing, but as always I am disappointed when I actually shop for the specific items myself. It’s not Gap’s fault, it’s just that it is not my cup of tea after all.

However, if you are looking for quality basics, look no further.

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Slightly over-rated.

There's hardly any " Wow!" or "OMG what is that" moment when it comes to Gap. The clothes beseeched near the ordinary realm. It's quality isn't horrid but it wasn't the worlds most impressive store. I walked in and nothing seemed to catch my eyes. The shawl. Seen that in another store. The denim coats. Seen that in another store too. However, the price aren't terrible at all. Maybe that is why Gap seemed so popular amongst my friends last time; until H&M was born in Singapore.

The designs was somewhat mediocre. The baby Gap outlets, though, seemed to own a wider range of designs that isn't that bad either. There was even a baby stool and tables equipped in the store enabling babies to be straddled on it without launching in, automatically refrained from a draining session of hide and seek in the outlet.

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The baby distractions.
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Vivo City
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Gap is another store that sells trendy, and into style apparel. The clothes that are sold here are mainly for casual wear, and work wear.

Personally, I never shop much at Gap, because as a student, I find the prices a little too steep for me, and could probably find similar items for cheaper at other shops. However, I like going into the shop to browse through the range of clothing available every season.

I accompanied my friend to get jeans from here one day, and whilst she was in the changing room, I, myself took the time to try on a pair as well. The pair that I tried on was one of the most comfortable jeans I've ever worn.

Unfortunately, because of the price, I did not buy it. I will certainly patronize this store when I have the means to, in the future,

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